closed during summer holiday season

I’m off here during summer holiday season and probably be back around August 17th. Until then have a good time!


  1. Have a great holiday!

  2. Have a nice vacation and thanks for your great plugins they are what i been waiting these awesome plugins for a long time.

  3. Yup, have a good one! Try not to come up with any brilliant ideas in the summer sun 😉

  4. 2 months?! Now that’s what I call a holiday 😉

  5. Jay Key says:

    Have fun man !

  6. Wow! Long holiday! Take care!

  7. Felices vacaciones!!!


  8. hope you will return with 64bit versions of your plugs !!! 😉 enjoy

  9. Have fun Bootsie! Make some kickass music and post it here for our delight!!

  10. Hi
    Enjoy your holiday !

  11. eat, drink, chill and njoy your long break. Well deserved, have a great time man.

  12. cool:spring! says:

    some developers started to re-release the new versions of their plugins with the multiple instaces bug fixed… there’ll be some hard work for bootsy on next months…

  13. Have a nice holiday. Btw FerricTDS is mentioned on soundonsound

    Congrats 🙂

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