some Blogs and readings

(most in english, some in german or spanish):

Add yours!


  1. Thanks for the links (and the link to my blog!!!) 🙂

  2. Herzlichen Dank für die Verlinkung! Wir sind gespannt auf NastyVCS.

  3. You’re a fan of your fans 🙂

  4. I’ll check these out, thanks!

    My band’s blog:

  5. I haven’t any of my own, but I find Kim Lajoie’s blog to be an invaluable resource for insight into just about everything production-related:

  6. Big thanks jason ! this kim lajoie’s blog is exellent !

    • More than happy to pass it along! It’s truly a little gold mine of info. Of course the big thanks goes to people like Kim, and Bootsy here, and Ronnie over at, etc.; all these generous people who offer their time and effort and knowledge and skill to enrich the music-making community in their various ways.

  7. Hail Jason,

    Amazing list. I’ve found some very nice info there.
    Keep up this kick ass work of yours with both your blog posts and VST Plugins (can’t wait for the chance of trying the channel strip!).
    Although I’m a singer and EE student – not a studio owner – I’ve being using them to learn some audio stuff and also to help some underground rock/metal bands in my city to have better demo recordings/mixes. It is magic, believe me!
    Heavy Metal regards from Brazil.

  8. I do also like this blog (not mine though):

  9. yes and the other site of this guy with good impulses and nice free(donationware) plugs :

  10. …I ve forgotten this one which is very interesting for sound design :

  11. is agreat one !!!

  12. Eigentlich läuft das doch anders herum ab, wir verlinken varietyofsound, wegen den unheimlich guten Plugins aus deiner Schmiede 😉
    Freut uns natürlich wenn du auch bei uns vorbeischaust..

    danke für die Verlinkung Bootsie!

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