will this be my new DAW HW?



Since my aged AMD dualcore gets more and more hiccups these days I’m thinking about upgrading to something state-of-the-art in the not so far future.

I just stumbled upon this INTEL Core i7-965 XE CPU @ 4 x 3,8GHz dream configuration and got almost tears in my eyes looking at the benchmark results and the 10 times performance bar comparison to my current system here. And just look at that damn sexy Antec case …

The CPU power increase over the years is still amazing and makes special DSP solutions almost obsolete these days and to me as a developer it makes me dream of course of a new generation of audio plug-ins which brings way more accuracy into the DAW signal processing.

However, beside the costs and all the hazzle about re-installing all software I’m hesitating due to the forthcoming Win7 release. I definately want to skip Vista and the limits of XP (concerning memory) but on the other hand XP is really reliable and stable.

I dunno – what do you think?


  1. Patrick says:

    Hi Bootsy!

    My System:

    Core i7 920 (OC to form 2.4 to 3.6 Ghz)
    Cooler Noctua NH-C12P 1366 Edition
    Kingston HyperX DDR3 3GB Kit of 3 PC3-12800
    Sapphire Radeon HD3470 passive

    You don’t need to buy the i7-965 at all… just overclock the 920 to the same Speed as the 965.

    My System is running absolutely rocksolid and quiet for month!

    It’s pretty easy to set up the OC for this CPU… just ask me if you have any questions 🙂


    • I have basically the same system… same case as the audioworkstation. It rocks… agree, don’t waste your time on the 965, I’ve OC’d to 3.8ghz with no issues for months.

      Thanks for the great plugs also.

  2. You have to ask yourself if really need that kind of power? I definitely don’t. I think the i7 is way is to expensive a Core 2 Quad or the AMD Phenom II will be enough for most of us.

    Yes the box look nice but if you use your dvd allot you will probably do what I did rip the dam door of that ting is just in the way. Well that’s what I think hope its use full for you 🙂 and many thanks for your great plugs.

  3. Cool! Do you know if the overclocking works together with DSP cards in that configuration? I had problems with that and the UAD in the past …

    • Patrick says:

      I have a PoCo PCIe, PoCo MKII, UAD-2 Quad and 4 external UAD-1s (in a Magma-Case) in my system. No problem so far 🙂

      My CPU has around 50°C idle and around 65°C on full load. TMax is 100°C! So no problem with the OC.

  4. Hy Bootsy!

    I am also intend to upgrade my PC since the used plugins turn my machine (AMD XP+ 3200, 1GB Ram) down and all the inputs from my Audio-Interface can´t be used (in sum 20). But i don´t go for a Intel-system, it´s too expensive – i rather take a AMD Phenom II Quad AM3-Socket.

    Yes, the OS-question ist the next case. I am afraid that when i switch to Win7, the drivers for my audio-interface won´t work anymore and sadly the company (Terratec) do not develope them anymore.

    The other thing is: XP can only adress 3GB RAM but do i need more for music-production?

  5. I don’t think the i7 is worth the money at the moment because you need those expensive mobo and ddr3 memory (ddr2 is so cheap).

    Well it may be different if you wait for Win7 to upgrade.

  6. Well a new core 2 duo or quad would be almost as fast (if not as fast with current softwares) for a lot less money and you could get more RAM which is useful in a DAW.

    My 2 cent, any new config would be perf heaven and i7 are the future anyway 🙂

  7. Don’t forget the improvements on the memory architecture / access speed – important if your work with large sample libraries as I do.

    But whats on the OS side – would you wait on Win7?

  8. I just built my new system consisting of the Intel Q9650 Assus P5E64 WS 4GB Ram

    The system is a monster compared to my Dual 3GHZ Xeon system however since i am on Nuendo 3.2 and Win Xp 32 bit I cannot use this power. Ram runs out actually quicker than before.

    If I went to Win7 or Vista (which I hate) my Nuendo and plugs would still only be able to access upto 3GB of ram. I feel that I have kinda wasted my money. All this power and unable to realize it’s true potential.

    I cannot afford to buy Nuendo 4 and update all my tons of vst plugins to 64 bit so looks like I was better off remaining where I was.

    Kind of disillusioned with the whole thing.

    So Bootsy, unless you plan to go fully 64 bit throughout your whole system, (one hell of a financial input) I would wait. Especially since Win7 is still in beta and will be for at least a year or so.

  9. Hey – The case totally rocks. My current quadcore audio workstation is “as quiet as it gets” with that case, which I actually bought a second time (used the same case for my old machine too, and was totally happy). The concept of heat zones (like in the apple g5 case) should be incorporated in way more PC cases, it really helps.

  10. When putting together my rig almost 3 years a go, i contemplated buying the Antec P180 case. It’s a sight to behold indeed, but after reading some reviews, i decided to go for the Antec P150 instead. The problem is, the P180 can be a real handfull, and you better have some serious hardware building skills if you want to put this case together. This is high maintenance hardware. The P150 on the other hand, i tought was better looking (check out the sexy blue leds), smaller, cheaper, and easier for the amateur to open up and tinker with.

    I’d check out some reviews if i where you. Good luck hunting for a new rig, and thanks for the wonderful plugins!

  11. Moinsen,

    I have the same da-x Extreme Core i7 workstation running win xp sp3. It’s absolutly GREAT!! Almost unlimited cpu power. And: Daniel from Digital AudionetworX is a very nice guy … 😉

    So – get it …


  12. Infomation I just found out:

    Windows 7 is actually Windows 6.1

    Windows 5 = XP
    Windows 6 = Vista
    Windows 6.1 = Windows 7

    Yes. it’s true. W7 is based on Vista codebase.
    If you want to use all your RAM, you can simply install Windows XP 64. HOWEVER, your software must be 64-bit compatible to take advantage of it – otherwise this is all a waste of time.

    If only M$ had done it right the first time….

  13. Jesus, what a bullshit.
    Windows 64 is no problem at all.
    I’m running XP x64 for almost 2 years now with
    Nuendo 3/4. I have 8 GB installed. When you want to
    use all the RAM you just need to use JBridge and
    all is good.

  14. I don’t know if having so many OS choices is a good thing. Anyway, for most people it will boil down to personal needs, work flow, and what their DAW will run on. I use ProTools for many things, which still does not support any 64 bit Windows OS. So anything besides old reliable, XP home is not really necessary for me. On the other hand, if I were running the latest Sonar, I could take advantage of 64 bit support which would allow for great ram increases. Until my DAW’s have official Windows7 support, I can’t consider it as my OS.

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