the download server is offline (fixed!)

Seems the download server is somehow smoked for whatever reason. Meanwhile, I’ll bundle a plug-in package to put it on a file hoster somewhere around this weekend. Whats the currently best and hassle-free one? Or does someone has some ftp space left to host a mirror of all the stuff (warning: huge download traffic)?

Everything is online again (except the ‘Rescue’ package whichs rar archive was broken and needs to be, errm, rescued). For the moment, if you discover further probs while downloading please report just here.



  1. richie real says:

    Hi bootsy, you could try mediafire, grettins from Colombia.

  2. Hi I use Megaupload, but another option is to use DROPBOX, you create an account and install the aplication and you have one folder where you can drag and drop your archives, and create public links for downloads, for me is the best options. In the free version you have 2gb of space.


  3. jajaj

    and cheers from Colombia too!!!

  4. Hmm… It seems the main issue will be with bandwidth, not storage space. Windows Live Drive allows up to 25 GB of free storage, and there is a 50 MB limit per file. I believe that bandwidth is unrestricted.

  5. Corey Scott says: is what I use to host all my files. 50GB of space for free. Public and private hosting. File size is unlimited to storage size.

  6. Corey Scott says: and and and all allow huge traffic.

    Hotfile is pretty hassle free.

  7. You should try a site like these :

    upload your file on it, then the site automatically put your uploads on several servers that everybody can choose

  8. i can offer a ftp download site


    pwns all. features up the wazoo, no download limits, NO ADVERTISING or freakin popups… no download waits. free up to 100 MB per drop.

  10. Hi Bootsie

    I can upload your files to my Infomaniak server
    if you wish.
    Simply provide me a download link to your files (sendspace, megauplod whatever) and I’ll send
    you a link (on my server) for public download.

    No bandwidth limit as far as I know on my Infomaniak
    space. I’ve experiences of 3/4 Gbytes download during a weekend.

  11. perhaps it wouldn’t be ideal but maybe you could utilize bittorrent and some generous peeps willing to keep some open seeds for awhile…

  12. Hi Bootsie!

    I heard about your new plugin “FerricDTS” in a dutch music magazine… I already have some plugs from you and they simpley rock… So i immidiatly wanted to dload the ferric one and discovered to my great dissapointment… your dload server is down!


    But i can give you a great tip for your problem… Forget about all the rapidshare/megaupload etc etc. sites…

    Try dropbox:

    Its a combination of an app (Win/Mac) and free server space. When you install the dropbox, it will add an special folder to your harddisk where you can drag/drop your files in. There is this special folder called “public”. This way you can easily share files with other dropbox users but there is also a feature which provides a way to put files on the web which can be shared with anyone.

    You can copy your files (all within explorer/finder) to this public folder, right click it, copy the public URL and put these on your website.

    For the free version of dropbox you have 2gb webspace. And NO adds, download limits or other irritating limits.

    I use it myself to upload all my music stuff like mixes / masters etc.

    Hope this helps both me, you and all your users! πŸ™‚


    ps. dont think i am in any affiliated to dropbox… i just think this would be the best solution to your problem.

  13. I can host all the files if needed on my site.

  14. The dropbox solution looks really compelling. My only concern is that at the end when they will see the traffic caused by downloads then they will limit it though. However, I will test it by tomorrow and if it not gonna work I will switch to some of the alternative solutions. Thanks for all the hints and offers so far!

  15. hi bootsy, u can open some source, and use, it’s great and fast.

  16. Download from Dropbox worked fine for me. Speed of download was 834 kb/sec

    Thanks for plugins I’ve heard great things about! This is the first time I’ve downloaded and I’m eager to try them!

    Good luck with the server/download solution!


  17. the download speed of the dropboxlink is fast. it works fine.
    could you please upload your reverb. i need it tomorrow – because i deleted mine…

    bigup bootsy!

  18. Hello, dllink worked fine. Max speed, no hassle. Thanks for your work bootsy.


  19. hi, I’ve used your plugs before and i must say very nice plugins i must say!

    I’m sure someone has already said but the download link you posted works ok, please drop me a line if possible when everything is back up and running.

  20. First of all, great work on the plugs.

    I’ve tested the dropbox link and in works, download speed for me was 470kB/Sec

    How much bandwith will hit a mirror a month (approximately)?

  21. Hi Bootsy

    The download link is working great, as fast as anything I’ve managed to download today.


  22. The link is working great! I couldn’t see the dl speed as it was finished just after I clicked πŸ™‚

  23. Works great! 250 kB/sec from Sweden and that is my maximum bandwith. Please, put up the rest! I have been waiting since wednesday.. Really loking forward to test your plugins! πŸ™‚

    Best Regards!

  24. everything should be back online by tomorrow – if nothing goes wrong …

  25. haha just as i was looking for your plugins!

    good to know though.

  26. I can’t wait to get the rest of these plugins and test em, I heard so many good results from these. Cannot believe it took me this long to stumble on em!!!

  27. the bits are online again …

  28. Thanx man ! Is that normal that there is no link for Rescue ?

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