Density mkII ahead (summer 2009)!

Density mkII

Density mkII

The rumors were true: After quiet a long time of ignoring any update/improvement plans on this one there is finally a completely reworked mkII version already in the making.

Committing to the original concept of Density, the mkII is also aimed at the very same goal: smooth and versatile dynamic processing on the 2bus to provide density in a mix and so to glue all things together.

So if you expect a general purpose compressor or something (as lots folks had requested) – sorry, look elsewhere, there is absolutely no change on the original objective but just the excecution is way improved.

And that ain’t limited to the DSP under the hood but includes an entirely new designed interface and usage concept. Again, the credit here goes to Patrick which meanwhile really scares me: Seeing the current artwork first time knocked me right out of my chair, thats all I can say for the moment.

Stay tuned here for some more details in July and to some further and interesting excursions related to audio signal compression.


  1. Terje Refsnes says:

    I felt that was in the air.Even though I was not in any need for changes when it comes to how it sounds,I was more hoping for a better GUI. And now I can only imagine what a mix of both would be.I am so pleased by the way you listen to what you create,because you have those rare ears that is really needed in this plugin times.

    I look forward to this.

  2. sunny_j says:

    this is going to be fun :)… AGAIN

  3. Bootsie, this hero.

    Way to go Patrick, keep the GUIs coming =) !

    I’m finally happy I’m not going in holidays this summer hehe.

    MORE TIME TO MIX, and use these incredible plugins.

    Jay Key

  4. susiwong says:

    Yeah !
    Been hoping for that one ! 🙂
    Actually the original Density isn’t too shabby as a general purpose comp imho, ymmv.
    My only real complaint would be the GUI, a bit too small and suboptimal font colour (dark grey on black doesn’t cut it at these tiny sizes imho), I’ve always liked its sound however

  5. Great news here, Bootsie.
    One question: Will mark II be compatible to density I?

  6. Major Edition says:

    Oh boy!!!! Wow!!!

    I like the look of it already. I can see a nice VU meter on the left. Looking at the GUI gets me excited. Well done Patrick.

    It sounds like the Density mkII is a mix bus compressor.

    Bootsy, I’m guessing that BootEQmkII compatible at higher sample rates (96khz & 192 kHz) might be next.



  7. dickiefunk says:

    Brilliant! Nice one guys! Thanks for all your hard work and fantastic plugins and GUI’s!!

  8. dickiefunk says:

    Just out of interest. Are you going to make a general use compressor?

  9. mmmm…..
    I will be very glad to do my part on this amazing job you are doing….I mean Donate something…..I suggest you to add a link for that.
    I’m using your plugins more or less everywhere.
    Thank you a lot.

  10. If this is different and “completely reworked” could you think about getting Patrick to perhaps update the GUI on Density 1 and make it a little more viewable please? It is a killer plugin which would definitely benefit from a fresh brighter display. You need change nothing else as it sounds great.

    and also thanks for your reply to my email re: Tessla Pro, I can see my problem is me! I just need to get used to hearing the finer things in life..

    cheers Bootsy!

  11. So bootsie,

    As you stated, for the rest of the year 2009, you’ve plans for Nasty XTC, and a saturation plugin, after realasing Density mkII, right ?

  12. Bluelight says:

    Density is the already as it is a beatiful plug and for my taste the best overall compression plug there is.
    I also like the new version of Boot EQ very very much.

  13. Density is the #1 compressor i use.It deals with the harsh digital transients in a smooth, musical way.If you had to rely on just two plug-ins,I would pick Density and Boot EQ.I totally agree with Bluelight.Density mkII strapped on the mix bus sounds like the finishing touch.Great job and keep up the good work!!!


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