epicVerb and AMD Athlon support

Some people have unfortunately noticed and already reported that the very first released version of epicVerb crashes on AMD Athlon systems.

What the hell is going on there and will there be support for those Systems later on?

The current version of the epicVerb VST Plug-In uses some SSE code which seems to break compatibility to SSE1 based systems, especially the first AMD Athlon architecture.

I am currently investigating this and how much effort it would be to rewrite my code to assure compatibility. However, I’m currently not promising anything at all on that. It might be that the effort is way too large for a meanwhile really aged platform. But lets see …



  1. you guys have just great stuff! its amazing

  2. hate to beg, but…


    pretty please…

    no srsly though,

    please. please. please.

    I’m guessing this is the problem I’m having. It crashes every host I try it in… was really looking forward to this coming out, lovin all the rest of the plugins.


  3. I’m with xjn, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.

  4. As above, you’d be suprised how many of us are still on Athlon XP’s and the likes, i always thought freeware developers made stuff with the less well off in mind , kinda funny to assume we all got the latest upto date computers if were broke eh ?

    • varosound says:

      Point taken. On the other side one could easily argue against it. Keep in mind that it is an 10 year old CPU architecture. If someone seriously is using a DAW for music production (be it as an amateur or professional) one should assume that he joins up to evolving technology from time to time.

  5. true… an upgrade is in order someday, but right now, the DAW PC I bought in 2002 is still adequate for the tasks I put to it… generally recording, mixing, and composition. Problems like this one are few and far between, and having too little processor power is not something I run into very often in my work. The first order of business is updating my live rig with a new laptop. Thinking about all the headaches and risks associated with transferring years of work from one piece of hardware to another worries me, especially if its for no reason other than to start my apps a little faster…

    Your plugin might be worth it though…

  6. varosound says:

    We have now performed very first tests with a SSE1 compatible version and it looks promising ….

  7. varosound says:

    Okidoki, there will definately be an Athlon compatible version, all tests performed very well and it’s 100% sound compatible but just a little bit more CPU hungry. We now will do a re-test of everything and I’m planning to upload this bugfix release afterwards probably in the end of january.

  8. Glad to hear you went forward with the overhaul. I’ve been itching to give this one a whirl. Heard some good things about this one, and it looked interesting. Interface reminds me of the Antress Modern plugins. Anyway, good work, and good luck!

  9. Come on mate, get it out there ! 🙂

  10. The maintenance update is available now in the download section and contains proper SSE1 support now.

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