2009: looking forward to …

Of course there may appear some exciting updates or even new hot stuff out of my own lab this year but that’s not what I’m talking here about.

I’m really looking forward to some softsynth goodness which were already announcent recently by different developers.

First of all there will be the Gmedia impOSCar 2 update which adds a couple of nice new features and looks really compelling soundwise. I’m already using the existing version all over the place and hope that the new version is that low on cpu as well and sounds like hell of course.

Once ago some early sound demos from the upcoming FXpansion ‘Strobe’ VA synth catched my ears and now it seems that they will release it in Q2. The rest of the synth bundle does not attract me that much but if the Strobe synth delivers what the actual demos promise then I’m definately in. I hope they will do this thing right.

As being an owner of  Spectrasonics products from the very beginning I’m upgrading of course to the forthcoming StylusRMX and Omnisphere releases. Trilogy get’s rather rarely used these days in my productions and so I will probably skip the announced Trillian thing.

And finally there is the Waldorf announcement on the ‘Largo’ VSTi – I wonder how that one will turn out or if it will be just rather similar to the Komplexer in the end (which doesn’t meant to be a bad thing).

Anyhow, I have the strong feeling that 2009 will be a great year for softsynths.


  1. I agree, but I’m more interested in things like the recently unveiled V-Piano by Roland.

    This thing is gorgeous, talking about look and sound here.

    And the technology seems brilliant. A sound-designer’s dream (well I’m note one <_<).

    What I’m really curious to know now, is the price.

    I’m sure that it will put lot of us away from it (damn) !

  2. Well, I found it : €6000.

    Enough said =(.

  3. JWMMakerofMusic says:

    2009 will not mean a thing unless Bootsy releases his own softsynth. One direction is something that emulates the old analogue “control voltage” synths, but one that completely has its own character and doesn’t try to emulate the sound of the other synths. Or another direction could be a fully modular environment ala the Arp 2500 (not 2600)…


    …except having the ability to add unlimited modulars (vcfs, vcas, vcos, envelopes, etc) that are connectible via the modulation matrix.

    Or whatever Bootsy decides for a first-synth project. 😉

  4. I’m hoping/dreaming/begging that Brilliant Bootsy has a real-time convolution-based reverb up his sleeve somewheres? Especially considering how beautifully Epicverb came out. Some kind of general purpose convolver anyhow… something. Anything! After realizing that the Freeverb Impulser vst is unreliable to say the least when it comes to loading/recalling preset banks in all but one of the hosts I tried it in, I spent hours scouring the net for a decent alternative–but the free ones all have their own issues, be it huge fixed latency or just plain mega bugginess, I’m too poor to afford and too under-skilled to justify obtaining any of the really good pro-ones, and demo-ing the cheap and midrange ones left me pretty unsatisfied too… Yeah, there is I think a big, fat hole in the freeware convolution realm that only a Bootsy plug could truly fill. For now though, I guess I’ll just be bouncing my freeverb IR tracks and/or writing down my settings…


  1. […] In a post last January I have had presumed that ‘09 would be a great year for virtual instruments / softsynths. Indeed it was, but very different from what I’ve assumed. The impOSCar 2 turned out to be vaporware, the Strobe virtual analog synth wasn’t my cup of tea at the end and so the Waldorf Largo thingy which I’ve skipped as well. However, right to the end of the year the ACE synth appeared and finally we have a truly analog sounding synth in the VST world which offers the punch and smack like the real deal. This one does everything right, concept and sound wise (and so the pricing) – simply awesome. […]

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