featured Blog: BlackGrand.com

Quite recently, I stumbled over BlackGrand.com which is a new Blog written by the artist Eric Krueger and its basically all about that specific instruments. It already features some really fine compositions of his own altogether with some production insights. He says the Blog is “a place where I can share my music, along with others, and also provide a description of the tools and techniques that were used to make the recording.”

Check out “His Gift” – written, performed and produced by Eric Krueger. Beside the excellent composition and performance I really like the balanced mix as well (which, btw, features BootEQ and Density mkII versions applied in subtle doses). Don’t miss to visit his Blog and have a look for the complete production liner notes.


  1. Will do, cheers for the heads up.

  2. Very nice piano pieces on this site.

    I especially like the last piece ‘A gentle touch’.

    He also puts Bootsy’s plugs to good use, subtle but effective.

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