the (upcoming) plug-in portfolio page

As so many folks had already requested that there should be a separate page here in the blog which is solely dedicated to the available Variety Of Sound plug-in portfolio and more descriptive information on that, this topic has finally entered the top ten of my todo list.

Just copy and paste from some manuals is pretty much lame of course and I do think it would be much more interesting to have the end-users view reflected better which means to have some more input which focuses on your experience and insights.

To cut a long story short, would you support me and help a little in setting up such a page? This could be then in form of providing some short descriptive information on a single VoS plug-in, some dedicated tips & tricks, do’s & don’ts and things alike.

Don’t hesitate to post stuff and discuss everything here, I’ll collect everything and set up a very first page which can be extended and refined over time then.


  1. I’d love to help anyway that I can. Although I’ve just started to fool around with Density MKII, I LOVE IT. If I can come across anything useful, I’d be happy to send it your way.

    Thank you so much for the work you do!

    -Matthew Sims

  2. i will work on a description of booteq2, my english need some times 😀

  3. So, I’ve setup a page “VST effects” as a starting point today, have a look at it via the top menu bar “Pages”.
    If you have something (even short) to add, just post it here …

  4. Page is updated as of today so there is some short info now on (almost) everything about the portfolio …

  5. hi there!
    hi hope it is hopeful for you! please mr. varo, correct my english! lol 😀
    good life!

    the booteq2 mk2 is a great tool for your mix!
    it have 2 principal modules: the eq module and the preamp module.

    the eq module (dx of the plug) gives you the possibility to shape 4 band:
    low freq: from 40 to 250hz, it can be switch between hipass filter or bell filter
    mid freq: from 100 to 1500hz, it can be switch between two type of bell, one more straight, one more wide
    hi-mid freq: levelling from 800 to 8900hz
    hi freq: a fixed hi shelf with the control of Q (from straight to wide)

    this eq was built to be a really musical vintage eq; for this, you dont find the Q control, you have only to find the right freq to bring it up and than select the good level.

    the pre amp simulator (sx of the plug) gives a subtle but hot color to your audio; you have to turn the DRV (drive) knob to select the level of saturation, that is avaible in 2 flavour: vintage or modern.
    a control is reserved to the saturation in low freq, that help your bass to be more powerful and warm.

    in the end of the chain, you find the OUT knob to control the volume output.

    each of two module have an on/off switch.

    a good starting point is to turn on only the eq module.
    now you can start to work with the eq control, depending on the audio
    for example, if you are working with a bass, you could:
    – in the BLUE section, switch the bell mode
    – turn the FRQ around 110hz
    – start to add some db with the LF knob, until you hear a satisfy bottom (dont exagerate!)
    – in the RED section, switch to straight mode
    – turn the FRQ around 300hz
    – cut some db (max 1.5), to loose some muddies
    – in the ORANGE section, add some db and sweep the freq until to find the right pick of the bass.

    now, if you need it, go in the preamp mode and switch it on.
    add some db in the BLUE knob to add some warm to your bass

    this is just an example, the freq is generic, it depends on your sound!!!

    you can use this on everything you want remembering that is a musical vintage eq, it have a soul, it colours your sound!
    if you have to clean the audio, please use some other eq 😉

    it works great on vocals, the pre-amp gives you your secret weapon to obtain a great result.
    but the same is for bass line, guitar and also some percussion (try the hi-shelf on the hihats)!

    the possibilies depends only on your fantasy!

    enjoy it, you will love it!
    and always remember: garbage in garbage out! 😉

  6. great! I will add some part soon …

  7. Hey guys/gals, one year passed already from the last note here. Nobody adds anything up to date? Remember, Bootsy’s plugins are ONE OF THE BEST from all free plugins, so, do something small to add value to them! Do some new tips/tricks descriptions, put your experience here, let others have appetite to download them and work more productive! I’m in no way associate with VoS, but I really (REALLY!) like the quality of these plugins.

