what I’m currently working on – Vol. 2

I’m now taking some longer time for research and development which is actually the job I really like the most. Digging into some new DSP papers, drawing new circuit concept ideas and setting up some code for a proof of concept – thats almost like vacation to me. I’m already into some interesting new work in the area of saturation but there is another thing which is itching me more and more since a while.

Many people had already asked for something new about compression, maybe a Density follow up or they did expect a EQ/Comp channelstrip being in development. In fact one year ago we had already discussions on new features for Density and I was actually working to that time on some improvements. I came out in summer last year with three prototypes for Density2 and while I was working with them in some of my own mixing projects (which I do every time before I start a beta) I wasn’t really satisfied and convinced with any of them. So I ditched them into the dustbin and concentrated 100% on the epicVerb development to bring it finally up to beta which happened then in autumn last year.

A prototype which did not made it

A prototype from 2008 which finally did not made it

To cut a long story short, I’m currently thinking about setting up a new compression test- and workbench and then let’s see if there will be new prototypes later on this year which hopefully are more promising then …


  1. Terje Refsnes says:

    Hi Bootsy,

    I admire your “quest for the holy sound”. After using BootEQ
    on several production,I have come to the conclusion that
    this must be one of the finest EQ tool around.
    I did have to go that painful path of leaving my old Studer
    and dive into the digital domain,and I really hated that.
    But now things are getting a little bit better thanks to your effort.
    I have said this before,but I would like to say it again:,I would love a Density 2 with the same design as BootEQ,having them side by side.
    Density and Tessla,are used so often,with such great results,so if you have some spare time( you probably dont), please come up with a Density 2 or a Tessla ,and I will be happy with the digital domain for awhile (that is a lie,but I just felt I had to say it)
    Thanks for doing what your doing,Its much appreciated.


  2. I second the applause and bow to your incredible stamina, talents and increasing discoveries Bootsie.

    I would also love to see an all in one plugin from you incorporating your EQ,Comp, Saturation/etc with a similar clean and colourful design like the BootEQ. It is so refreshing working with the new eq, immediately you can see where you are, what you are doing and it’s a pleasure to look at too!

    Well that’s my 2 bob’s worth, I hope you do consider the all in one approach as it will definitely be a winner!

    Thank you, I remain a loyal fan

  3. Hi Bootsie,

    Thanks for all of your fantastic work and generosity!

    A new version of Density would have been my next wish so I’m really looking to seeing how this will develop!

  4. This prototype looks “heavy”. I mean, a real tool for the mastering guys out there.

    Maybe if we don’t see Density mkII before a while this year, I hope we’ll see some TesslaSE mkII sooner than later, if you say that you’ve made some new discovery on the saturation side…

    Interesting read :).

  5. Hello Bootsy,

    Density is by far my favourite freeware VST compressor, leaving out Stillwell’s Rocket (uncrippled shareware), so I’d LOVE to get my hands on a new version … thanks for your great work and all the best.


  6. Mercado_Negro says:

    I don’t know if this is something casual but just yesterday I was talking with my brother about a new Density version. I must admit that current version is awesome and looking for a better sound must be difficult for you. Maybe you can work a little bit more in attack/release curves and drive to add more “TesslaSE” flavor to it. In fact, I’d love to see a Density2 with some TesslaSE flavor when driven hard. Your effort is really appreciated and please, keep working as that: with your heart. Thanks again for your precious time, take care Bootsy.

    P.S. Still waiting for an answer for SE about the BootEQMKII bug with REAPER and multiple instances.


    • The “multiple instances” bug seems indeed fixed with the new beta of the SM compiler. I’m investigating that further but I’m quiet optimistic …

      • Any idea when we might see a new build with the new compiler bootsy?

        Thankyou very much for the exceptional work 🙂

  7. Mercado_Negro says:

    Great News Bootsy! Thanks a lot for your investigations and enthusiasm, incredible service for free. If you need a beta-tester just let me know, I’d like to help somehow.

    Respect for your work!

  8. Hey Bootsy,
    Have you ever though of trying to emulate some of the more famous outboard gear (LA-2A, 1176, ect…)? I think if anyone can you could and do a great job of it.

    • I’m not going to do a complete copy of something whatever it might be. However, I’m sometimes emulating parts of a device if I’m attracted by that specific design.

  9. I am looking forward for this.
    I already enjoy your plugins a lot bootEQ and EpicVerb especially.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  10. Hi

    I just wanted to say thanks for making great VST’s. I pretty much use BootEQ all the time and it made mixing so much easier once something was found that could be relied on to give great results. It takes half of the ‘angst’ out of searching for that ‘sound’, when you know you have a tool that can help you get it.

    Kudos to you and keep up the great work


  1. […] what I’m currently working on – Vol. 2 […]

  2. […] what I’m currently working on – Vol. 2 […]

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