bugfixes: TesslaSE (v1.2.1) + TesslaPRO (v1.0.1)

Both maintenance releases are containing important stability improvements, especially for the memory issues that were causing crashes when deleting plugins in some host applications.

Additional changes TesslaSE 1.2.1

  • noise model removed
  • faster loading times on systems with large amounts of system fonts
  • VST vendor tag changed to ‘Variety Of Sound’
  • manual updated

Additional changes TesslaPRO 1.0.1

  • samplerate compatibility issue fixed (internal filter)
  • VU needle renders proper on mono tracks now
  • VST vendor tag changed to ‘Variety Of Sound’

Both updates are available through the downloads page here.


  1. kingocounty says:

    Awesome, thanks Bootsie! Now I can enjoy that amazing 3D effect from TesslaPro again with no fear of crashes. Once you get BootEQ updated, what’ll I have to look forward to? I guess there’s always Xmas…

  2. Hi Bootsie, thank you very much for this great plugins. I like tessla pro the most for its “3-D”-effect. With the latest version of tessla pro the plugin seems to loose the settings in samplitude after closing a session ? Anything I can do about that ?
    Regards, Martin

  3. Hi Bootsie, today I tested with the new tesslaSE. Opening a Samplitudeproject the knobs are all shown in the default position, but the numbers show the setting I made before ? Perhaps with tessla pro it’s the same. But as there are no numbers, I can’t say for sure. Regards, Martin

  4. Will it be possible to add in values for hardware control surface use?
    This is a problem with all the plugins, as what happens is I see the name of the parameter, but there are no actual values being reported to the controller so it’s harder to get used to.
    All this apart, these really are superb plugins. If there were ever VST3 or surround capable versions where I had independant control over each of the output channels then I would gladly pay real money for these.

  5. http://tinypic.com/r/erbz21/6
    I’ve just upgraded to Adobe Audition CS6, but sadly TesslaSE / TesslaPro wouldn’t load.
    These worked with the Audition 3, CS5.5, but The previous versions have no side-chain support, and I really wanted to play with the new ThrillseekerLA….

    Would you know what may have caused this issue? If so would there be an easy fix?

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