NastyVCS – released today


NastyVCS - Virtual Console Strip

Inspired by the smooth dynamic and tone shaping capabilities of some high-end mixing consoles and channel strips, this plug-in implements the most distinctive and much appreciated sonic effects generated by these devices.

Built around an entirely new opto-electric style compression unit, NastyVCS offers everything you need to shape your channels dynamics and tone. It offers a dedicated input stage featuring crunchy pre-amp saturation and a brickwall safety limiter in the output stage. Everything is set up to work in zero latency and so be available for hassle free tracking and mixing.

Two dedicated filters can be used in either the audio path or in the compressor’s sidechain which can be external as well. Whether pre or post compression, the equalizer section offers four interacting coloring tools with well-selected musical sounding curves. The concept gets rounded off by a phase alignment tool which can be used for coloring purposes as well.

The free download for PC (SSE2 or higher type CPU) and VST compatible systems is available via the download page or just click here instead and please acceppt the end-user license agreement.


  1. Richier says:

    WOW°!!!, FIRST!!! THANKS! Bootsy

  2. This is a great day in history of mankind (Homo Sapiens, subspecies Homo Musicus).

    Thanks !
    This will keep me busy for quite a while.

  3. dickiefunk says:

    Brilliant looking forward to trying this one out!!!

  4. hey, mucho excellent !
    Thank you, Bootsie (and also Patrick : the GUI design is awesome)

  5. Intrigued cant wait to try it…d/l *on.

    Thank you for all your hard work ;•)

  6. Fabio 5corde says:

    It looks wonderful, I noticed a pultec-style eq on bass frequencies.. wow. I’ll try it tonight!

  7. Thanks!
    Its perfect)

  8. Michat says:

    I can haz VCS??????????????
    Yay, I sayz … ähm
    I don´t know what to say!!!!!
    Dankeschön mein Freund 😀

  9. Boostie,

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! Eventhough my website is small and just starting out, I constantly update along with you and follow your releases to help spread the word. Thanks again!

  10. Vielen Dank 🙂

  11. Gustavo Ansaldi says:

    Yeah! Cant wait to get home and try this one!!!
    Thanks again Bootsy, your creations Rock!!!

  12. Thanks, Bootsy! Whatever I had to do today isn’t going to get done now because I’ll be too busy playing with NastyVCS!


  13. minima says:

    One of the best looking plug in I have ever seen
    One of the best concept in the pluggin industry
    Thank you Bootsie
    Thank you Patrick.
    I am amazed!

  14. OOH MY …..

    Did you realize what you done ???!!
    It just took my 5 minutes to be completely BLOWN
    by the sound of this unit !!!!!

    I am speechless, and so gratefull

    Can’t believe the sound of this, WHAT A TOOL !!

    Thanks a million times !

  15. Thanks Bootsie.

    Best regards.

  16. Jay Key says:

    Well done sir !

    Keep up the GREAT work ;-).

  17. Eytan Mich says:

    Wee can as was.

    Weeee as color. was. is.



  18. That’s the BEST dynamic manager of all time, Nasty VCS add immediat value and beauty to any master buss without any indesirable artifact with an ease of use incredible.

    I’ll probably not be able to sleep tonight, too much excitment for me.

    This thing put my work to the next level.

  19. Schönen Dank! 🙂

    The bootsy plugins are my favorite freeware tools – even though they sometimes crash on Windows 7.

  20. Ohh Bootsy, there is no words for you, only feelings. Thank you!

  21. Great great great! thanks! thanks! 🙂
    Low CPU, Low memory, great filters, low inharmonics great all!

    I think that I’ve found a bug in the HPF, see the screenshot: (when the HP is ON on lower freqs noise is generated)

    would be wonderful if the second bell will not warping near the Nyquist frequency 😀

    Thanks Bootsy and Patrick!

  22. thanks for the wonderful plugs.
    I love what you have on offer.
    You generosity is inspirational.
    inspires hope for humanity!

  23. Christmas. 🙂

  24. WTF? great release man. will try it out this night! But im sure it is another great plugin from you.
    Bootsy is an instance!

    respectly greetings from berlin germany,


  25. thankful says:


  26. Orchidius says:

    Well done sir!


  27. The mightiest freeware channel strip your plugin is. A place in the Jedis Council you deserved.


  28. Looks absolutely awesome!! Can’t wait to try this one out!!!

  29. Awesome, you rule man, big time

  30. When using the Limiter with a signal above 0dBFS
    the LIM meter indicate some gain reduction, even with the LIM control knob at 0 and no reduction applied.

