NastyVCS – virtual console strip


virtual console strip

I’m really proud to announce the NastyVCS virtual console strip which finally brings the beloved “nasty” signal coloration series onto the next level.

Build entirely new around an opto-electric style compression unit, NastyVCS offers everything you need to shape your channels dynamics and tone. It offers a dedicated input stage featuring crunchy pre-amp saturation and a brickwall safety limiter  in the output stage while everything is set up to work in zero latency and so to have it available for hassle free tracking and mixing. Two dedicated filters can be used in either the audio path or in the compressors sidechain which can be external as well. Wether pre or post compression, the equalizer section offers four interacting coloring tools with very well-selected musical sounding curves. The concept gets rounded by a phase alignment tool which can be used for coloring purposes as well.

NastyVCS will be available as freeware for PC and VST compatible hosts. More details will be unveiled during March on and the release is targeted to spring 2010.

P.S.: Did I already mentioned that Patrick did an awesome incredible hell of an artwork for this one too? No? Believe me, he just did!


  1. … not enough…

    Very, very nice!!!

  2. susiwong says:

    wow !
    now that’s the kind of announcement that’s worth the paper it isn’t written on. 😉
    Completely makes my day,
    thanks, Bootsie !

    and not only for that … 🙂

  3. Easerly awaiting!
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. This is amazing!

  5. Bootsie, because of you I’ve left out AM “no-brainer”s like Breverb, Trackplug, Bluverb etc., also because I knew this one was coming and because of your other, wonderful releases :)))
    Thanks a lot!

  6. Ahh I can’t wait anymore! Thank you so much for your great plugins! I really like little picture of the GUI! It looks vers promising!

  7. kingocounty says:

    Very cool, I may have a replacement for my much-coveted BootEQ MKII… Thanks for yet another (very likely) awesome plugin!

  8. Major Edition says:

    Bravo Bootsy, Bravo Patrick. You guys never cease to amaze me. 🙂

  9. Geeze, what a tease. I’m excited about this. You really need to get RTAS SDK approval. I have issues using some plugs in mono via FXpansion VST adapter. Can I get in on the beta testing on this one? Although I haven’t had much luck finding bugs in your plugs. I find them in other software all the time.

  10. sounds amazing! …will there be an x64 version?? still searching fo the “perfect” x64 channelstrip to put on every buss….

    • voyaging says:

      Based on bootsies current CPU consumtion, I doubt it really matters. Today, even most of the standard computer systems you can pick up from the store under a grand (with 24″ monitor & all) can run houndreds of instances.

      I’d be more focused on my O.S., Daw, or some major application being 64 bit. I’d rather see bootsie investing his time into refining existing or creating new plugins, rather than try to optimize and compile 64 bit versions of them.

      I’m sure 64 bit versions will be offered at some point, just seems the man is investing his time and efforts elsewhere, and at least to me, more wisely atm.

  11. I want to be a beta tester 🙂

    Thanks for all! great plugins!

  12. Waiting 🙂

  13. Looking forward to the strip! VOS want to send our gratitude for the work you do gratis…love your plugs better than most commercial nosh that’s around.

    Please, beggin you…keep up the good work

  14. Yeah!! Cant wait anymooore!! 😀

    Sorry to feature-beg again but..take it as i just drop the thought here. 😛

    It´s about switchable pre/post EQ, its really great but i always thhought that this switch should be avalible for each band, cause a very common situation is that you take the low end garbage out with a HPF, even dip a bit a resonance with a small Q on the mids, THEN you have the signal clean and you compress it. After compression you might wanna
    emphasize some frequecy with a bit of air (like in your pic) or find the sweetpot in the midd-higs etc., and this EQ is usually better applied post EQ.

    and has a bit of blue! hehe..This is gonna be great, i am already so fired up!!

  15. Another amazing plugin.
    Love you for those.

  16. Jazzy Pidjay says:

    Carl Johnsson Says :
    ” Right now, VCS is my go-to track plug. I use it on all of my new tracks as a default ”

    Maybe i missed the download link ?? is the VCS available ???

  17. No, it’s clear from the post that this is an upcoming product. Carl is writing music… in the future…??

  18. Bootsy, will you marry me? Haha. Seriously, your plugins are amazing… I’m a huge fan of NastyHF and NastyLF – this promises to be a worthy addition to the family.

  19. I also use VCS on every project, along with Density MKIII and the Bootstressor

  20. Jazzy Pidjay says:

    @Darren: Yes it seems clear for me two.

    there’s already two peoples from future ?!

  21. Bootsys plugs are addictive.

    Some have side effects.

