Ableton Live Packs?

Since the net is basically jam-packed with tons of Ableton Live Packs I’m wondering where the worthy stuff hides (whether being commercial or freeware). Since I know that some Ableton addicts chime in here from time to time I thought that I’m just gonna asking it here. Genre is electro.



  1. i use this one 🙂

    good presets and sounds

  2. hi herbert !

    You can take a look at togeos studios, cover operators and defeq(grooves for the new groove engine + others things) amongst others…

    Plus on the ableton site you can download solid sounds by loopmasters freely if you are registred .

    but it is easy and interesting to make your own instruments with sounds layers, vstis layers, fx etc..with the instruments racks (very powerful feature !)

    salut !

  3. Tony Maserati says:

    Glad you joined the team bruh

  4. some free packs here (but maybe you already know them):

    and for free and for not so expensive :
    there is some freebies plus some free artists kits

    hope it helps

  5. Eric Natural says:

    puremagnetik has some terrific extensions and some not so much. Can highly recco the grand piano and the neon-stereo efx. I’ve tried also the togeo studio pax and found them useful – albeit with very poorly organized presets (bass #7 or wazit bass #77 ?) but some interesting sounds there if you take the time

  6. puremagnetik,mess up ableton program,if you uninstall them,you have to go in and get rid of rubbish leftovers .
    dont bother

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