NastyVSD 1.1 update available

An important update to the NastyVSD “virtual summing device” Plug-In is available.


Version 1.1 covers some bugfixes and improvements:

  • bugfix: crosstalk issues
  • bugfix: proper delay reporting to host
  • change: routing changed (input stage – limiter – clipper)
  • change: new and improved limiting algorithm
  • change: manual updated

The update is available in the 1.2.1 Nasty series package. See latest versions / download section.

All other Plug-Ins remain unchanged in 1.2.1


  1. Greeeeeat !
    VSD 1.2.1 with proper delay reporting !

    However, I just wanted to inform you about a new bug: The delay-compensation now overcompensates the delay if you toggle VSDs on/off-switch – maybe a few samples delay in the “off”-mode would solve that ?
    However, we still can use the hosts plugin-bypass.

    Thank you very much for giving this away for free !

  2. In Sonar 8.3.1, if you toggle NastyVSD off, it won’t toggle back on. You have to delete the instance and reinsert it.

  3. Samuel Onervas says:

    Hi, just wanted to report that I got a GUI bug with Nasty LF in Ableton Live 8.04. Love the plug and I can still use it, the bug just affects Live’s plugin controls when the Nasty LF window is open. (can’t mute plug/fx rack etc until Nasty is closed) Thanks again for some great plug ins! Sam

  4. love love love this plug-in on my mix buss. I like to keep my DJ set recordings loud without crunching the crap out of the transitions with a limiter.

    NastyVCD seems to be really useful as sort of a “soft limiter” with lots of yummy flavor. I configure the gain so that mostly only the peaks created by the overlapping tracks really get saturated / limited by NastyVCD, and it has the effect of keeping the ceiling low while still maintaining a consistent volume without the unpleasant artifacts you’d get from a limiter or even AGC.

    No idea if this is the type of scenario you’d envisioned, but to other DJs producing mixes at home should – give it a try =)

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