    It seems like the Monitoring of the Gain Reduction for the Limiter, is not at the right place on the signal path.

    Or i miss a point maybe.

    the OUT meter seems to indicate some +dB even with a signal at 0dBFS too.

    Amazing good time using this plugin !

  31. kingocounty says:

    And here’s me sitting in an airport and nowhere near my studio for another three weeks! If anyone can post a review, that’d be great! Thanks again, Bootsie and Patrick!

  32. Gustavo Ansaldi says:

    Im testing it and it rocks!!! The colour and the saturation rocks!
    Great great great channel strip! Superb
    And dont forget the graphic design, it rocks!!


    Thank guys! You rock!!

  33. Leo Saramago says:

    Download links not working for me.

  34. Enano Garrison says:

    More complex than I thought!!!. I’ll need a lot of experimentation and knob fiddling to get the best of it.

    A real monster channel strip. Bootsy is the man. Thanks a lot.

  35. Major Edition says:

    NastyVCS came at the perfect time, right at the time when I was working on a session.

    To sum it all in just a few words, NastyVCS is just lovely. Bootsy’s programming algorithms and Patrick’s graphics makes a perfect marriage for plug-ins.

    You guys are plug-in monsters. Everytime you release a plug-in, you scare the bee gees out of me.

    I love the plug-ins from Team BOOTRICK (Bootsy & Patrick) ! ! ! ! 🙂 🙂

    All thanks to Team BOOTRICK for the amazing plug-ins. . . . .

    • Eytan Mich says:

      This is a GREAT name !!


      Aka Bootsie + Patrick
      Aka Boot + Trick
      Aka Boo ! (trick…)

      Cheers, fellas… 😉

  36. Take59 says:

    I can use your Nasty VCS. I don’t want anything to another Channnelstrip plug-in any further.

    Thank you Bootsy & Patrick !

  37. chronocepter says:


  38. Congrats for releasing another amazing audio shaping tool 🙂

  39. seriously can’t believe that you’re not charging for these still… in all complete honesty, your plugs are indeed some of the best i’ve ever used or bought; and this is in comparison to some EXPENSIVE vst’s too!

    brilliant, exceptional work.

  40. HI bootsy, nice weight to the sound treatments.Like vsd does, vcs sounds like expensive hardware. Clever compression.

    What rms is your signal going into the plug when you designed the presets please?

  41. Thank you.

    I have great respect for your work.

  42. I tried it quickly and it looks very promising.

    It’s crunchy, it’s transparent, it’s … sweaty ?! 🙂 It’s everything you want !

    I made the side-chain works in Reaper but not sure on Cubase 5 ?

  43. hello2010 says:

    Played around with this amazing channel strip yesterday (with some awfully-recorded analog source Portastudio material) and it easily met and remedied every problem. The tracks have “it” now 🙂

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the NastyVCS, messrs Goldberg and Barca. It is truly the stuff which legends are made of!

  44. (My English is poor, I’m from Russia)
    Sorry for my very shortly message, to speak on English is very difficult for me.
    Thank you for your great plug-ins, they are really qualative. Capabilities and appearance of the last NATSY VCS plugin just at the height!
    I have idea, but… I think it’s moor request). I hope, that you bealive and listen me.
    Please, make the separate plugins bundle for sound processing with more flexibility of settings in “Nasty VCS” style. For example: “Nasty” or just “Bootsy Comp, Eq, Filter, Limiter” etc. Many people would be happy. Please, see a very approximate pictures =) :
    I’m very looking forward to your message/post.

    Timur F.

    • In a way you can already do that by enabling/disabling each processing stage.

    • cool:spring! says:

      as bootsy says, the best part of it’s vcs is that every part works in conjunction with the others, there would be no reason to take off the distortion module when phasing and comp are activated… try to listen carefully!

      • No…you do not understand. I just wanted to say, that a bundle of varia plugins e.g. Reverb, Filter etc. in one style will be very usefull. I just wanted to set example as could be seen as plug-ins, but not something that should be in them.

        “Quote:In a way you can already do that by enabling/disabling each processing stage.”
        Sorry, but you think I’m a fool?