  22. Eytan Mich says:

    These BOOTS are made for working
    And that’s just what they’ll do
    One of these days these BOOTS are gonna work all over you !! 😀
    Next products, please :

    1) BOOTs-CAMP (Dual-Something Processor)
    2) DAS BOOT (German Vocoder)
    3) Nas-Tea Coffee (Coloring processor)
    4) Bootsielicious (Vocal strip / Tony Maserati edition) 🙂


    • Eytan Mich says:

      Ooh Ooh…

      Another name that I came up with to a special edition
      of Density Mk II is (again, it could have carried TM’s name on it):

      Density’s Child (or, rather : DyNASTY’s Child)
      😀 😀

  23. woohoo very nice indeed

  24. You are a god. I own several highly rated commercial plug-ins that regularly get the boot for the Nasty Series, Bootsieeq (you know which one I mean) Density, and Ferric…
    what can I say?
    I almost never, ever, post any sort of stuff like this, but when its this good, I gotta say.
    Keep at it.

  25. Jazzy Pidjay says:

    the future again ??!

  26. Some form of trolling, more probably

  27. Can´t wait ….uhhhweeee …

  28. Jazzy Pidjay says:

    @Carl: You will be hated :)) lucky boy !

  29. ‘ did the VCS end up getting the time-flux capacitor? ‘

    LOL, looks everyones been using it.

    Bootsy, do you think you could knock up a Delorean for the rest of us?

    I’m pretty sure they mean the NastyCS that they’ve been using.

    If this channel strip is based off the NastyCS, then we’re in for one hell of a plugin. The CS is my go to EQ for air and openness and I much prefer it over the booteq.

    Add the opto compressor and this will be something else.

    Thanx Bootsy you damn genius, I cannot wait.

  30. I’m not usually one to gush. But Bootsy’s plugins have made quite a difference for me, making a more solid, focussed sound to my tracks easily attainable. I am VERY much looking forward to this plugin, and I recommend the entire VoS series to all of my colleagues. Whether they have hardware or not. 🙂

  31. Amazing, amazing work Bootsy! Thank you for your brilliant plug-ins and incredible generosity.

  32. voyaging says:

    Such a promising tease, but anyone with ears can tell bootsie delivers. Really looking forward to this one, especially given the increase in quality and subtle details in his audio pluging coding. Ferric 1.5 is a good example of these improments.

    Not to lay down any ideas, but it really surprises me these plugins dont have a multiple 3 digit $xxx price range attached to them.

    Many commercial companies that charge hefty fee’s for their ‘off the shelf early 1990’s public domain based algorithms driven audio plugins’ can only dream of achieving such level of quality.

    It’d be very unwise for many audio soft companies not to at least make bootsie offers of employment or form a partnership.

    I’d be surprised if he didn’t already recieve a dozen offers, on the other hand…. maybe a lot of firms don’t even think that far, or recognize talent, if one were to equate the quality of their audio plugins to brainpower.

    Eitherway, he definately has a promising future ahead of him, and has been very kind by sharing his work to any intersted for no fee.

    Thank you, and keep it up

  33. san Cocho says:

    Can’t wait for this plugin release.

  34. So Bootsy, when can we expect to see this creature emerge from the bowels of coding pit?

  35. Well, so tease us now hehe ;-)…

  36. By the way, I thought that the NastyVSD was aimed at being used on all channels and busses (with different settings of course) to give a more “coherent” glued effect, reminiscent of acclaimed analog mixing consoles.

    Am I right ?

    So, if used on every channel, just using the preamp section, will we be able to get this effect too 🙂 ?

    I’m curious about that…

  37. …hey guys!
    You’ll love it!!! 🙂
    That’s all I can say right now…

  38. Oh Patrick, what have you done, you have now ignited the desire within me to have this plugin NOW!!

    I thought i was doing very well up till now resisting the urge to crave and plead…but now your words have made me quiver like a jelly!

    Hurry guys and get this released before i suffer a nervous breakdown. 🙂

    cummon Dreamteam, make us jizz in our pants again hahaha

  39. Very impressive. This plugin became default in my setup. It’s such a great device. From low to heavy it sounds always like music and never like dirt, mud or something. Definitly a must have.

  40. Hi

    Thank you for all this great work. I was looking for a decent channel strip to replace the AudioTrack friom Waves I’m currently using. I use this LIVE for real-time mixing of my band, inside forte, from brainspawn. com. I tried the NastyVCS and really like the sound of it. There is that litlle bit of “special”” I was looking for. The only problem I have, is that forte doesn’t accept multichannel plugins. Do you think there might be a way to have NastyVCS to be recognised as a 2in-2out plugin? (Some VST’s I know of have this option). Otherwise, might I humbly suggest to put this on the wishlist?

    Thanks many, superb job!


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