epicVerb vstpresets up again

The epicVerb vstpresets had been not available to download for quite a while and that was because the eV 1.5 update had broke compatibility. The stuff is back online again now.

What is that file about? It only matters for Cubase 4 (or higher) users and provides the original factory preset bank but with additional 25:75 and 50:50 dry/wet mix levels so one could use the presets more easily on the insert bus. I hope someday eV will have a “wet only” switch (or such alike) to make this obsolet.

To download the vstpresets archive just go to the downloads page here. Credits goes to user susiwong.


  1. Hi

    “I hope someday eV will have a “wet only” switch (or such alike) to make this obsolet.”
    Yes, i do too 🙂

    • susiwong says:

      From what I understand this wet-dry switch is not as trivial as it might appear, but Bootsie is aware of the idea and if at all possible he’ll pull it off, no doubt.
      In the meantime the presets might provide a workaround for the Cubase / Nuendo users at least.

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