100.000 page views and some statistics

And the winner is, errm, nasty ...

And the winner is, errm, nasty ...

Extactly two month after setting up this blog on 1st of January this year it has already hit 100.000 page views on last sunday – time for some statistics.

Looking into the blog statistics itself unveils that huge traffic comes from large international sites dedicated to music gear like kvraudio.com, rekkerd.org or gearslutz.com. But in summary this is actually surpassed by all the country local sites and forums coming from japan, spain, french and so on or all the communities which are dedicated to some specific genre or so.

The download section is of course the most frequent visited section on this blog and looking into the download rankings is amazing as well. It has already blown me away that the epicVerb plug-in version 1.0 got 16.ooo downloads in just 2 month after release and BootEQ mkII has reached almost 8.000 downloads in just about two weeks! Nevertheless the overall ranking looks like this at the moment:

The looser standing small (wrong!)

The looser standing small (wrong!)

  1. The ‘Nasty’plug-in series
  2. epicVerb
  3. BootEQ mkII
  4. Rescue
  5. Density
  6. TesslaSE

Seeing TesslaSE to the bottom of the ranking astonished me a little bit since I’ve got so many marvelous feedback to it over the time and still in these days it has way cool press coverage, be it the recent SoundonSound ‘Mix Rescue’ series, the actual WusikStation magazine or a large german music magazine next for example. I just want to add that I’ve got tremendous feedback on this one too, coming from the more professional musicians and engineers. Some studios in germany for example are using this on a regular basis and it’s common there to use it (as well as other of my plug-ins) in Pro-Tools via the Fxpansion wrapper.  Seems the (soundwise) more obvious or even drastic things get’s more attention to the broader public but the more finer/subtle stuff is settled down in a rather niche and pro area.

I’ve meanwhile got a couple of commercial requests for devolping audio plug-ins but until now I’ve successfully resisted to turn to the dark side.

For today I want to close this short survey with my very own top list of some common and/or weird requests and comments I’ve gotten so far:

  1. Could you please use the font ‘Helvetica Neue Pro’ for your documentation?
  2. Can’t you make your plug-ins run on my DAW (were ‘DAW’ typically turns out to be a P3@500MHz or so)?
  3. Why don’t you code in C++, it’s really better?
  4. I really don’t like the plastic look of the knobs, why don’t you change it?
  5. Can’t you make a (insert your favourite brand type here) emulation next?
  6. Can we put your plug-ins on our magazine DVD?
  7. This plug-in looks awesome – it must sound good!
  8. It sounds awesome but the GUI is ugly!
  9. It can’t be good because it’s freeware.
  10. Will there be Mac support next?

In case I’ve missed to answer one of the questions above to some of the questioners in the past, the answer to all of this is a kind of  ‘No’.

A big thanks to all of the supporters of my efforts!


  1. I think you make a very honorable job here. The Plugins sounds great, work great. thank you for your work.


  2. Congrats, man!

  3. Indeed, big congrats on garnering so much positive attention for all your hard work. I’ve really enjoy the materialed you’ve posted too–the plugins are of course all stellar but it’s fascinating and rather enlightening as well to get to see some of the things you have going on under the hood of your plugins, like you showed in your BootEQ MkII introduction and the pre-amp modelling post you had before that. It helps a total amateur neophyte like myself appreciate and utilize more fully the more subtle possibilities of not only your own plugins but in the art of mixing in general.

    And, for the record, I love me some Tessla. It’s my workhorse. In fact, my list of Bootsy plugins in order of most to least used would be:

    1) Tessla
    2a) Nasty Series (esp. NastyCS)
    2b) Epicverb
    3) BootEQ / Boot EQ MKII
    4) Rescue (and only because I try not to abuse it)
    5) Density (and only because it’s so powerful I’m actually kind of afraid of it…)

    So buck up there, Tessla! You’re the champion in my book!

  4. Jay Key says:

    Hey !

    I must say that you’re right, maybe the pros working in great rooms with a great signal chain have more “taste/ears” when dealing with subtle tools like TesslaSE, because the effects is less “in front of your ears”. The funny thing is that when it enabled you don’t notice it, but when you remove it in a mix where it’s applied on multiple tracks, and there you say : “What the fuck, I thought it was doing nothing that great, but now that is bypassed, this mix has something wrong ! Where is all that magic ?!”.

    About the last part of this post, the only thing I would say is that I agree that the old GUIs look crap (knobs/VU…).

    In this area if the style of the BootEQ mkII is a sign of the overall GUI-designs coming on the next mkII versions of all your plugins, it’s gonna looks BEAUTIFUL =).

    Way to go Patrick (and Herbert, of course) !

  5. By the way,

    Here is my top 3 :

    1) NastyVSD / LF
    2) BootEQ mkII
    3) TesslaSE

    The NastyVSD has really something cool going on, I use it on mix Hip-Hop drums, to make them “BANG”, after having EQed (for the tone) and COMPed (for the glue) them.

  6. I’ve used the Nasty series for a while, but I just downloaded the TesslaSE and I’m really impressed. I don’t even understand how it works yet, but I threw it on my master bus and my guitars bus and it definitely brought things together in a way I can’t really describe. I guess I’ll start reading the manual now so I can try to understand why!

    What a great resource.

  7. “Peace and love, peace and love”
    – Ringo Starr

  8. I for one cannot thank you enough for your dedication and hard work. Your plugins are absolutely brilliant and belong up there with the BIG commercial ones in my opinion.

    I am also glad to see that you so far resisted the temptation to be owned by some commercial company and work/design and belong to them. Hold out as long as you can buddy, but I guess in the end they may win? Still, you will be going from strength to strength either way.

    I look forward to your next plugin effort with much anticipation knowing that it will better than the last, whatever that may be…….I like surprises but don’t like waiting too long for them 🙂

    Rock on Bootsy!

  9. Thanks for your work.

    I have downloaded all your plugins and it looks really good, did test them a bit but need to check the manuals 🙂

    The thing is, you don’t specify on the download page (for exemple) what each plugin do and plugin’s names are not all so obvious (“Waves SSL you know what it is, “TesslaSE” less 🙂 ) .

    So maybe people tend to remember the obvious stuff (like reverb etc) and forget to test more carrefully the subtle ones ?

    Anyway, thanks again !

  10. Hey Bootsy
    I really dig Tessla man… and every other VST you’ve made… they are more complex (see epicVerb) than the others and N00B13Z tend to like things that look/gets results more easily. All the respect for you man !

  11. Sean Kay says:

    The plugins look great. I’ve read many good things about their sound, however I can’t co-sign those sentiments because my DAW doesn’t seem to like them. They take aprox 3-8 minutes to load when I select them causing Nuendo to lock up temporarily. So I’m concerned about using them & saving my mix with them implemented. Can’t afford for my project files to get that corrupted file error….
    By the way, I’m running Nuendo 3.0 on a Pentium 4 dual-core (3ghz) w/2.5 gb ram (just in case you’d like to investigate) :)….
    But otherwise… They ‘look’ promising. Keep it up man.

  12. With the newer ones (epicVerb and BootEQmkII) this shouldn’t happen anymore. If so, you have probably large amounts of system fonts installed on your DAW, which causes this problem. There will be a fix for this out next, so I’m pretty much sure future releases and updates doesn’t suffer from this one no more.
    We had already promising tests on it, see e.g. here:


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