‘epicVerb’ 1.0.1 maintenance release available

The 1.0.1 maintenance release for epicVerb is out now. It covers a couple of bugfixes, improvements and is now fully SSE compatible (running on older SSE1 machines now too).

epicVerb digital reverberation simulator

epicVerb digital reverberation simulator

Changelog release 1.0.1

  • bugfix: grainyness in the modulation algorithm
  • bugfix: some knobs disappeared under certain circumstances
  • bugfix: some GUI handling jitters due to overlapping mouse regions
  • change: extended focus of VOLUME knob to LED display below
  • bugfix: zipping noises on DRY/WET and VOLUME knob
  • change: some user presets added
  • change: MOD amount re-calibrated
  • bugfix: DC offset issues
  • bugfix: proper SSE1 support (older AMD Athlon systems support)
  • change: improved memory management (less memory consumption, faster loading)
  • change: updated manual

Beside the smoother modulation this is soundwise identical and the update should be safe to install in existing projects. The reverb tail at larger settings appears slightly darker due to improved delay line algorithms but
this is really subtle.

The free download for PC and VST compatible systems is available via the download tab at the top of the page or just click here instead and please acceppt the end-user license agreement.


  1. thank you for the downloads

  2. Thank you for your hard work work Bootsy

  3. +1 !

    Thank you!

  4. Thanks for your swesome work!

  5. cheers, thank you!

  6. Boosty,

    Your plugs are absolutely fantastic! I wish I had them years ago…You are excellent at what you do and a blessing to the audio community.

    All the best,


  7. Just passing by. Btw, you website have great content!

  8. Hi

    Your plugins look very good. & I can just see the effort you are putting in.

    unfortunately for me, I am using Mac & a VST based Host for audio.

    Do you have plans to make Mac based plugins??

    Wishing you luck. Please do email me regarding that.


  9. Hello m8!

    I would like to say exactly as this Jay Thompson person did:) You really are a blessing for the comunity!!!

    Very Pro looking plugins and the audio quality is at least as good as they look:)
    Thank you for everything!!!

  10. davidtong says:

    brilliant!thx so much for your plugs bootsy

  11. A friend of mine mentioned how much he liked this reverb. I am curious as to whether you are considering Mac plug-ins in the future?

  12. Hello Herbert,

    In my Cubase LE the reverb only shows up as an insert effect, not as an send effect. That is confirmed in Cubase’s plug-in information window where it is categorised as effect. Can that be solved?

    Keep up the good work!


    Hans B

  13. Matthew Presley says:


    Loving EpicVerb here along with BootEQmkII

    I was wondering if I may use these plugins in some live demonstrations, some of which may be recorded and posted on various websites. Please email me if you have any questions.


  14. Hi,

    I would like to repeat my question whether is would be possible to use Epicverb as a send effect in Cubase LE.

    Other reverb programs do present themselves in that category.

    Thanks for your trouble,

    Hans B

    • Should work and I’ve never heard about that issue. If it does not work in your installation just use a group track instead of the fx track and insert it there. You then use the group track as the send destination.

  15. Matthew Presley says:

    Cool thanks.

  16. Please, a mac release!

  17. rik_groove says:

    Are you planning any mac-releases?

  18. Another vote for a Mac release. Maybe you could setup a donation box that we could donate into and if kitty got pretty it might be worth your effort.

    Either way, you’re one awesome SOB and I wish there were more like you!


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