more vintage. good tone.


  1. Laughed my butt off :))))

  2. hehe, reminds me on Behringers Fake-Tube series. 😉

  3. damn,

    3 minutes earlier and the first comment would have been mine. ;-(

  4. Alt.answer#2: Because all the best books were printed with vacuum tube printers.

  5. Alt.answer#2.1: Because Shakespeare had never used digital printers, and all of his plays are classics now.

  6. I’m a big fan of that websites “pan-flute flowchart”

  7. Wow, small world even online. I just saw that cartoon for the first time last night while reading a GearSlutz topic about ProTools HEAT.

  8. Why does nobody complain about vacuum cleaners then ?

  9. ja ja you make me crawl ja ja ja its so funny !!! yeagh the trendy vintage stravaganzzzza is nearly death !!!!!….or maybe not arghghgh!!!! there is no miracle undertand !!.. please just be a good band dude !!! we dont care about the sound you have to rock anyway !!!!


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