short links, June 2010 edition

Soccer world cup 2010: Seems there is a solution for the maddening Vuvuzela horn – Prosoniq released a realtime freeware filtering plug, Mac only, though. Look here and here.

Techno: A great video documentary is available about Richie Hawtins contakt tour. Cool setup, all with Ableton, btw.

Sound design: Simply a great Blog about sound design.

Gear p*rn: This Blog is all about.

Music: Cinematic Orchestra – an awesome and timeless fusion of music, see also on myspace.

Music video: Sebastien Tellier – WTF?


  1. I was wondering if a good filter could be made for the vuvuzela. Great !

    I swear this annoying “instrument” forces me to NOT listen to live coverage on the radio in my car, and almost the same on the tv.

    • My god, I thought it was just me.

      EVERY game so far sounds like a giant mosquito hovering over the commentators mic.

      REALLY annoying, you’d think the tv stations would have it filtered but no.

  2. Well good news here in France, on TV at least. I think they switch to the microphones they used on F1 races. Voices sound quality is a bit worse but vuvuzelas are a lot quieter.

  3. Harerton says:

    Wow, what about a “De-Vuvuzelizer” plug in, with tube and tape distortion???? 🙂

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