what I’m currently working on – Vol. 1


Of course, this is going to be the successor of the BootEQ VST Plug-In, famous for those musical sounding EQ curves, but

As you can see there is already unveiled some more detailed EQ control over the lowend (as many users had requested) and there will be a second front plate to the right.

But what will be appear on that added second front plate? Can you spot it? And, no, it won’t be a compressor, that would be too easy 😉

Post your guess here!


  1. Here is my guess : a saturator/overtones enhancer ?

  2. W00000t 🙂
    But why no dynamics.. would be the 88RS killer!
    Thanks Bootsy!

  3. Ahh, a saturator is a good guess! If that’s already taken, maybe I’ll guess a visual display to show what the resulting curve looks like, though I actually think that unlikely as the narrow format makes that improbable. Hmm. A way to enable activating bands to be dynamic? A threshold at which individual bands become effective? Hmmmmm. Ah! Maybe a range of filter slopes on either end!!

  4. valve/tape-saturation or
    soft clipper or

    it could be anything. but whatever it is, i hope u complete it quickly. i’m sure it”s gonna sound amazing 🙂

  5. Mercado_Negro says:

    Optional valve/tube/tape saturation input stage. Why do I use the word “optional”? Because maybe BootEQ do not need it, it sounds incredible good right now so if users want it they can disable that second “Front Panel” features. Thanks for adding 48kHz support.

  6. Good thing about the bass frequency enhancement, I like that.
    As for the right side, don’t know what you’re planning, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be nice. 😉
    Now my guess is a really good, detailed HPF/LPF combination a la Cambridge as that is sorely missing for the native folks.

  7. OK, stupid me. The buttons already are for the HP , the bass EQ has got a dedicated frequency pot now, cool !.
    That leaves me clueless for the right side. M/S ?

  8. M/S woul be sweeet

  9. Maybe an impulse response selector…

    For sampled analogue gear :p ( a man can dream….)

    Maybe some analogue noise… heck even dither…

    mix knob? 100% wet?? phase invert?? oversample…

    good luck man… love your plugs!!

  10. hey bootsie, when do u plan on telling us?

  11. varosound says:

    this month!

  12. cool. can’t wait 🙂

  13. JWMMakerofMusic says:

    There’s not one plugin of yours I don’t like! Your Nasty LF plugin has the same EQ curve as the Pultec’s CPS section, yet is way more flexible and has a nice saturation unit…

    So, my guess for your BootEQ plugin’s second section is a saturation section not unlike that on the Nasty LF (maybe more flexible knobs on this one 😉 ).

  14. But wouldn’t it be strange just to repeat the nasty stuff with satuation.
    Hmm advanced metering of some sort maybe..!?

    Anyhow I look forward to the next version.
    BTW I like the idea of a mix control [as pac0r also suggested]


  15. JWMMakerofMusic says:

    Hmmm, maybe a formant filter. 😉

  16. Could it be a really big stereo section?
    I mean stepless Phase, Volume and Panorama per side and m/s processing…

    Maybe an Bickwall limiter?


    Too much ideas/dreams ^^

  17. yeah, a complete channel plugin, including bits from all your plugin into one complete plugin so on the left the eq on the right stereo widener, saturation, comp/limiter sweetener, wow that would really give SSL and others a kick up the backside!

    I am sure whatever you come up with Bootsie will be the bomb!

    Can’t wait…oh and btw, your EpicVerb is fantastic, thank you so much.

  18. c’mon bootsie. tell us already…

  19. varosound says:

    c’mon guys, you are so damn close, one more try!
    Hint: It will turn BootEQ into the sweetest sounding EQ plug-in on planet 😉

    Even more good news: Patrick, the graphics designer who did the epicVerb interface, joined the team again …

  20. it has to be valve/transformer saturation (ala URS saturation) or may be an impulse response section (ala colortone)

    hey one can dream right as someone above said 🙂

  21. Hint: It will turn BootEQ into the sweetest sounding EQ plug-in on planet 😉


    This sound very promising.

    Will it be possible to adjust transient response, dynamic behavior for the EQ bands maybe?

  22. may be a switch to switch b/w curve responses (neve,api,ssl,pulteq) :):):)

  23. how many more do u want ???

  24. JWMMakerofMusic says:

    It’s a candy dispenser? lol

  25. varosound says:

    It’s an A.I. module which complains from time to time about bad mixing skills 😉

  26. interesting

  27. Good news about the fact that Patrick has joined the team =D !

    I just hope he will not do these “plastic-looking” white knobs again.

    Bring brushed metal ^^.

  28. varosound says:

    Well, you know, those metal knobs are more expensive ^^

  29. JWMMakerofMusic says:


  30. ok ok, it’s a special button which pours honey all over your mixes, now that would be SWEET!

    Specially patented by Bootsie as ” The automated honey-additive switch controller for THE perfect mix”

  31. JWMMakerofMusic says:

    I wonder, how much longer before we finally know the truth? 🙂 Seven more days until the month ends.

  32. Hi bootsie.
    I love your plugs, and BootEQ is excellent.

    What do you can add ?

    Tape saturation ?
    Compressor ?
    Gate ?
    Transient designer ? ( 😀 !!!! it can be easy to do with 3 busses: a gate (try the floor fish) , a compressor, and original sound combination, it can sound like UAD transient designer, maybe better)

    another idea is to add two “presence knob” :
    combination of a bandpass filter and compressor in parallel of the original sound. (it can sound very smooth and musical.adding color and preserves the original transients of the sound. i Use this tip everyday, try it !!!)

    I can give you some tips if you want.

  33. Maybe you add a pinball or solitaire minigame?
    would be the first plugin with a game inside!!

    i think the right side will feature some VUs and a tape saturation. analog to the URS Strip.. maybe?????


  1. […] what I’m currently working on – Vol. 1 […]

  2. […] what I’m currently working on – Vol. 1 […]

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