and the winner is: FerricTDS!

KVR Developer Challenge 2009

KVR Developer Challenge 2009

Yeah, right – we did it: “With over twice as many points as the second placed entry, FerricTDS by bootsie, a Windows VST effect Tape Dynamics Simulator plug-in is the clear favourite in this years Challenge. Bootsie wins 30% of the prize fund as the top Windows entry!”

Many, many thanks for your support during the challenge!


  1. kingocounty says:

    Congratulations! A natural result and deserving winner! (I should say “winners”, nice GUI, Patrick!)

  2. You deserve it. Not only for FerricTDS, but for all the wonderful plugins you released before.

    Since BootEQ mkII, you really are part of the “cream of the crop” 😉 !

    And with epicVerb v1.5 coming sooner than later, and the new R&D you talked about in your recent posts, you’re going to rock the place during a long time for sure.

    Long life to Herbert & Patrick for their wonderful teamwork !

  3. Well done bootsy

  4. Congratulations!!, you deserve it!!

  5. kooooooooooolllll bootsyyyyy!!!! congrats for both, you and patrick!!

  6. My sincere congratulations!

    Thank you for all your great plugins!

  7. WOWWWW!!!
    my compliments!!!!!
    fantastic work!

  8. Miljenko Kokot says:

    Oh come ON Bootsy and Patrick!
    You guys deserved it and you KNOW it!
    congratch 😉

  9. Congrats to you and Patrick, Bootsy! There was some nice competition and a few that made some strong cases for getting my first place vote, but in the end Ferric ended up in the most projects for me. Great work all around! and thanks again for sharing all your hard work with us–Bootsy, our patron saint of freeware.

  10. Congrats! This is only justice, regarding not only ferric but all the plugins you (and Patrick this year) made with great talent.
    Please keep it up!
    Thank you

  11. grateful.user says:

    Congratulations! You deserve it.

  12. Francois 2 says:

    Much Congrats !

    Is there any chance to get a Mac version of your plugs someday (using Juce cross platform framework for instance) ??

    Thanx for all indeed.

  13. Congrats.

    The last revisions of your plugins made me switch from SX to Reaper, so i must like your works ! 😉

  14. Congrats!!!

    Much deserved… the runner ups too!

    Keep the great work, much respect… 🙂

  15. BIG UP!
    you definetely deserve it!

  16. Congratulation!

  17. Yessssssssss !!!!!!!

    You deserve it!!!!

  18. Gratz Man! Interesting to see, that the only plugin we downloaded and actually use in our productions with full convincement, won. You deserve it. Superb job on any aspect, sound, ui, manual.

  19. Corey Scott says:

    Congrats. You had my vote. So when do we get the new treat?

  20. Great !!!

    I’m a french user and really like all of your plugins, BRAVO !!!

  21. yeeeaaaaah perfect ! congrats

  22. aj washington says:

    I voted for it ! Great sound and a HUGE GUI with chunky knobs you can really reach out and get a handle on ! Take a bow Herbert & Patrick …Thanks for the fantastic tools…Much appreciated…ajw

  23. never doubted for a second that you would win it mate, well done, nice to get some real respect, well done and thank you, this is my go plugin on everything, love the limiter on it also,

  24. it was simply this absolutely convincing plugin !!!!
    great work! and big thanks for giving it away for free…
    and all who voted and donated made you guys some money for this one :-).
    best greetings mathias

  25. Well done guys,those big pay cheques are sure to follow soon as both you guys clearly deserve it.

    Can’t wait for your next work, especially,fingers crossed, the Opto Compressor.

    Excellent job and congratulations.

  26. Oh I’m a bit late…but heeey: congrats! Keep up the good work!

    Grüße us Kölle


  27. Herbert for President and Patrick for Vice President!!!
    “The Dynamic Duo”

  28. It deserved to win, for it is in a class of its own amongst the other plugs! It’s about time you got paid for one of those ingenious plugins you come up with. Do it again next Dev Challenge, and I’ll vote you first place just like this time.

  29. Major Edition says:

    Congratulations to Bootsy and Patrick. I never doubted you guys for a minute. Thanks for all your hard work and thanks to everybody who voted and supported. This was great.


  30. Congratulations. I am a fan of your work and every single mix I’ve been doing has some of your plugs on it. Ferric deserved, as you and Patrick !

  31. Heheey, congratulations guys!

    My friends and I are already calling your plugins “make-betterers” (SIC) so I think you deserved to win this competition. Once again, thanks for making these plugins and congratulations on your victory!

  32. It was written everywhere…congrats dudes!

  33. Just a note
    I never heard it because it crashed as soon as opened in SX3. In fact I never had such an abrupt crash in Cubase ever. I have a very stable DAW so something is wrong with the coding.

  34. I’m happy to have voted for FerricTDS, it whas, for me, easy to pick your plugin as my #1 choice, it’s simply an amazing plugin and I’m using it more and more in every track I’m working on at the moment! Thanks for the plugin and congratulations with your first place!!

  35. My congratulations Botsie! You deserve this!

  36. so, cool!!


  37. I was sure about this…congrats Bootsy! all the best for your future work

  38. Hey as I told you before thanks a bundle and much appreciation for your hard work. Just wanted to let you know, however, when I use Ferric my DAW(Renoise) will crash randomly, this is also happens when I start up a project using Ferric…it doesn’t happen loads. Once or twice a 2 hour session though. It is noticeable to me only as I rarely experience crashes. The combination of renoise and my system is quite stable, I run loads of plug ins some times, some of them yours and it only started happened when I installed Ferric. Just thought I should let you know…I understand you are delayed at the moment, however, information like this must be useful for you! Hope all is well!

  39. Ein ganz ganz grosses Kompliment zur Preisverleihung.Dir kann in Sachen (Freeware)-Plugins NIEMAND das Wasser reichen(By The Way:Ich würde auch liebend gerne für Deine EXZELLENTE ARBEIT zahlen,aber Du lässt mich ja nicht…)
    Du bist der absolut BESTE

    Viele Grüsse aus den tiefsten Tiefen des Sauerlandes…


  40. Ken McLaren says:

    Great Job Guys..that thing is fantastic!!

  41. Thank’s a lot , good programming

  42. Tarzán Benjumeda says:

    Until I discovered NastyVSD, TesslaSE and Ferric, I thought analog was way, way ahead. Now I’m a digital believer: if this plugins are not 100% there, they are surely on the right track and really f!cking close.

    Infinite thanks for making me reconciliate with future (and doing it for free!).

  43. I would send LOVE to you if there is an AU VERSION…. ANYWAY GREAT WORK!!!

  44. where to download?


  45. angel morales says:

    i like this efects have good sound.


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  5. Canadian insulin

    and the winner is: FerricTDS! – Variety Of Sound

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