survey: Facebook and Twitter

That’s what I want to know from you today. And comments are appreciated too of course.



  1. Wow!! 58 votes already, and i thought i was the first one!

    Never had much interest on it and i didnt sign in on facebook, twitter or any other social network. I am also quite surprised that half of the people dont use them! I thought Facebook was gonna have the majority of the vots since most of my friends use it.

    I just prefer to come and log in VoS..bootsy, this could be the start of something..

  2. It makes sense to have at least those, if not more. And there’s services that make it a non-effort to cross-share all of your content with every popular network you’re making it available on.

    Such as Friend Feed

  3. What are you using those services for? Is it rather entertainment or networking or even serious business?

  4. I have facebook, but I do no use it…
    I have no Twitter… I think it should be 🙂

  5. cool:spring! says:

    WELL… i use fb for personal promoting, and for staying easily in touch with friends who have spreaded around the world… nothing against it until the moment people start annoying you with tests, stupid invitations and so on… good for sharing notes,links and pictures. but people should use it better, here in italy it’s becoming a plague…
    stay on wordpress,bootsy, i’m jealous! 😀

  6. I post everything on my blog and then have plugins to push the content out to Twitter and Facebook.

  7. Hi everybody, sometimes people I know ask me wat is wrong with their pc. They do panic in most of the cases when I tell them their computer is infected with a virus or trojan. Nine times out of ten, they where infected via Facebook, Netlog or other social networks. People are so unaware of the risks of those services that I always tell them to stay away from them. Therefore a big NOPE. 😉

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