Musikmesse 2009 – any interesting news?

I’ve missed to visit Muskimesse this year (again) and therefore still looking for some interesting news on the web. Nothing spectacular found so far, no UAD Fatso announcement, nothing new about the Waldorf Largo, …
What’s your highlights from the Messe this year?


  1. A couple of items of interest include Ableton Live 8 & the Miniak synth.

  2. i have waited for the new celemonx melodyne studio with DirectNoteAccess, nothing at words. Ok, the Sonar VS-Studio 100 is a fine thing and many things more, but the namm hase taken many news ….

  3. Well, the new “old” synth from AKAI seems to be the counterpart of the MicroKorg I & II. If it has the same synthengine like the Alesis Micron (it seems to be in that way according to the specs) this will be a very awfully sounding synth…. my two cents

  4. Major Edition says:

    Sound on Sound magazine has some good footage on their site about some of the products which were demonstrated.

    Look under News headlines on the left and click on the hyperlinks to read and watch the youtube videos.

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