on the road: the mobile setup

mobile setup 2

the mobile setup

As shown in the pics, this was my mobile setup I’ve used recently during my Barcelona trip:

  • laptop: HP Elite series
  • headphones: AKG 240 DF
  • midi input: KORG nanoKEY
  • shades: Porsche Design ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Beside the AKG 240 I’ve also had some noise cancellation cans there – they sound terrible but in some public locations the cancellation effect is sometimes necessary.

mobile setup

both shots were taken in a rooftop bar in Barcelona

But, the gear of course is not the biggest thing that matters: a cool location around you with some gentle people are the most inspiring thing (and maybe some proper drinks as well).

So, whats your setup when you are working or performing offsite?


  1. Toshiba satellite Laptop

    Focusrite saffire

    akg 240 mk 1

    And 1 of my black Gangsta Locs 8)

  2. HP nx7010 with Win7 RTM
    Internal Audio
    Creative In-Ear
    and my head.

    ๐Ÿ˜€ quite lo-fi, but thats how I roll.

  3. Laptop: Hp Presario (XP pro)

    Sound: M-Audio Jam Lab

    Phones: Audio Technica 30series

    Control: Trigger Finger

    Coffee: Lots of Coffeeeeee……

    A cozy place to look hip & girl watch!!

    A black white sheet of paper to stare at……..not much accomplished…again….

  4. Laptop: Fujitsu Siemens Amilo 1510

    Sound: M-Audio Jam Lab or Line6 Toneport

    Phones: Sennheiser HD600

    Hagstroem Super swede guitar.

    Control: Roland Guitar to Midi

    and some manuals i always wanted to but never read

  5. Hi,
    I’ m very curious about your plugins. Unfortunately all the .rar I downloaded from your site don’t open. There is always an error message when I try to unrar them.

    Could you please check that?

    Regards – martyn

  6. Clevo R130T ruggedized laptop
    has handle built in, but i backpack. they make the laptops for Alienware too

    Razer Copperhead mouse
    blue LEDs, 3 IR laser, 2000 DPI, 2000 FPS, programmable and presets stored in the mouse)

    Apogee Mini-DAC
    2 balanced XLR out, great headphone out, extra unbalanced stereo line out, AES/SMUX/SPIDF Coax & Optical/ADAT inputs. equal in quality to my Rosetta 200 and 800, and I have yet to hear another DAC this pure & transparent for under 10 grand. I’ve owned many others.

    Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro 600 ohm headphones
    After tons of listening I’ve decided that at least for my head ๐Ÿ˜› that they sound more accurate & detailed than any balanced Sennheiser HD650 setup I’ve heard. The AKG 701s that Bootsy has are definitely in this elite class as well.

    Other cans I may bring along more often than others depending on the tasks… are Sony MDR-7506 (tried, true, many people want em), Shure SHR840 (great new kid on the block, accuracy and THEE most comfortable cans ever), and Ultrasone HFi-780 (these translate very well to more upfront & strident yet still accurate monitoring systems, and are great for mixing without monitors).

    I’m a mastering engineer of 10 years, in addition to a broadcast audio processing engineer… I’ve helped found several large industry companies including a net-radio that was #1 online for 2.5 years running according to Arbitron and Ando Media. Also, as I got started in all of this in the 90s, leasing out large-scale pro audio systems eventually including a 180kwatt (AES rated) Turbosound Floodlight setup. Also turned down quite a few jobs “to die for” for some, like Chief Engineer at Tribune Interactive (hi Randy) and BBC Interactive (hi James) and several top mastering studios in USA and Europe. I have going on 10 years of DSP coding experience myself… and member of too many industry organizations to list here. (although EBU P/Loud group’s work, which I am on the board of, is really going to shake up the music recording industry, I hope)

    That being said, I’m not going to go around claiming I have “golden ears” or anything, they are getting to be experienced… But I will say that for what they can be used for – Bootsy not only has the best free VST plugins out there… but they BEAT DOWN LIKE A DOG 99% of all commercial VSTs out there too. It’s not just the sound you can get while they just sit there, but the way they REACT when you turn the knobs which makes them feel, sound, and operate like an analog piece of gear would, which is not done that much yet at all.

    I won’t name names as far as who has decent sounding yet stale, lifeless, dead plugins… but one of them sells a bundle that costs $8,000 ๐Ÿ˜‰ and Bootsy blows away everything they have in the same classes. Nuff said.

  7. that’s an Apogee Mini-DAC USB, i forgot to mention. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plugs into any Win/Linux/OSX machine without the need for drivers. Or one could load the ASIO drivers for it. Quite handy.

  8. 1bit orchestra says:

    Laptop :Asus x50z-Ap188
    Sound :Internal Audio + soundmax usb simple(1in/1out) sc fro headphone…
    Phones :Numark hf125
    Midi input:Evolution UC33e
    more than :Korg ES-1, Kaossilator, weed:p

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