        • I would love to hear the channel saturated AFTER its been compressed. Or eq’d after its been limited. But I can simply add more instances of vcs to do this. And wouldnt independant processing modules defeat the point of a channel strip?
          But then, my computer might not be fast enough. So no Timur, the answer is no. Ive asked the same question myself. I want the strip to have a noisegate, variable air frequency and oversampling options. We cant always get what we want. woo woo.
          And shouldnt the “out” knob be *below* the limiter knob? So we can drive the brickwall without breaking 0? And would I like chips with that? Yessir. Im sure there will be developments. Doubt that bootsy will break the modules up.

          • Steve, you should use the Make-Up knob of the compressor to drive the Limiter. If you don’t want compression, you can just leave the compressor at 0, as it is true bypass then. (this is straight from the manual)

  45. Wow. This thing is going to get extensive testing today and put through the ringer. If it holds up as well as previous goodies (Ferrid, EQII, etc.) then it will be a monster and everything I could dream of in a plug-in.

    It WOULD likely be my default channel strip, but I mix a LOT of records and many of them (even major label) are nowadays recorded by not-so-great engineers (or DIY) and they overhype the high end tracking. I’ve found that being able to cut a high shelving EQ is a god-send and the VCS can only boost high end. If it could cut hi-end, then I suspect this would be on every track on a mix template for me, but no-can-do without the hi shelf cut 😦

    Your plugs are better than most commercial plug-ins and as good as many of the best.

    While I’m at it, the ONLY critisism I can make of your plugs is that they are often set up for a high input volume. With most pros tracking at about -18dBFS this can sometimes be a pain to hit the sweet spot on your plugs.

    • cool:spring! says:

      for what concerns the hishelving, try to use the “lp filter”,it’s not a lowpass, it’s a combination of a variable freq hishelf and a lopass cut on the higher settings… analog feel,not precise tayloring in any case… take advandtage of it if you don’t use it as a sidechain! in any case, there’s a “niveau filter” vst for free just relased from spl for any easy spectral balancing purpose(it’s really smooth)
      finally,i would suggest you to put the filter on big parts of the mix,so you can manage better dynamics(compressors react more transparently),and apply only one or two filters,so that the amount of phase shifting(always if that’s what you need) will be the same for every track!
      write me what do you think!

    • tarvus says:

      i agree about the input levels. if 0db is the optimum level for your plugs (bootsy), the output controls should provide enough range to bring levels back down – remembering that some of us track at not so hot levels. or maybe i’m missing something?

      so far i’m liking nastyvcs quite a bit, looking forward to playing around with it more. thanks!

    • in general there is no need to set the incoming audio to any specific level with NastyVCS.

  46. Francesco says:

    thanks!!! fantastic plug!!!

  47. Ahahahaa I knew it, I had a hunch that you would unleash this monster today 🙂
    Thank You! I am really looking forward to testing it!

  48. The filters are really nice and musical.

  49. The interface look kinda like the spl frontliner 😀
    I love the FerricTDS… can’t wait to test it out =)

  50. Ich schreibs auf deutsch….richtig fett ….das airband offen abba kein bischen harsch..die saturation der hammer…der comp genauso !! Hab soviel geld in ne highendsignalkette gesteckt ..von handcrafted labs channel bis zu nem apogee ad wandler…und dein plug holt noch das ultimative maximum raus ..und das so simple das man sich nur noch auf seine kreativität konzentrieren kann….Respekt, respekt und nochmal respekt !!!

  51. tovokas says:

    I’ll join the chorus: Nasty VCS is fantastic, and it’s already replaced some fairly expensive plugs in my default setup.

    Thank you, your skill and generosity are amazing!

  52. This is phenomenal. The features, layout, UI, and sonics are excellent. The CPU hit is disturbingly low.

    Massive thanks for all your hard work in developing these freeware gems. FerricTDS works wonderfully with VCS on channels and busses, with Density mkII covering most other compression duties when necessary. Together, these are the best 3 freeware plugs I’ve ever used.

    I’m using these alongside my UAD plugs and Nebula as a core component of my mixing toolbox.


  53. wow ! what a beast !!! what a wonderful period …and what a wonderful world ..the one of bootsy and patrick .

    the look and the sound are as good if not better than some famous expensive plugs.

    thanks for all these high quality’s presents.

    and thanks a lot herbert and patrick for your talent and generosity .

    hats off !

  54. Wonderfuuuuullll!!!!!
    Thank you a zillion times, Herbert, Patrick, you guys are really heroes.
    m (_ _) m

  55. Thank you for your work bootsy this tol is a pearl and my music sounds like a dream now and you made me happy

    hats off!

