three audio sound mangler freebies

the original Prosoniq NorthPole filter plug-in

Already released in 1997 this is still a fun a usefull tool for some ad-hoc sound mangling in your mixers channel. It offers a resonant filter (LP/BP) with envelope follower and distortion. A simple digital delay with feedback control is added behind. The actual (supported) versions are available for AU only, though. Have a look at the Prosoniq product page.

some granular madness: KTGranulator

Some granular madness is featured by Koen’s KTGranulator which offers some delay and pitch-shifting effects based on a sort of granular re-synthesis. Great for some unusual audio effects and tweakings. Both, PC and Mac versions available – check out his site at

timestretch galore: Paul's extreme sound stretch

Large artistic amounts of audio timestretching effects are easily achieved with Paul’s extreme sound stretch tool. The bits for PC are available at Extremely useful to create drones and ambient stuff. A short overview and tutorial is available here.



  1. My first post, and so like many others, thank you so much Bootsy/Albert for freely sharing your wonderful plugins! I just wish I could side-chain (from another track) with them in Ableton, is this possible, am I missing something?)

    And thanks for your technical/explanatory and general posts! I check your blog almost daily, even watched the Tresor videos (even though I only speak English, still got the gist and worth it).

    These are some good free plugin suggestions. We’ve been using North Pole for almost 10 years, but not lately, time to dust it off, and KT is a fav and great for some artificial (octave up) air on pads, and other things. (Wish I could get SKnote Grainz to work in Ableton, seems a great granular vst synth.)

    I had not heard of Paul’s extreme sound stretch tool, looking forward to trying it out, thanks!

    After finding your plugins Bootsy, I got inspired to search for more great free plugin.

    Here are some of the other awesome free plugins I have found that others may want to check out:
    RoomMachine 844
    Digital Fish Phones (most plugins)

    There are many others but those are the ones that stick out.

    Thanks again!

  2. Any thoughts on Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch vs Ableton’s warp feature and Koen’s KTGranulator vs Ableton’s Grain Delay?

  3. Too bad such cool plugins have to look so ugly 🙂

  4. hello herbert !

    yes they are nice plugins ..i use the 2 granular things since a long time and they are nice for sound design .

    i love the paul nazca softs :paul extreme stretch and zynnaddsubfx maybe the most powerful and the best sounding synth i ve tried for free ….recommended !

    best ,

  5. the NorthPole was one of the very first plugins that really got me excited, was so long ago.. wow

  6. I´m a great fan of Density and NastyVCS. May I ask for a plugin with only the saturation part of NastyVCS (one knob for the saturation and one for output volume)? It is stunning for shaving some peaks from drums. Also, numeric values while twisting the knobs would be cool, I hate how I can´t set an exact value for HPF and LPF on NastyVCS 😦
    And what about a brickwall limiter? There aren´t great ones on the freeware land. LOL look at me asking stuff. Sorry. Thank you for all your work.

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