epicVerb release 1.5 is on the way



An important major update for the epicVerb digital reverberation simulator is (almost) done and will be released in the beginning of December 2009. It not only features some bugfixes and major stability improvements but also some re-worked algorithms which supports way more dense and three-dimensional reverberation processing.


  1. I’m glad to hear this. Looking forward to the release.

  2. in my opinion the best reverb!!! πŸ™‚ glad to see an upgrade, but never had problems with it.

  3. legendCNCD says:

    Yeah! I only had the forever tail -problem, otherwise its no competition among reverbs, except maybe AAR.

  4. dickiefunk says:

    Wow can’t wait to check this out!

  5. how a pure beauty becomes even more a pure beauty…

    my gosh, when will this generosity stop?

    i hope the future will reward your work as it deserves, in the way you wish it.

    • Completely agreed, let me 2nd that post and the good wishes ! πŸ™‚
      Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better …
      epicVerb definitely is my go to reverb, even though I own some very good (commercial) alternatives.
      Hard to imagine what could still be improved, but hey …
      Many thanks for your absolute dedication to quality, pretty unique nowadays !

  6. Cool, this is good news for sure!! Thanks!

  7. Sounds great, looking forward to that. So far, epicVerb was a nice addition to my reverb collection, it’s distinct character made it quite special. However, I usually turned to some more “bread and butter”-stuff when it came to reverb, because I felt that epicVerb was sounding a bit too polished and flat. Making it more three-dimensional seems exactly the way to go. All the best and thank you for your enormous generosity and talent!

  8. epicVerb is my favorite reverb plugin. It colours the audio signal a bit but I really like that. The only drawback is its CPU consumption.

  9. kingocounty says:

    Looking forward to this also! Any plans to release a maintenance update of BootEQ MKII with the new compiler?

  10. of course…

  11. kingocounty says:

    Awesome! I really miss that one and the rest are causing me no issues since the updates.

  12. aj washington says:

    epicVerb is a great sounding reverb…It is much appreciated…Thanks !

  13. Can you please make sure that it still works in Wavelab? Thanks.

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