winter holidays: preparing the laptop

Beside the usual and obvious pre X-mas activities, preparing the right bits for the mobile studio aka laptop is so much important here as well.  I’ve just installed the Zebra 2.5 update along with the new Chronosphere soundset by Bigtone which already turned out to be very, very promising.

That might already occupy me for quiet a creative while but on top of that I’m really looking forward to delve much more into modular sound synthesis and synth programming in general again and that’s what I’ve recently acquired the new ACE synth for. On the freebie side there is some more sampling stuff (given by the Tonehammer crew during December promotions) awaiting further and deep effects mangling.

So, just in case that I do not reappear here in January, this might be because either I

  1. got stuck in the snow with my car somewhere in the middle of germany, or
  2. got lost in (modular) synth programming heaven.

Seasons Greetings to Everyone!


  1. Hi,

    I see ACE is only 69 euro, great deal! I love programming synth’s. I’ve been falling in love with Olga from stillwell audio, also reasonably priced! I think I will ask santa both 🙂

    I wish you lots of inspiration for the holidays!

  2. hopefully if you wind up stuck in a snowbank, you at least brought your laptop with so you can wile away the time until spring in modular synth heaven!

  3. Have fun =) !

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