short links, September 2010 edition

Lets start with another small but compelling Blog about gear and stuff as it has been raised this spring: The nerd might prefer something like, or maybe (man, that guy is crazy) while the designer chooses or so. Performance, anyone?  Yes, and here is a great one, as found on Vimeo earlier on: Ostracon Video from Unearthed Music.

While sitting here and writing, some gentle tunes of composer Paul Haslinger are playing in the background (check out – I adore his work quite a lot. Next on the playlist is Matthew Herbert – that will probably add some contrast. And if that’s not enough I might end up in watching this Detroit techno documentary again.

By the way, if some frequent travellers are reading here by accident, there is an excellent made Blog on with some very detailed and useful reports about the really cool locations, hotels and restaurants. Add to that and your next stop in foreign cities might become even more convenient.

If you are more technically interested in things like pitch shifting and reverb design then Sean Costellos Blog is a good address to stop by and read.  I had a lot of fun in doing so and on top of that I’ve had some further fun in reading the Massive Passive manual which is really educating when it comes down to parallel EQ design (no, I’m currently not working on such concepts).

Just in case you’ve missed it on your tube, AutomaticGainsay is meanwhile offering quite a bunch of introduction or tutorial videos about MS-20, ARP2600 and the like. Did we missed some more gearpron? Here we go:


  1. Do check out some other documentaries as well (look up their trailers on YouTube) – Secondhand Sureshots, Dub Echoes, Standing In The Shadows of Motown and Beats Of The Heart. From my experience at least, the more one learns about genres like these, the more boring, soulless and inhuman techno becomes.

  2. I really don’t see the point why techno would be “inhuman” or “soulless”. Though, I agree on your “multi-genre” approach …

  3. You gotta have another approach when listening to techno music. I cant stand most of it either, but the ones i like really get me somewhere special, where other genres just cant go that far.

    Sorry for you Tony M, i hope some day you come and join me there. I´ll be waiting for you! 😛

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