one year, one Blog

Exactly one year ago I’ve opened this Blog and during the year I’ve been really surprised over and over again about getting so much feedback here from you. Meanwhile, the posts here have been read half a million times and some posts even received more than hundred comments. Occasionally, this Blog hits the Top 100 WordPress list – on balance not too bad for the very first year.

In a post last January I have had presumed that ’09 would be a great year for virtual instruments / softsynths. Indeed it was, but very different from what I’ve assumed. The impOSCar 2 turned out to be vaporware, the Strobe virtual analog synth wasn’t my cup of tea at the end and so the Waldorf Largo thingy which I’ve skipped as well. However, right to the end of the year the ACE synth appeared and finally we have a truly analog sounding synth in the VST world which offers the punch and smack like the real deal. This one does everything right, concept and sound wise (and so the pricing) – simply awesome.

Concerning my very own VST effect developements I’ve had a real breakthrough too and this was the Density Mk II  release were I’ve had finally managed to get the compression thing right (after struggling for such a long time with that). And altogether with Patrick we have found such a nice and compelling usage concept and artwork. This is my personal plug-in of the year! Aside, the FerricTDS developement had won the KVR Developer Challenge 2009, what a gift – thanks to you so much for voting for this!

In January last year, the epicVerb reverb simulator was first and foremost released and I hope the 1.5 update will do it’s way this January (crossing fingers). Stay here for quiet some more and exciting stuff which is already in the making and will appear right here in 2010.

Happy New Year!


  1. Thank you Bootsie for your great plugins.

  2. Corey Scott says:

    Honestly, I’m so addicted to your plugins that I check this website every single day. It’s on my quick links bar in the top of Firefox. I’m still waiting on some opto compression from you. BootEQ mkII, Density v2, and Ferric are some daily use plugs.

  3. Yeah, good on you, man! 🙂
    Happy new year

  4. Congratulations Bootsy, and the best is: Density MK2 runs in Cubase5 64bit mode. This is essential for me because all my expensive UAD plugins and a lot of other VST don`t. So, cause of your plugin, i can use a Fairchild-like compressor there. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
    By the way, i heard that Waves plugins also don`t function in 64bit mode. So as you can see, freeware developers cares more about us, than commercial ones. 😉
    And now, who gives me the money for the others back ? … damn ! ;-(

  5. It was a great year full of excellent plugins =)

    Corey Scott you should use the rss to check updates.

  6. Yes, you deserves it.

    And I’m sure with the plugins you’ll come up in 2010, it will be even better !

  7. Happy new year bootsy. Keep it up

  8. HNY Bootsie and PAtrick! Keep on rocking!

  9. Happy New year Bootsy.

    Don’t worry Corry Scott, Bootsy knows how important an Opto Compressor is and he’s already teased us with a blog about opto last year. So hold on to your hat, hopefully a channel of opto will be here this year.

    Happy 1 year blog birthday Boots.

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