from phase alignment to delay

In the recent article from phasing to phase alignment I had a closer look to what the Little Labs IBP actually does and hinted that in principle it could be easily extended to a plain but already musical sounding delay unit. And in fact, given the digital version, this could easily be done by some rather simple routing and addition:

  • Add an input saturator upfront the unit.
  • Route the output back into the saturator.
  • Add a simple amplifier into the feedback path.

Ok, we would need some longer delay times opposed to what the unit already provides too but altogether this is already like a blueprint for setting up a “tape style” delay which offers a basic delay line with decent coloration options and saturation in the feedback path. Of course one could add all the bells and whistles now to have a rather sophisticated and feature complete delay unit but hey, sometimes the real beauty resides in simplicity.

For some strange reason I do have the feeling that there will be an article showing up here on how to reach from delay to pitch alignment. Not to mention that I’m probably as curious as you are about where this will finally end up.


  1. Ah, Bootsy, man of mystery and curiosity!

  2. simplicity 🙂

  3. I have got Roland RE-201 in my studio. It adds pure delay magic to the tracks 🙂
    The nice thing is that it not only saturates the sound but because of minimal speed fluctuations it subtly pitches the delayed signal up and down.

  4. First of all I would like to say thanks for all the plugins that you have developed up until now!
    Density II, Ferric TDS, EpicVerb, BootEQII are one of the most frequently used plugins in my studio.

    Second, I have this strange feeling that you will soon drop a massive delay plugin on us that will completely leave us flabbergasted 🙂

    You’re a one Nasty (no pun intended) dude man!
    Keep up the Nastiness 😀

  5. Could this end up un a new delay plugin?……*s

  6. Tasty tape style delay coming. gotta love this guy

  7. There were no real good “analog style” vst delays but that was until Soundtoys Echoboy arrived.

    That one really delivered the goods. In my case, the search was over.

    If you make something as good at the Echoboy for free you will be the terror of the payware companies. Well, I think you currently are.

  8. I would kill for a RE-201 or Echoboy 😉

    Anyway you can have some fun with delay/echo when playing with with tape simulator JB ferox’s controls.

  9. There is Interuptor ANALOGIC DELAY. A real good analog simulated delay. But new stuff with good quality and features are always welcome.

    Bootsy.. thanks for all the good stuff. Looking forward to your next release.

  10. Herbert your plugins always have a special twist! I’m really excited about your contribution to the delay domain! I don’t think we’ll get a simple delay plugin everybody has already!



  1. […] that phase alignment tool looks pretty tasty. I might have to race you bootsie… but after I finish my lofi dsp. […]

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