some polls added

I’ve just added some polls in the right nav bar – maybe you have time a minute or so to give some feedback there. Thanks in advance!


  1. Hey,

    Honestly between all I have choosed, what I would like the most is tape style saturation with a powerful clipper and limiter stage.

    A kind of “MAKE IT BANG” plugin, just for getting THAT punch and loudness.

  2. kingocounty says:

    It’s exciting to think that there may be an all-in-one channel strip coming! I already use BooteqmkII on every channel now and TesslaPro on my master buss (though it causes Reaper to crash randomly–can’t wait for that patch!) as they’re the most musical sounding vst’s I’ve ever used. I’d love to see something like the Booteq with added tape saturation and the transient control of TesslaPro. Keep up the great work!

  3. I think that the Nasty CS is perfect. I like the idea of a preamp stage but that’s it. I think that a separate tape saturation vst would be good but I don’t need it on the Nasty CS.

    I would also like to see the Nasty Tabletop, Nasty HF, and Nasty LF all in one plug-in.

    I would also like to see a really nice vocal compressor/leveling amp from you. Something with a LA-2A style gain reduction. Soft knee with that extremely smooth sound. You could even add a nice tube stage. I have yet to find a great vocal compressor for free and very few ones I like at all. I usually use the Bomb Factory Fairchild emulation or Chandler TG limiter emulation.

    I love your BootEQ mkII. It’s my go to channel eq for vocals. But I don’t really like the sound of the tube emulation there. I usually use it on vintage mode with the tube off. Subtle but very nice sounding.

    I would also like to see an Eq. with fast transient response with set freq. parameters kinda like an API 550A or 550B. Something that can be used on drums, vocals or even program.

    I’ve been working with synthedit and synthmaker lately but I’m still a newbie with it. Any advice for really learning it?

  4. Also skin us a 4Front W1 Limiter. Betabugs did one but the gui is garbage. I would love to see this done right.

  5. sunny_j says:

    1. quicker loading time
    2. quicker loading time
    3. quicker loading time
    4. quicker loading time
    5. quicker loading time
    6. quicker loading time
    7. quicker loading time

    there u go. 7 options 🙂

  6. Hi.

    i think dynamicEQ is a tool we never find in bootsies plugins and can be really usefull and smooth.
    we can make a déesser with dynamicEQ!

    I use transient shaping like SPL Transient designer or dominion in every project!

  7. I’m voting mainly for more EQ options on NastyCS, although really the only thing I find myself yearning for on the current one, and even then just once in awhile, is one more BootEQ knob, and possibly one or two additional Q-size settings to choose from–but then I don’t want too much EQ flexibility either because what I like about NastyCS is it doesn’t let me over-think and over-fiddle and wind up doing more harm than good.

    I also really like the idea of the pre-amp stage, the transient shaping and the simple compression, though I think for me I’d rather leave any ‘sophisticated’ compression to a dedicated plugin. One other tiny thing that might be nice, at least for hosts that don’t make it extremely trivial to do, is a switch for mono/stereo modes.

    Oh, thinking about it, I guess there is one more thing I do sometimes desire on the current CS: it’d be nice to be able to have a separate control for the gain and for the limiter threshold…

    But the crummy part now is we have to wait for it… I come here, I read all these great ideas Bootsy comes up with, and I feel like a kid stuck perpetually and sleeplessly on Christmas Eve, desperate for morning to come to see what new toy Bootsy Claus left.

    I’d totally leave milk and cookies for you, though, Bootsy!

  8. Major Edition says:

    1. More EQ options
    Even though Nasty CS is really good the way it is, the more options the better. More options will allow you to experiment more. As I learned from the legendary Bruce Swedien, it doesn’t matter if I have to turn the knob backwards or in reverse order to get the sound I want, I will do it and not be limited by technicalities. 2 or 3 more bands with Q and gain knobs will be awesome.

    2. More LP/HP options
    Again, more options for filtering any signal you want.

    3. Dynamic EQ options
    Would be nice for a good channel strip. Why not?

    4. Phase switch
    This comes handy if you should need to reverse the phase of the signal or listen to it.

    5. Flexible routing
    This will allow the plugin to be routed in more than one way. You can turn it into a Pre or Post compressor EQ.

    6. Simple compressor
    Unless really necessary, no need for a complex compressor here. You are only leveling, smoothing and punching the signal with it so why waste so much time trying to figure out a complex compressor here. Most times, the compressor’s behavior will depend on how you set it. If you spend so much time trying to figure how to set it, you are in trouble. Besides, compressors sound different because of their internal complexities and routing and unless you are heading that direction, a simple clean and smooth compressor will work fine here.

    7. Gate/expander
    A gate comes handy on a channel strip.

    * 96kHz samplerate is essential for any good plugin out there.

    So far, I love NastyCS the way it is but if it is getting an upgrade, will it get a new GUI as well? Patrick is awesome with the graphics.

    These are my recommendations and what I look forward to in NastyCS major upgrade. No limitations, more options, very versatile.

  9. Hey. I lost your e-mail. I was just going to tell you that your BootEQ mkII won’t load as a mono plug-in when using the FXpansion VST wrapper with ProTools Le 8. Can this be fixed?

    Also if you want to get your stuff ported for OSX, Apulsoft is known to do just that. They have ported many free plug-ins for Slim Slow Slider, Beta Bugs, and many others.

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