in the studio – some gear pics


Some impressions from the studio yesterday. There is one device which adds some warmth to the production but can’t be emulated in digital – can you spot it (easy)? Can you spot all brands (hard)?


  1. Major Edition says:

    1. Pussy cat. (Can’t be emulated digitally)

    2. Emperical labs EL-8 Distressor (I think)

    3. Converter (Brand ?)

    4. Millennia NSEQ-2 EQ

    5. FX (Brand ?)

    6. Meter (?)

    7. Minimoog (I think)

    8. Monitor (Brand ?)

    9. Reverb (I can’t remember the name of this brand)

    10. Moog (I think)

    I can’t remember the name of some of the brands so those of you who know and remember, fill in the gaps.

    Bootsy, how is NastyXTC coming along?


  2. Hi

    I agree on 1. and 2.

    10. is an MS20 ;

    07. might be a Roland System 100 module (it is a modular synth, i don’t think it is a Moog, and it reminds me a lot of the System 100 modules) ;

    05. Is a Mutron Bi-Phase ;

  3. #1 – good choice !
    It’s a soft mute/solo button randomizer, at times it can add a little hum and purr but always sounds really warm and analog.
    The only irreplaceable device here, too, although there is an incompatibility issue with my wireless mice.

    • agreed, incredible device! Tough to handle (careful maintenance needed on daily and sometimes hourly basis) but if treated right it adds gentle purr to the audio…

  4. #3 is a Panasonic DAT and a MOTU 2408 or similar, I guess.

  5. haha,

    i like how you can see some kind of reverb in the reverb picture..!
    sure you did that on purpose..;)

  6. Major Edition says:

    9. Is that Reverb Eventide?

    I’ve seen some vintage Eventide racks like that but I could be wrong.

    Looks like you are having fun with your new camera. LOL.

  7. c’mon, the reverb thing is so easy, just read the (blury) logo. Much more harder is the monitoring gear. Tips: Both are different brands but manufactured in germany. The right monitor is really popular these days. The left one brand is more secret and older but the logo should tell …
    The Modular is still wrong (but almost spotted) and the metering is still missing but quiet easy …
    Btw., above the already (and obvious) spotted Distressor Compressor there is another one – but which one?

  8. Major Edition says:

    Ugh !!!

    Talk about missing the most obvious thing. Why was I looking away from the big letters on the front panel from the very start? 2 posts and I still missed the Reverb’s brand.

    Come on Susiwong, Bootsy had to point it out for you. LOL.

    2. The gray compressor on top of the Distressor is the Summit Audio DCL-200.

    8. Black monitor on the right is ADAM Audio (I think).

    Now left with the right monitor, Meter and Modular.

    Hmm, let’s see . . . . . .

  9. The black monitor may be Adam A7 ?
    … And the modular could be a Roland System 700

    • Summit Compressor is right as well, Roland System 700 is right, Adam Monitor as well just not the type …
      And man, the metering, this is *the* standard in studios all over the world, c’mon …

  10. Adam Monitor as well just not the type …

    Mine are Adam A10, but the screws position is a bit different…

    Next probably will be a “spot the synth” challenge …

    You mean like the Promars in the header ? 😉

  11. Prepare to spot some analog synth legends next time …

  12. Major Edition says:

    The black ADAM monitor is the P11A.

    I’m still looking for the other equipments in my manufacturers catalog. I’m sure I will find them soon when I get some time to look them up. Including the other monitor.

    For the meter I’m gonna go out on a limb and just guess, some type of NEVE or SSL. So what if I’m wrong? May be I will find it in my catalog later. . . . LOL.

  13. How does it feel to have analog gear in 2009 ? Two weeks ago i selled my studio rack. Once it was full of lexicons, EQs, exciter, compressor, preamp, synthies. Then i got my Soundcraft, the Fabfilter One and the UAD-1 and knew “these rack days are over”.

  14. Major Edition says:

    Finally, I give up. I checked all my manufacturers catalog, most of which were American, with some European. Yes, I know Bootsy said the Monitors were German made.

    I also checked with some of Europe’s biggest equipment distributors and still didn’t find the other monitor so, I simply don’t know.

    For the Meter, if it is still not Neve or SSL, it’s gotta be one of the following:

    Amek, API, Audient, Calrec, DDA, Digico, Euphonix, Midas, Neotek, Otari, TL Audio, Trident, Toft, Soundcraft, Tascam, Studer or something I have not mentioned.

    I’m done. It was fun trying to find these equipments but I give up.

    I’ll be mad if it was a brand that I came across before, since I always miss out on the most obvious things and the logo is right there on the monitor.


  15. Major Edition says:

    Oh what the hell.

    One more guess. Is the brand ME or something?

  16. It’s an older model from ME-Geithain.
    The meter is the Portamonitor from RTW.

    How does it feel to have analog gear in 2009 ?

    To me it’s somehow ambivalent. When working at home in my lab I’m almost 100% ITB today and the work is fast, convenient, total recall is available on everything and so on.
    In the studio of my current production partner there is a lot of hassle with all that outboard and no total recall. It usually takes half an hour upfront everything is set up and running properly and if something blews up then even longer. On the other side the synth tweaking is way more fun, it’s a good place for creative flow and the studio does have full accoustic treatment.
    Although I would say that the analog synths actually still sounds (a little) better then the counterparts in the box I would clearly state that this is completely irrelevant for todays music production and it’s nice to have them here and there but really not that necessary.

  17. Terje Refsnes says:

    “How does it feel to have analog gear in 2009?”

    It does not feel like yesterday.
    Varosound is part of my analog set-up.
    40 channels of Soundtrac Solitare,with total recall!
    40 inserts of BootEQ 2,and Density.(quad core PC,2xMotu 24 i/o)
    When I want to be analog in 2009;I just load…….nothing.
    When I want to have total Recall, I load a template
    with 40 Boot EQ and 40 Density.
    And that sounds simply fantastic when summed at the
    Soundtracs Master faders.
    And just for the fun of it,I run the sound through an old
    Summit 2channel pre-amp.
    And to ad that little extra,I track totally analog.
    Its makes my days fun,and thats part of a good life too!

    Looking forward to you new Density release.

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