when writing here about some tech stuff …

… some readers immediately suppose that this will turn into a VST plug-in later on. I just would like to comment that this ain’t the case in general and I do this just to avoid some unnecessary expectations and disappointments. When writing here about some tech stuff this is always related to something that I’m currently digging in a little bit deeper and to me it’s a perfect way to sort some thoughts (and sometimes to close them for now and a while).

And of course it’s about sharing thoughts with other developers or simply interested folks as well, since lots of them are reading here and sometimes get in touch with me on certain topics (and so the other way around). If something actually will make it into some whatsoever final release is really not that clear in some cases (while in others it is). And so, for the moment, to me it is just clear that we will have an impressive “console strip” release here in the not so far future but even on that I still can’t commit any final release date yet.


  1. I would love to see you put URS out of business tho man, for real..

    You made my sound “happen” and ill never forget that. Dude you can basically go anywhere you want in the world and in every city there’ll at least be a dozen producers/engineers willing to give you free food, free drinks and a place to stay for as long as you want and I envy that!

    Good luck!

  2. with your articles I am learning a lot 🙂
    with your plugins I am getting best sound on mixes 🙂

    Great work bootsy!

  3. Herbert,

    Are you talking about the NastyVCS or about another project more in the lines of Slate Digital VCC ?

  4. Respect, and keep sharing your thoughts when you fancy. All of us putting out tools for other people have to put up with beggars which mostly are not thinking about the work involved. Free world on a platter, anyone? 😉

    Cheers mate, and I agree with what Tony said above. Any time.

  5. Its a free world, bootsy ! Do, what ever you want ! I like your plugins as well as i like my URS Neve as well as my UAD Pultec etc. Thats no contradiction ! First of all a plugin should solve sound problems and not problems in composition or ideological problems with companies who “dare” to sell their plugins for money. And the fact of having no money for a good emulation is not a reason to bug freeware developers with a wishlist. Except in the case of people waiting for the ultimate URS kill every day instead of making music of course.
    Just a hint: Offer your plugins as charityware. Some people here would get into a predicament then.
    And now we should inform Mr. Maserati about the things somebody wrote here in his name. 😉

  6. What’s wrong with URS ?

    It would be more fun if a Tony Maserati wrote : “I would love to see you put Waves out of business tho man, for real..” 😉

    Anyway thanks Bootsie thanks for your insights on audio and tech stuffs I don’t always understand but I read them eheh.

  7. The picture i see in my imagination:
    Bootsy sitting on the chair with some hardware parts, learning them and speaking something with himself about some phasing and non-linearity with wild excited eyes. 🙂

    Bootsy, you are cool! Thank you for your great work!

  8. URS make good plugs but have LONG missed the generosity train. With their success you’d think they’d atleast offer one decent freebie.

    If SPL,SSL,Nomad,Flux and MANY others can, then so should they.

    As for the NastyVCS, I think there’s only 2 main areas that need addressing.

    1 – Gate
    2 – De-Esser

    Those are the only important things missing from this channel strip that would make VCS a real giant killer.

    I for one though look forward to ANYTHING from Bootsy that has opto compression. It really is long overdue from all comercial VST programmers so thanx to Bootsie once again.

  9. Speaking of Nomad, the British Bundle is still only $30 from audiomidi only until 15th of April.

    Its retails at $300 and both are VERY nice Neve emulations so for $30 they really are a bargain.

    Much comparison has been made of the EQ sounding VERY similar to the Nomad Chandler that was taken offline due to legal threats from Abbey Rd.

    Sry for the spam but they really are a bargain and give us poor people a great partner for Bootsies works of art.

    • Its a good deal cause of the EQ, as good as URS, but different good. The Compressor must be a joke. I cannot believe, that Neve ever brought out such an oversensitive pumping “Master” Compressor, that seem to pump more in “Auto” release mode than without.

      But Nomad Factory seem to have a passion for bundling realy good plugins together with naff ones. Examples: ASP_LM662 good ! ASP_ EQP-4 naff ! Blue Tubes Equalizers good Blue Tubes Compressors poor ! A.M.T. EQ section realy good ! A.M.T. dynamic section – what the h… is that ?

      All in all Nomad Factory Plugins are constant eye-catchers in GUI, but a rollercoaster ride in sound quality.

  10. Keep on with the tech stuff, i love it.

    man, this wait for VCS is killing me..give us something please: sound examples, a pic of another knob, a HD trailer.. 🙂

  11. susiwong says:

    I guess it’s done when it’s done …
    Thumbs up for Bootsie’s dedication to putting out quality stuff ! 🙂

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