help needed (testing) – plug-in loading times

If you are using one of my plug-ins and are suffering from long loading times while inserting it or while loading a project in your sequencer then please get in touch with me.

I would like you to perform some testing then and maybe I can sort that out. Just drop me a comment to this post with a proper eMail address (won’t displayed or used elsewhere of course).


  1. Hi bootsy.
    I do have some loading time issue here in Sonar.

    It always takes a few seconds… I also have to stop playback before inserting or else it cracks and pop

    Will be glad if i can help.

    Your plugs are awsom thanks for sharing withthe community šŸ˜‰


  2. plgrmsprgrs says:


    Reaper user here. Yeah, your plugs are pretty slow loading into a project, and when the project itself is loading. Also, you probably want to know that they often crash Reaper if I remove them from a track while the project is playing. I use them in spite of these set backs because they sound wonderful and I’m grateful to have them. Let me know if I can help.


  3. I use your plugins in Reaper and have the loading time issue. Not that it’s not worth it, though. Keep up the indescribably awesome work!

  4. Hey Bootsie,

    I definitely have load time issues, especially with BootEQ.

    (BTW, is it Bootsie or Bootsy? šŸ™‚ )

  5. Forgot to say, of course I’d be happy to help out tracking this down.

    There was actually a case about 2 weeks ago where I posted a major bug report in the Samplitude Beta forum which turned out to be caused by BootEQ’s load time.

    So yeah, I’d love to get this one sorted out for good.

  6. maybe we should list our specs if we have issues, as well as, daw.

    on my old win xp home p4, dell, 4gb ram (800mhz) in cubase sx 3 it would loud slow as some have reported

    on my new win xp pro p45, same ram minus 2 gb, core 2 duo e7300 (oc’ed to 3 ghz) in cubase sx 3 it loads quick and no problems. i have the same optimizations but one thing that has changed other than the hardware is a full format and install on the same old drive (which may be the reason for the fast response as well)

  7. Yes, the plugins are a bit slow, but not a lot : it must take 3 seconds or so to get loaded (NastyCS, EpicVerb, Rescue).
    I guess it might be due to SynthMaker ? (every SM plugin i know is slow to load).

  8. Mercado_Negro says:

    Hi Bootsie, thanks for giving us the opportunity to help!

    Reaper’s user. NastyCS crashes Reaper sometimes when trying to remove and/or on closing project. Count me in if you need any help. AMD 64 3200+ (no epicVerb issues so far). Btw, why does epicVerb only uses one core on systems based on multiprocessors (a friend of mine had that problem on a Q8200)

  9. Tip: Before making the VST, reduce the number of max presets down to 8 or 16.

  10. Will try that too. I’m currently supecting the font scanning/loading and trying to eliminate that entirely.

  11. Ruby Stacks says:

    Yo Bootsy,

    in fl studio 8 the loading times for most of your plugs are pretty long compared to others, but the sound is great though. In cubase i do not experience that much of a difference but the epicverb is eating up a lotta juice while i can run more instances of many competetors.

    thats all

  12. I still need some more help to finally track down the “loading time” issue which some users do have with the plug-ins. I think I already do have a proper fix for this one – all tests are positiv so far – but I just need a broader test coverage to be 100% sure.

    So, if you are observing abnormal loading times of one of my plug-ins (up to 5 to 10 sec typical if you are affected) please leave a short note here. I will instruct you then to perform a simple test (needs just some minutes).


  13. Terje Refsnes says:

    Hi Bootsy,

    I dont know if this is of any importance for you to find any bugs, but when I use two instances of you plugins e.g. Boot Eq and Density,the cpu reading does not make sense.
    If I use one Boot Eq (mk2), the cpu reading is about 6%;when I ad another,with the same preset, the cpu reads 3 or 4 times more than a single instance.
    Its the same if I use two of you plugins.
    One Density use appr. 9% alone,but when added to Boot Eq,(mk2),the sum does not ad up to the two values alone.
    I am not sure if I sound clear on this matter.


  14. Hey dude!

    Your plugs load fine for me. Only NastyCS takes abit longer. I also think the crash issue in Reaper relates to support for AMD CPU’s. I have successfully loaded a project packed with bootEQMKII, RescueAE, NastyCS and epicVerb on 6 tracks at 48-24bit, my machine is Toshiba G40-108 with 4Gig-800MHZ ram. It also appears to me that you don’t code for multi-core systems. I’ve noticed the use of only one core while testing the plugs.

    I hope this helps.

  15. for others here, i had such slow times with all bootsy vst plugins, i removed all my plugins back to the default, windows and they load in less than 1 second now.

  16. We finally figured out that large amounts of fonts installed on a system causes the slow loading times on some machines. So if you have a PC configured as a DAW you shouldn’t run into this kind of problems.

  17. The plugins load into a track as quickly as any others (on Sonar 8.3.1) but I notice they take a lot longer to scan on program startup (when scan VSTs on startup is on).

  18. Hey there,

    Also having problems with super long load times. I am noticing CPU usage spike like nobody’s business while this happens — in both Cubase 5 and FLStudio 8. Running Vista64 w/ 8gb RAM.


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