  56. Sparqee says:

    I’m loving this plugin but I’ve run into a problem mapping the controls to my midi hardware controller using Cubase 5. The controls to the right of the filter section all map fine but the Input, Saturation and half of the Filter controls do not respond. You can see a snapshot of the problem controls at

    Can someone confirm if this is a problem in other DAWs? I’m hoping this can be resolved because if I can get this sucker mapped to my controller this is going to become default channel strip. 🙂

  57. Sparqee says:

    To follow up on my above post: I just discovered that the problem parameters do not show up in the plugin automation list so from within Cubase 5 there is no way to modify these parameters other than manually with the mouse.

  58. Hmm, this is not showing up in Kristal, a 1/4 of the Right side of the interface is cut off in MTS 6.2’s Demo.

    Besides needing to scroll L-R, it works fine in Reaper. Another good one, Thanks Bootsie!

  59. Bobby777 says:

    Great plug man , ‘sounds really good on most tracks ! Hats off !

  60. Anders says:


    After a short test of VCS, I agree that this is a top-notch plug-in!! The tube overdrive sounds wonderful on drums!!!!!!

    Thanx so much for this channel-strip!!!

  61. Will be definitely integrated into my setup. If only my BCR would work to get some “hands on” control with this thing.

  62. Dean Nekro says:

    Will have to revistit tomorrow as both links are not working: I know this will be dope ;=[

  63. Yeah, Bootsie, yeah!

    This feels like an absolutely great, versatile and wonderfully smooth plugin! Unbelievable it’s free…!

  64. SoloBono says:

    Vielen-vielen Dank an den /die Entwickler dieses tollen plugin .Gratis ist nicht selbstverständlich !

    Greetings from switzerland

  65. mister natural says:


  66. So far – this seem very promising indeed, thanks very much!

    A little bug-report:

    I have a GUI update issue in Samplitude 10 and know from KVR and Gearslutz that the same issue is presnt i Samplitude 11.

    Moreover there are hiccups in Wavelab, can’t be loaded as track and clip FX

    Hope some can be fixed, especially the Samplitude issues!


  67. High Voltage says:

    I wonder why nobody commented on the compressor in this unit. I think its F-in amazing. I was looking for this sound for ages. It just lets through that first snap perfectly while somehow rounding it off. Amazing. If i want even more roundness i just put some phase before.
    Also the saturator is really creamy.


  68. Well, handling this plugin takes time because it’s a lot of tools interacting with each others.

    While testing a question came to me : why so few plugins offers A/B possibility ? It would be so great to test different settings quickly. I don’t think it would be that hard to implement as it not more than “temp presets”.

  69. Thanks for all the comments and reports already. I will probably come back to that later this week when I do have a little more time…

  70. thanks 4 da plugin man

    i have but 1 issue man, the program causes my daw to free for mili seconds random multiples of 6 bars

    following this is, the daw starts spitting some clippin sounds (almost as though distortion was put into the master channel’s effects chain) for mili seconds again

    My specs:
    Dual core pentium 4…3ghz
    2 GB DDR II Ram
    Intel ChipBoard (cant recall model)
    Realtek Built-in Sound-card

    DAW…FL Studio 9 Bundle
    Also…I always use the FL Limiter, Sometines I use the 1 from Crysonics, dont remember its name…but even with both of them limiting, still had sounds goin >0dB

  71. In Studio One 1.5 none of the pre-sets work at all, and the knobs react slowly, tho the tweaking sound’s like it is in time with the motion of the mouse, if that makes sense..

    Still, another great plugin! If it was not for folks like yourself us home studio owners would be a lot poorer in the sound department for sure!

    Thanks Again!!!!

  72. Hi,
    Tried out the NastyVCS. Sounds great! Unfortunately when reopening a Samplitude project all the parameters are forgotten and reset.

  73. TomazZzz Koscheer says:

    Now this is simply – another masterpeace!! Thank You Forever!!
    Finaly now I see.. You really know what you are doing, my goth…
    Using assembler to save cpu is just simply PRO work(I know what it is, dunno sh*t how to code it).

    It looks Pro, sounds Pro… Its Godlike!!!
    Tnx again!! Greets!

  74. Great Plug,no doubt..
    But I found a little bug that bothers me.
    When I use my usb control surface and try to assign
    a rotary to the LMF gain,it crashes my DAW;
    anyone noticed that? or is it just my system?

