bugfixes: Density mkII (v2.0.2) + FerricTDS (v1.0.2)

Both maintenance releases are containing important stability improvements, especially for the memory issues that were causing crashes when deleting plugins in some host applications.

The Density mkII v2.0.2 update is available through the downloads page here.

The FerricTDS v1.0.2 update is available through the KVR Developer Challenge over here.


  1. Hi
    Thank you Bootsie.
    Will you also update your other plugins ?
    And : do you consider updating all your plugins, so that they would all appear under the “Variety of Sound” developer name in Reaper ?

  2. YES and YES.

  3. Must say it changed nothing in SX3 for me but all seems fine in Reaper.

  4. Cool, hopefully I can get my mastering chain under 150 MB again without the ~130 MB memory leak that I was getting (it’s more before unloading, totaled about 312MB total memory used while it’s all loaded, and loaded under TONS of CPU use for about a whole minute to load, yikes).

    I’ll try it right now…

  5. Yeah it just seems to be an issue when loading any of these VoS (Variety of Sound) plugins on my system. The memory use of all the buffers is to be expected but the VoS plugins use SO much CPU while they are loading, and the memory use that’s climbing up freezes while the VoS plugins are loading, so it’s definitely stopping to think about something a LOT.

    My own host (C++99 MFC) opens to ~16MB memory (it has streaming, metering, and speaker controller/correction). With my mastering chain added MINUS the VoS plugins = ~118MB memory. And it goes up to ~264MB memory with these added:

    I know about the font issue, and I had ~2,500 fonts that I narrowed down to only 35 essential fonts now (because they are needed for basic system operation). It basically loaded the VoS plugins painlessly then. The part that sucks now is that it’s almost as slow loading as it was back when I had ~2,500 fonts. I wish I knew what changed because it wasn’t the plugins, just something the plugins are interacting with, which well… they don’t call it Windows for nothing. :/ It could be almost anything, even some update. (current hotpatched XP SP3)

  6. important info from the following kvr thread on these new updates (hope it helps someone use these amazing free plugs 🙂 :


    bootsie “Please assure that there is no other Synthmaker stuff involved in this test (otherwise its meaningless)”

    s_t “I made sure there is no other SM stuff involved with the tests and density mkII (v2.0.2) appears to be stable. However there is something strange I don’t fully comprehed:

    Density mkII + other SM plugins = crash
    Density mkII alone = no crash
    other SM plugins without density mkII = no crash

    This means density mkII and any other SM plugin can’t live together in a same project, regardless they are stable without each other. ”

    cc-purno (expert and synthmaker official tester) “Yes, this can happen. I saw that during my testing.

    These crashes are caused by interaction (shared memory) between plugs.

    Please contact the makers of the other SM plugs and ask to compile their plugs with the newest synthmaker version. 1.1.4”

  7. thanks David, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

  8. kingocounty says:

    Fantastic! I can use these crash-free on Reaper now. I’m looking forward to when the rest of the plug-ins are updated as well. Don’t forget to vote and donate to the prize fund!

  9. kingocounty says:

    And I mean REALLY looking forward to the other plugs being updated. I’m jonesing to be able to use TesslaPro and BootEQ MKII again. I’ll just keep checking the website every ten minutes or so to see if they’re ready. 😉

  10. I have problems with Density in Cubase LE – the plugin is not recognized at all. Neither as insert, nor as send or master plugin. Has anyone had the same problem? I think it’s due to the fact that is has 4 input channels. At least it’s the only plugin in the plugin list that has 4 input channels. EpicVerb (and some others) can’t be used as send effects, but there is a workaround to use it as an insert on a group track. But there’s no workaround for the Density issue.

    Thanks for any help!

  11. during the last month I’ve been reading a lot regarding the gain stage and the right level for audio material in tracking but also ITB.
    Long story short (very short) even working completely ITB it’s better to work with material peaking at around -10dBfs (-18dBfs average).
    very interesting thread on this matter:
    Bootsy suggest to have an input level for his plugins around 0dBfs, this is a little strange, because it’s the first developer stating this.
    Any comments?

  12. There will be an input level option in the next update.

  13. Hello! Just discovered your plugs CM magazine (issue 148), and they are amazing!

    I got a problem with your latest Density MKII plugin. It crashes my host (Renoise 2.5.1) with words like:
    “VstPlugs: Plugin ‘VarietyOfSound: DensitymkII’ crashed in its audio process function!

    Warning Message: Ouch. The VST plugin ‘VarietyOfSound: DensitymkII (from VarietyOfSound)’ crashed in VST event/function: ‘Process’, Thread: ‘Audio'”.

    Can this be fixed?

    Thanks a lot!!!

  14. Any info on fixing bug? Please! I want to sell my fucking UAD2 asap!!!

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