the “nasty signal coloring fx series” becomes legacy

The “nasty signal coloring fx series” becomes legacy and won’t be developed any further from now on. Though, the whole package will still remain available to download for quite a while. The upcoming channel strip release is going to replace this small package and will bring it onto the next level.


  1. susiwong says:

    Great news, actually, looking forward so much to the channel, pretty sure it will be a worthy replacement for the (still very useful) Nasties and even move forward in several areas (at least I’d expect nothing less from Bootsie πŸ˜‰ ).
    And hey, the existing versions will continue working fine – sounds like win win to me.

  2. Gustavo Coco says:

    A new channel strip?
    Great! I love the Nasty Series!
    thanks bootsie!

  3. plgrmsprgrs says:


  4. YES!

  5. Great news! I can’t wait for the channel strip!

  6. Excellent !
    I am already liking the NastyCS and NastyLF, this new channelstrip will be amazing for sure

  7. YAY!

  8. All Nasties in one Channel strip ? Sounds interesting, but please keep in mind, that NastyVSD is one of the best Mastering-Limiter/Maximizer ever. Kept separately it would perfectly fit to the DensityII-Ferric-row.

  9. Life is GOOOOOD!!! Just woke up to this fabulous news. Thanks a lot man. Oh, could you please retain that “gritty” / “vintage” look from NastyLF tho?

  10. Oops, sorry Bootsy, I just drooled on your website…

    *wipe wipe* πŸ™‚

  11. I dont wanna spoil anything it blue? πŸ™‚

  12. Hope its not blue.
    Imagine a vsd front end, booteq & density,switchable pre or post eq.
    Transformer or tape coloring…

  13. Wasn’t it silver? I have to ask Patrick …

  14. yeah no blue please.. just the dark metallic textures you always use.. so f*** gorgeous

  15. Can’t wait bootsy… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Thank u so much.

    Best Wishes

  16. Just an idea for the eq section boots or any eq:
    A button.
    If I boost the low shelf and this increases the overall volume of the track by 2db clicking the button reduces the volume by 2db.

    … so any volume changes due to frequency cuts or boosts are compensated for.

    Otherwise when Im boosting frequencies it is automatically “better” simply because its louder & Im constantly gain riding just to overcome this

    If possible would be very handy

  17. Indeed, thatΒ΄d be cool!

  18. +1 for NOT BLUE !!! And no fairytale-stone as power LED !!!

  19. Hehe, the fabulous LED of Density mkII πŸ˜‰

  20. Hi. More feature begging:
    hi & low pass & shelving, sweepable mid peak filter. Linear phase option. External sidechain (4 in 2 out) routable to either eq or comp.
    But keep it simple haha.

    I was joking about the color but i do have some expensive plugs i hardly use because i simply hate looking at them.
    Golden peak pressor has an expensive hardware feel about it but density kicks it to the gutter & spits on it.
    Maybe the strip could be bootsys 1st golden plug?

  21. Well, personally I prefer blues to golden oldies … πŸ˜‰

  22. I’m looking forward to what Bootsy will offer us to replace NastyVSD. I’ve used this as a limiter at the end of my mastering chaing for a while now, and it’s done a pretty good job.

  23. I love your work sir. Thank you. I’m sure you put plenty hours into all of these plugins. I’m looking forward to your future works.

  24. Blue is cool.

  25. … but Plugins have to be HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. kingocounty says:

    Just adding my name to the list of people eagerly awaiting this…



  1. […] coloration fx series”) and I’m not going to update them anymore as already indicated earlier last year. Instead, two great new releases appeared: NastyVCS and NastyDLA. While the VCS was designed as a […]

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