    • Sparqee says:

      I can map physical controllers without anything crashing, it’s just that (as I mention above) not all of the parameters are available to Cubase for automation or mapping. What control surface and DAW are you using?

    • What exactly is your system (specs)?

      • Sparqee says:

        Not sure if asking terje for his system specs or me, but mine are:
        Win XP SP2
        ASUS P5W DH with Intel quad cure
        Cubase 5.1
        M-Audio Delta44

        Cubase is the only DAW software I use so I can’t check to see if these automation parameters are missing in other apps.

  75. Jon Andreassen says:

    It resets its settings when saved into an Ableton Live rack (.adg) and reopened. It maintains them though when saved as a liveset (.als) and reopened.

  76. cool:spring! says:

    so many things to ask to you… why filters introduce noise while comp,lim and dist don’t?(it should be the contrary,or am I wrong?) is the distortion module a simple broad band waveshaper function? because I saw only odd harmonics, so in this case i miss the connection with the valve thing.. it’s not critics, it’s just asking, it sounds wonderfully and that’s enough, specially with THAT compressor!! i still can’t use properly the phase control,think it’s just a matter of taste in the most of the cases, but my ear is not really trained on that… i wanted only to know if it could be used to correct some phasy sounds introduced by using strong cuts with the eq.
    thanks again for everything, your suite of plugs really shines!

  77. Hardway Bros says:

    Thanks so much this! You’ve put an end to my wrestling with myself over whether I can afford to buy the SSL Channel Strips…. Had a little play last night – sounds AMAZING!

  78. Lots of testing today….

    Saturation: insanely great
    EQ: good, but nothing that a billion other EQs aren’t going to provide (lack of HF attenuation major bummer).
    Compressor: tricky to dial in right… takes way to long to get a good sound.

    All in all, probably not going to get much use. Definitely not as good as Ferric or Density mkII. But still, a quality plug-in.

    The BIGGEST PROBLEM with Nasty VCS is the gain structure using 0dB as unity. Professional engineers can’t and don’t work this way. It’s a major hassle to deal with. Bootsy please please please, as incredible as you are at making plug-ins that rival (or outperform!) commercial plugs ins, please conform to standard engineering practices where unity (ie. “0 VU”) is -12 or -18dBFS so that your plugins can integrate properly into recording projects without a ton of futsing around. No professional engineer gets anywhere near 0dBFS and that seems to be where your plugs are set to work the best. We can’t work at those levels. This isn’t just me – other pros I know have the same complaint. It’s the main reason why we have a hard time using your plugins, otherwise we would.

    • again: in general there is no need to set the incoming audio to any specific level with NastyVCS.

      • I fail to understand this, both from a theoretical standpoint and from a real world working standpoint.

        The dynamics and saturation aspects of Nasty VCS are surely dependent upon the level of audio passing through them. Surely you took the incoming audio level into consideration when programming the saturation, compression threshold, and limiter. And it seems like these are expecting audio closer to 0dB, which we don’t really come close to in the pro audio world.

        I would love for you to spend a day in a pro recording studio with me to see your plugs in action and then you’d see what I’m talking about. Again, it’s not just me, but other pro engineers who seem to think you make great plugins also have this gripe.

        It’s like making a really awesome race car. But then you make it so you really have to stomp down on the gas and break pedals to get them to work. It might be fast as hell, but race care drivers are going to hate it. Same thing here. Your plugs sound great, but they don’t integrate well into pro environments because there seems to be a working paradigm of using 0dBFS for equivelante 0VU.

        Your plugs are free, so I really can’t complain. But I just feel like they have SO MUCH FREAKIN’ POTENTIAL. Except that most pros that I personally know who are aware of your plugs don’t like to use them for this reason.

        Anyway, my point is that if you want total and complete world domination, you could easily have it if you’d design the dynamically dependent portions of your plugins so that 0dBVU is more around -18dBFS.

