BootEQ and samplerate support

As you may have noticed, the BootEQ equalizer Plug-In has been initially released with limited support to 44.1kHz samplerate only. There were many questions and requests lately if 48kHz is also safe to use with BootEQ and so I finally did some measurements on that.

Having done that I can fortunately and without any concern recommend to use BootEQ with 48kHz samplerate and so I have changed the requirements spec in the download section.

But why is there still no support for higher samplerates e.g. 88.1 or 96 kHz?

This EQ features some filter correction code for the high-mid band and the HF shelf. This is done for compensating the so-called ‘curve warping’ effect which occurs in digital EQs near Nyquist frequency.

Lazy me, I’ve only implemented that for 44.1kHz and therefore the filter correction code may appear really ugly at much higher (or lower) samplerates (and so the sound degrades).

But I have already plans to get rid of this limitation as so many folks had already requested this.


  1. huge thanks my man

  2. Thanks. Makes since. I’m looking forward to the release and upgrade.

  3. legendCNCD says:

    Sigh. Last night I battled with this @ 2496 in Wavelab.. should have read this earlier 🙂

  4. Hi, I was just wondering how support for higher samplerates was coming along. I would love to be able to use this in 88.2 🙂


  5. still dunno …

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