factory preset bank for RescueAE


Thanks to KVR user ‘nitex’ there is the ‘Rescue’ factory preset bank now also availabe for ‘RescueAE’ to download. See latest versions / downloads for download location.


  1. Thnx !!

  2. I guess you probably get a zillion suggestions on new plugins, but I have one that’s probably easier than building something from scratch. A 3-band version of RescueAE. Low, Mid, High. In both mid and side.

    It’s actually quite usable for mastering on maybe half of the tracks, to a point. And that point is where the bass starts to noticeably modulate the mids, and so on. This is especially apparently on the mid channel.

    A 3-band version of ResqueAE would be, by far and imho… the best expander ever made suitable for mastering use. It’s already one of thee best ever, and has saved “2-3” tracks for me already… saved me from much more work at any rate.

    Mad props guys.

  3. Fred H says:

    I am just getting into M/S processing.

    I have read you need to encode stereo into M/S,
    add M/S processing like Density and BaxterEQ.
    Them decode back to stereo.

    Does Rescue eliminate these steps?

    Can i successfully use M/S with Density, Rescue,
    and Baxter without encoding/decoding?

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