        • cool:spring! says:

          i’m not a pro,so i don’t pretend to know much… where’s the problem about adding or taking off few db with a gain compensation plugin and the help of a vu meter plugin( that should be always there)? I mean,there’s no loss in terms of quality, in any case it doesn’t clip internally or change its behaviour, there’s only a slot occupied…or you can use the +12 switch on the comp,and then compensate.

          or it’s just a problem about the concept?(“it doesn’t work at 18dbfs so it’s not pro”?)
          please, i always worked within the digital domain and i try only not to clip the incoming signal,and then i try to work at -14 db average rms c weighted at every stage(channel,submix,mix and master)pre-fader, and that’s all for me: help me if i’m missing something

          • Coolspring, you are exactly right. You could easily get around this buy inserting a gain plug-in before Booty’s plug to bring the level up and the follow his plug with another gain plug-in. But this causes two problems. First, it uses up inserts. Second, it’s a pain in the ass to do that EVERY TIME. What if the plug in is so good you want to use it on every track of a 100 track record?

            The other issue is that really people should not be tracking that hot anyway as you lose linearity and with really low end converters can run into greater distortion problems. So you have three problems: a) the quality of the tracking in the first place, b) losing inserts for all these gain plugins, and c) wasting a ton of time headache adding all these gain plugins.

            BTW – here’s a great thread on proper levels where most of the participants are working professionals (many of them rather “big time” people as well), if you’ve got a few hours to kill:

            I don’t want to sidetrack the subject of the NVCS. My only point is that while it works fine for hobbyists who tend to track rather hot (RMS of -14dBFS is pretty hot unless you are compressing the SNOT out of stuff going in…. peaking around there would be a better choice), but makes the plug-in not very attractive for professional use – which is a pitty because Bootsy does some really really really great work (aside from the 0dBFS thing).

            • Great thread, thanks !

              I must say that the gain staging of the compressor and above all the limiter is a bit confusing for me in NastyVCS (and yes I read the manual).

              Likewise in FerricTDS, the manual specifies the sweet spot at 0DBfs wich is not a problem with the input knob, but then the output trim pot range is too limited.

              • chronocepter says:

                “Use the force dude”.

              • I’m a professional producer and mix engineer and I’ve worked with major label artists, have had hits (made #1). So I’m serious if I say I like something, and I’m serious if I say there is an unintentional flaw that affects proper useability. If Bootsy wants to shoot me an e-mail, I’ll gladly give him my phone number so I can discuss with him how his plug-ins get used in a realworld context by professionals (not knocking the amateurs or semi-pros, but they do a lot of stuff wrong that winds up masking otherwise problematic factors). I think Bootsy is probably the best nonprofit VST programmer out there. But his acheles heel is not understanding REAL-WORLD gain structure (as opposed to theoretical gain structure), which is an incredibly common problem among users (so I can’t fault him… I’m just saying that if he wants to dominate VST plug-in land, it would be wise to understand this). He makes stuff that sounds great, but sometimes isn’t very useable in the real world.

                That’s all I’ll say on this. I would love to be able to use Bootsy’s stuff more, but doing so causes too many problems/difficulties to bust the stuff out very often.

            • Just saying thanks for the link – the thread on levels was extremely informative.

              • interesting debate!
                as far as i know you can lower the volume internally (out knob) after the signal went through the whole processing (eq,dynamics etcetera)!
                this must solve the whole problem you decribe from your “real world” perspective! or is it an ideological question to you?

  79. klockwerk says:

    Looks excellent! Love the interface. Gotta play with this and learn how it can best be used. Thank you very much and let me buy you a beer.

  80. So does anybody have problem with filters(HP, LP), that produce zipper noise while adjusting?

  81. thank’s alot

  82. Thanks Bootsy and Patrick ( ^^)b

    I will try it soon and be amazed as usual ( ^^)

  83. Tried VCS a little yesterday on a small pandeiro loop I made and got great results with very little tweaking. Great sound of this plug just as with your previous ones so kudos to you.

    I agree with mr Pimpenstein though that a VU with 0 around -18 dBfs would be nice even if having to crank the input gain knob definitely will not keep me from using this amazing plugin.

    NastyVCS definitely holds it’s own and stand tall side by side with my other go to eq’s and compression including T-Racks Deluxe, Nomad Factory and the Liquid Mix.

  84. Hi Boosie – thanks for all the great plugins once again-
    since i can’t find your email address on this site, bug report for tracktion
    without NastyVCS song exports fine-
    with NastyVCS song won’t render.

    without NastyVCS song plays fine
    with NastyVCS only some tracks play.

    Looks like there’s some 96khz bugs.

    • (plays fine at 44khz. Haven’t tried rendering at 44khz)

      • chronocepter says:

        yeah. EQ’s LF (boost n cut) add some (BIG) artefacts when i tweak it working over 44khz.

