new site layout for 2010

The old Blog layout appeared a little bit too edgy to me over time and I’ve missed some of the classic Blog elements on the right side as well. So, I switched today and now we have a smoother one here running with some gadgets on the right side back again. I hope you like it too.

Don’t miss the RSS option or the eMail subscription if you would like to kept informed on whats going on here or showing up next.


  1. works for me! but i’m sure i can speak for most of your regular visitors that you could put up a lynx-friendly, text-only eyesore and we’d still show up in droves, just to read what you’re working on or thinking about. Though i admit i would miss the occasional video links and photo galleries you post too… but yes, the new layout i think will serve your content quite well indeed! hope you’re having a great new year so far!

  2. Much better now, easier on the eye, and the layout is well done.

    Any word about a possible TesslaSE mkII or NastyVSD mkII 😉 ?

  3. In Germany everything is frozen …

  4. Hi Herbert,

    Do you mean, developments are frozen too hehe ^^ ?

    Well, if they are frozen only during the coldest part of the winter, which soon ends, that’s good to me.

    Wish you all the best for the new year.

    Some of your tools are a blessing for me (FerricTDS, TesslaPRO…).

  5. Love the new layout. Not only nicer to look at, but a tad faster in FireFox on the netbook I tried earlier.

    Wonder if you saw my comment on this “ancient” post:

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