Density mkII – bugfixes, which and when?

Just a short update on whats going on with some already reported issues concerning Density mkII (released around two weeks ago):

  • There will be a SSE1 compatible version
  • The CPU spiking “denormal” issues and heavy CPU loads are already fixed
  • A fix for the loading issues in Wavelab is currently under investigation and test
  • Some crash reports will be further investigated

The current plan is to release a 2.0.1 bugfix release to end of September containing whats fixed and stable then.


  1. glad you got to the bottom of the CPU spiking.

  2. don`t forget to replace the Power LED with a more serious one. I know a fairytale stone reminds on “Fairchild” but its a bit too toylike IMO.

  3. theFirmament says:


    Looking forward to using it, hope the SSE1 version will work

    Great job =D

  4. I like the power LED 😉

  5. Just tried these plugins! WOW! I cant believe how good they are! Is there a MAC version! I mainly work with MAC and I couldnt find any and Id love to use them within Logic!

  6. After reopening a song In Samplitude 10PRO and Reaper 3 Density mkII does not load the edited and saved settings.
    Only the preset, but not the edited preset.

  7. I use density 1 in samplitude .10 where it works perfectly,but the mark 2 if its gui opens nomally as a gest in samplitude no function seem to operate and the two peakmeters are at full level even without any sound playing; thank you if you have any advice.
    nicolas joly

  8. So, any word on the updated MKII bugfix yet? It’s an absolutely beautiful buss compressor that works flawlessly, except for those doggone CPU spikes.

    The best part is the fixed time restraints. You must’ve done your research well, because the time restraints work flawlessly for just about anything I toss at it, quicker if I need quicker, slower if I need slower, and no compromise on quality!

  9. The SSE1 version is not stable yet, maybe I’ll release the update without it …

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