        • hello ,

          yeah ! here in ableton live 8.1.3… the same thing at 48khz. i have big artefacts when i move filters.

          but beyond that wow !!

          i can take not very good free synth and put vcs after ,tweak and find the good settings and the magic operates !

          with a good and subtil tweak to all the features to find the appropriate settings for each separate track of a song ,i can have a sooo smooth sound, very “creamy” and full of colors !!!

          the overall sound is much emotional and less hard ,cold, squared …

          just brilliant !

          i think that i cannot mix anymore without bootsy’s plugs because i ve found my sound… the sound which has liberated the colors, the presence , and all the emotions enclosed in my sound and then in my music !

          so just for that huge thanks mister goldberg !

          tschuss !

          • Is that issue just with the HP / LP filters or with the EQs as well? And it occurs if you are dialing the knobs in the GUI or automate in your host (or both)?

            • for me, if i remembre right (if not i will precise you that later…) it was when i was dialing on the GUI with the hp/lp filters not eqs .
              i have heard crackling noises.

              for the odb’s thing mentionned above, i agree is very hot !!! héhé
              the plugs responds very well but its quite hard to choose and to control : with : have a good sound and the risk to have distortion…

              i think that chris have explained this well .

              also,i dream that you implement an input on tesla pro.

              so excuse me to beg something because your plugs are already fantastic free plugs but i think it is a positive little request .

              best ,

              • chronocepter says:

                REAPER here.
                for me, just EQs boost and cut. in both cases (GUI and automation). I think there is a loop in the process. the bad one starts at <50hz and blow up, both in frequencies and ampitude. active the (LF)HiQ button seems to acelerate the grow up process of this alien artefact.

              • here in ableton live 8.1.3 at 48 khz.

                it is precisely :

                -filters :

                when i move on the gui plus automation the hp filter quickly from an extreme to the other

                -eqs :

                the boost : little artefact

                cut :bigger artefact than boost

                and med gain : little artefact

                i have all the vcs’s options “on”

                salut !

            • My issue is simply that it won’t work at 96k.

  85. cool:spring! says:

    well i know it could sound stupid, but…. i love so much the movements of this smooth glowing meter that i would like to have the possibility to switch to a secondary gui that shows only the meter with a right-click somewhere!!! that’d be awesome! just an idea…. cheers

  86. Thank you very much for the work and time you’ve dedicated to your amazing plug ins. I have an issue with NastyVCS but I don’t know what the cause is.

    I put NastyVCS into my Cubase LE (build 1.0.1) VST folder, and it does not show up in my inserts or sends when I use Cubase.

    [I’m running on Windows XP Pro SP2b, Intel dual core 2.2Ghz, 2GB RAM, recording 24bit at 48khz.]

    Density MkII and Epicverb also will not appear in my plug ins, but their dll’s are also in the VST folder.

    Thankfully, NastyCS, NastyLF, NastyHF, BootyEQ, and Table Top, and NastyVSD are visible and run just fine!

  87. Hi,

    Thanks for outstanding work.

    But, seems like NastyVCS does not work with Adobe Audition 3. Look like it has no effect in live processing, and frezes the program when applied to a selection of waveform (I tried it on 44kHz 16 bit wave)

  88. unions8 says:

    Hi guys!
    Thanx for another great VST. It added some spice to my new mix, but then…
    From time to time this plugin (and EpicVerb too) start to generate something like strong feedback. Sometimes it generates very loud noice (even 160 bd and growing), sometimes it generates just 160 db loud silence :-/ (nothing is heard, but the meter goes high).

    Pentium quad core, Windows 7, Reaper.

    It’s a pitty, because The NastyVSC really rocks and so does the EpicVerb. (Well in fact all your plugins…)

    Thanx Stepaan

    • I have the same problem in Reaper – NastyVCS works normally when inserted, but after some time of usage, it start to generate that very loud noise (which in Reaper leads to track automuted). Anyone solved this already? WIndows XP (the same on 32 and 64bit), Reaper 4.402 32 bit…. Thanks…

      • DigitalSoundScape says:

        I found the same problem (Win xp, sonar 32bit) when working at 96khz with the EQ section active and the low shelf frequency knob at a low setting, like around 30hz or slightly above. If I turned the freq knob up the noise would diminish and go away. I could not create the problem working at 48 or 44.1.

