Whats up in June here (or not)?

While being back from some vacation and offsite around Whitsun I’m currently digging into some bugs in the recent TesslaPro release.

TesslaPRO / SE updates

The issues with some higher samplerates were already fixed as well as some weirdness of the VU display.
I’ve received a couple of reports concerning stability and crashes in certain hosts and since I can’t reproduce that here in my lab I need some more support from you. So if your configuration is actually affected from such problems please drop me a note (and eMail) so I can provide some patches to sort this finally out.
If everything is figured out then there will be a maintenance release and also the announced maintenance release for TesslaSE.

Estimated release date: July 2009

NastyXTC release

While extensively working with and testing out the beta of the NastyXTC plug-in on my very own I saw a much larger potential and concept behind that and so due to the necessary redesign there won’t be a release of this one that soon.

Estimated release date: Fall 2009


  1. I’ve gotta say I’m pretty darned excited for XTC… TesslaPro’s really helped me appreciate all this transient magic business and the prospect of having even more control to fiddle and manipulate those transients is making my mouth water… and you say it’s going to be even cooler than that early beta you showed us?

    how will I make it to fall! it’s sooo faaaar awaaaay….

  2. Hey,

    Good move for the XTC thingie.

    Take your time, and don’t forget Density mkII too ;-).

    Late 2009 will surely be exciting for Variety Of Sound plugins !

  3. I love your plugins, bro!

    But Tessla Pro makes my daw (fl) crash.
    Every time i load into the channel strip, it works fine – but a minute later fruity closes itself without a message.

    Keep up the good work – and a tessla pro improvement would be grrrrreat!


  4. Major Edition says:

    Hey Bootsy,

    BootEQmkII compatible at higher sample rates (96kHz & 192 kHz) will be cool as well.

    Best regards.

  5. Hi Bootsie,

    Any news on the new version of Density?

    Thanks for all your superb work on your plugins! I’m using them here all the time!

  6. kingocounty says:

    Just a quick note to let you know that TesslaPro appears to be crashing Reaper 3.03 on my XP Pro SP2, AMD Turion dual processor system. Wicked plugs, keep up the good work!

  7. july has passed my man? what seems to be causing the delay? (talkin bout tessla pro update)

  8. I’m waiting on the new compiler version which fixes the loading time issue….

  9. your old plugins did have this loading time issue but i had no issues with tessla pro. is it machine specific? i am running these on p4 single core as well as an old p3

  10. there is still a problem left with those who have large amounts of system fonts installed on their computer. The framework scans that folder and that is still causing this problem then.

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