Barcelona, cool locations – tips anyone?

While planning to spend some days in Barcelona next I would appreciate some further tips on cool / hip places to hang out and chill. Anyone around here knows that scene there?



  1. You have a very wide palette of options here. What exactly do you want to do? what kind of music are you mostly interrested on?

  2. Terje Refsnes says:

    Simply a lovely place,artistic and vibrant.
    I dont know how it is right now,because of the crisis,but its a wonderful place.

  3. kingocounty says:

    I spent some time there once, and if you like people-watching and cafes (as I do), you should spend some time on La Rambla.

  4. I am an Aussie, but I lived in Barcelona for three years while I headed up the building of the Aquarium.

    Wonderful City!

    Check out …

    The Barrio Gotico (the old quarter)
    Senor Parellada (restaurant)
    Barrio Chino (bohemian quarter)
    Rodriques Cafe (in Barrio Gotico)
    The Sagrada Familia
    Casa Batlo
    La Padreira
    The Museum of Contemporary Art
    The night life in general


    By the way … Killer plugs! Thank you. Great sounds, great GUIs. Can’t wait for Density II

  5. Been a while, but there are plenty of clubs along La Rambla and in Placa del Rei. If you can, check out:

    Nitsa Club
    Otto Zutz

    … and ask the locals, of course!

  6. Wow, i thought you were gonna say jazzy or rock!

    For this electro-techno kinda scene go to (sorted form best to worst):

    Same thing, but a bit more housy:
    City Hall

    What days are you coming? I f i am still here maybe we could meet? I am leaving the country on holidays next monday though..

  7. top clubs in barcelona are

    * Razzmatazz
    * Moog Club
    * Nitsa
    * La Terrrazza
    * BeCool
    * City Hall
    * Macarena Club
    * Kubik Barcelona
    * Chiringuito Mochima
    * Row 14
    * Kanna Beach Club
    * Catwalk

  8. Barcelona ? Keine Ahnung ! Aber du hast noch 5 Tage für Density2! 😉

    Take some pictures of Barcelona with your PEN and show us !

  9. I lived there last year for a year, MOOG of the les rambler is a nice little club, very buzzy and great vibe and Electro just of les ramblas, if you want a drink in the late hours the ask around for the Sherlock Homes bar near there also.

    L’Eixample is area that most people visiting miss, they normally head for the coastal areas, but there are tons of really cool bars up there with DJs and clubs also.
    Lots of downbeat electro house ect.

  10. I hope you plan on releasing some new goodies first.

  11. Barrio Chino (El Raval) with a strange people and strange bars (some illegal) and of course MACBA (museum of contenporary art) and its surroundins.

    Barrio Gothico – some nice places… most turistic.

    Barceloneta – Champaneria

    Gracia quarter – nice bars, young people – cleaner then Raval, nice little squares…

    Forum – some interesting new architecture

    La paradeta restaurants for seafood.

  12. Take care in les Rambles, this months i’ve seen more people getting stoled there than all my life before.
    For me Apolo it’s deifinitely the best club right now, Razzmatazz it’s stinking from some years. Anyway i prefer smaller bars and use to run away from the “housy” clubs that are infesting the city. Eixample and Gracia neighbourhoods are the nicer ones for me, but they definitely are not the turistic ones.
    For some nice bars you shouldn’t miss the Almirall in the Raval area (near MACBA museum), the Raïm in Gracia, or the Ramon Bar near Sant Antoni market to eat really good tapas. These places usually are not crowded of tourist and i think i aprecciate that when i go to a foreign city.

    Thanks for the plug!!

  13. You should go to Mercat de Sant Antoni, near the Raval Area. On Sunday mornings there’s a huge flea market with books, some records, old comic books and funny stuff… Kids and not so kids there (some old spanish nerds too), really cool. And nearby there’s Casa Jacinta, a small bar where the bartender made his own vermouth and some delightful tapas.

    I am a Nitsa fan too ;-P

  14. It must be said that Nitsa it’s Apolo [2]

  15. Bill Bartmann says:

    Great site…keep up the good work.

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