        • Thanks a lot for sharing this! In the meantime I made a similar observation – I work in 88.2 and yes, the problem happens when the lowshelf knob is left at minimum for some time. This is where I normally leave it when I do not use the lowshelf. Since I started to park it in 85Hz position, the problem has disappeared.

  89. Hi Bootsie,

    Excuse me as I didn’t know where else to write.

    I have two quick questions..

    Why is “Nasty series” under legacy?
    I did not find a substitute for NastyTabletop among the remaining plugs.

    I found two definitions of “transient”. One is simply quick peaks, and another is atonal harmonics which do not represent a specific pitch. Which are you referring to as the subject the magic is in?

    Last but never least, thanks for your works. I truly enjoy all your insights shared as much as the plug-ins themselves.

  90. I´m still loving your VCS. I did notice that no midi signals get past Nasty. I don´t know if you think its relevant or even possible but I just want to say I would like this since I pass a lot of midi around and like to record midi outputs

    Kind regards

  91. Nasty VCS is a very, very fine plugin, that I would like to use as much as I like it.

    Unfortunately I have the “knob-bug” in Samplitude which makes me use it less.

    Is there any hope that a “fixed” update will show up anytime soon?

    Thanks and best wishes,


  92. hi there,

    i will support your nastyvcs as a freeware vst on my dr. motte blog -> asap

    and set a link 2 U 2

    big up and regards from berlin

    dr. motte

  93. thanks ıt wıll be soo useful

  94. radhamohan says:

    Bootsy! Thank you soooo much for this masterpiece! It’s my favorite plugin, followed by Density MKII, Nasty VSD and Nasty HF. I’m using it on all importan tracks and it really makes things sound like a record. The input drive is fantastic. It’s the most importan section in it IMO. The EQ is amazing too. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’d say it’s sharper and more crisp sounding than the Boot EQ. The Compressor is really good, too, although it would be good to have a seperate input stage only for the compressor. This would give more control over the input. The phase adjustment is handy and also nice for additional coloring and the limiter is there doing it’s thing unobtrusively. The metering is nice and the whole plugin looks great.

  95. I don’t need porn anymore !

  96. Was struggling with a song mix I needed to send to mastering and wandered through plugins to the NastyVST, which I hadn’t tried on a master bus. The whole mix became bright, punchy, and full. I was doubting what I was hearing because i suspected there was just a ton of saturation going on and i was just jamming with the crunch. But no, with just a little tweaking here and there got to the right blend. There’s a lot going on with this plugin that deserves investigation, many settings that seem small have a significant impact. I’m really psyched! One thing …… think we need a 64 bit version…. thanks!!!!!

  97. I only downloaded this plugin today. Man, is it awesome! Working with this plugin is an absolute pleasure 🙂

    I’ve got a question though. I work with a lot of mixer track effects (chorus, delay, etc.) and I was wondering where in the effect chain I should put this plugin. I’ve been putting it on top of everything so far 🙂

  98. In German
    Nice Plugin und very useful

  99. This is presently my favorite compressor. Highly recommended

  100. Alphavoyager says:

    I’ve been using this plugin extensively for more than three years and it simply became my default channel strip. The EQ is simply fantastic sounding, the input saturation can really save the day on poorly recorded drums and stuff with spikey transients and it is one of the best analog saturation emulations I’ve used, and I love the compressor more and more. It’s so simple, elegant and it works rather well. It’s my desert island EQ/comp.

    • Ditto! ^^^^^^ what he said! Yes, it has become my default channel strip. bloody incredible. Or if i don’t use VCS, i usually go for Ferric. Ah, they are all gorgeous actually. Brilliant work, and i fear he has finished developing more of his audio wonders. It’s amazing that they’re all free, and he refuses to accept any $$$ compensation or offers from other software companies. These plug ins ARE some of THE best in the world. I’ve tried other commercial plugs from all the usual suspects and have deleted them all in favor of VoS plugs. Thanks Herbert, for all the dynamics and fx you have made so far, not to mention the great reading as i have learned alot about compression; etc…, through here…

  101. reticularbeats says:

    I am just starting, low starting point so i am gratefull for all these plugins that can help me, i hope i will get to a position to donate back to all creators of VST´s i have downloaded in last 2 months.


  102. michele riganti says:

    qualcuno a questo problema quando carica il vst ?
    deactivated after falling initialised correctly
    mi sono sempre funzionati ma ora nn vanno piu e mi compare questo messaggio nel mio host…..


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