  8. docmidnite says:

    Prolly you don´t read any more bc even while only using the given presets it just sounds amazing! I never had the feeling I have to tweak ;-))

  9. Hi friends!
    I would like to thank Varietyofsound for great plugins.
    I especially like Density mkII. A realy, realy cool plugin! I does wonders to drum patterns.
    Thank you again!

  10. i am really thankfull for these plugs .they`re one of the best i ever had !
    peace out

  11. Digging the Boot and Density. Great UI designs. I wish I had extra money to give you in this economy but if you’re ever in my neck of the woods, you my friend have carte blanche of my sleeping quarters and my bookshelf which I’ve redesigned to accomodate a hidden beer fridge.

  12. Basspartout says:

    Once again, the BootEQmkII was the right choice for several aspects of the mix. It just sounds so musical, I love it! So I wanna say big Thank you for your wonderful plugins.

  13. Just wanted to give a big thank you to you guys.
    I use at least 1 of your plugins in any track , and the plugins still amaze me everyday!!!

  14. MrFrank151 says:

    Love this plug in. It become my go to favorite. In preparation for a new music releases this has really helped to find that sound I was looking for in working on this project.

  15. Really amazing plugin! just falled in love! i recomend it to everyone! really amazing valvular sounds! and the interface, really cool! Thanks for the free vst, i’ll recomend it to everyone and i’ll use it in every track!

  16. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after browsing through many of the posts I realized it’s new
    to me. Regardless, I’m certainly happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking
    it and checking back regularly!

  17. when will be the release of the AU plagin for Mac???

  18. Well there is only one but might be useful.If you are making any kind of modern electronic dance music setup BootEQ on your kick drum and follow these steps :set high pass filter in LF area at 40 – 50 Hz , push down LMF down by -2 dB at 400 – 500 Hz and tweak HMF at 2500 – 4000 Hz (gentle boost gives a bit air),now turn on preamp boost LF of preamp by 3-4 dB, turn on the tube and set the drive at 4 and finally cut some volume a bit at 2 db.Sound like “some famous warmer” but you can choose between two types of sound : vintage (like in old House) or modern (trance or electro stuff ) 😀

  19. Haaving read this I thought itt was very informative.

    I appreciate youu tajing tthe time and effort to put this content together.
    I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and leaving
    comments. But so what, it was still worth it!

  20. Rory O'Brien says:

    Tried this on a snare group today to add some warmth and character and I must after trying many options including compression and transient design, this really did the trick absolutely gorgeously.

    I went against common logic and actually gave the 45-50hz region a 1.5db boost with the bell curve, added 3db to 700hz,, 6db to 7000hz, and removed 3db from highs with the Q at 2 O’ Clock.

    To add the finishing touches I turned on the Tube with a ‘Modern’ setting, set drive to +6, added 1db to LF, and finally matched my Output Gain to what the signal was before processing, incredibly happy with the results.

    Beautiful sounding plugin, can’t believe its free,

    Thank You!

  21. mahesh says:

    like to see the latest version of this software

  22. Earl McLean says:

    You guys should make a 64bit version of this one!

  23. Jonathan E Townes says:

    Man. Dude.
    I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic you’re cooking over there at the VoS… But, I just tried to get a tasty bass sound using a couple different emulations of a Pultec EQP-1A. And, just for yucks, I pulled out BootEQ mkII. In a matter of seconds, I dialed in a bass sound with BootEQ mkII that put those emulations to shame. They’re whimpering in the corner, as I type this little note. I tried this experiment twice. TWICE!!! The second go ’round was a bit more nuanced. However, BootEQ sounded THAT much better. So far I’ve put BootEQ mkII up against 1173 emulations, Pultec emulations, and my beloved multi-flavours of SlickEQ. Each time, BootEQ outshines them all. I’ll be sure to send you the dentist bill for all the damage the sweetness of your machines is causing to my audio teeth…. thank you, Herbert!!!!

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