introducing NastyDLA

There are just a few audio effects available that are capable of instantly turning a small and wimpy riff into something big and meaningful. One of them is the classic chorus/echo combination. Beside the individual classic echo or chorus devices these combined devices were historically build around true tape or bucket brigade delays.

From today’s production standards perspective they might be easily overseen (feature wise) but on the other hand they are still pretty much demanded due to their specific and warm tone and this unique sound quality is probably the charm which still today attracts producers and audio engineers to use them in their actual music productions.

NastyDLA is going to follow this path and recreates all the specific tone qualities while adding just some few but well selected modern features. The plug-in implements some of the most distinctive and much appreciated sonic effects generated by these devices:

  • classic chorus and echo effects
  • authentic signal path coloration
  • tape-delay style feedback and saturation

NastyDLA applies gentle feedback driven delay effects, performs smooth audio signal modulations and adds extra harmonics and saturation effects. It will be available as a freeware VST plug-in for Win32 compatible systems later this autumn.

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  1. Looking forward to it,
    absolutely loving NastyVCS!!

  2. Cannot wait to try it out! 🙂

  3. ‘should be very interesting indeed. Looking forward to it.

  4. It’s about time for a delay ! 😉

  5. Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, fyi. The bastards in the Southern Hemisphere are going to have to be patient for 6 more months.

    • *lol*

    • Interesting.
      Apart of the joke, what makes you think we are bastards here?
      You think you are better for being born in the northen emisphere?
      Choose better your words, even for a joke.

      And yes, I’ll be patiently wait for this new gem.
      Thanks bootsy.

      Regards from Brazil,

      • Just when you thought you’d seen it all …
        Come on guys, no platform wars.
        Any mention of Mars vs Venus and #%!&?* !
        You get the picture, back to the plugin.

  6. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait…. arrrgghhhh.
    Knowing the usual quality of your effects I just can’t wait to have it 🙂

  7. It’s very NASTY to write such post and make us wait for weeks 😉

  8. Jazzy Pidjay says:

    Yeah !! another baby !

  9. Judging by your previous plugins, this is going to be interesting indeed!

  10. cool:spring! says:

    will it include a tape-reverb section similar to the one found in the space echo too? i find it really useful!

    • As far as I know, there is a spring reverb in the old Space Echo machines, the tape is for delays only. If you are searching for the old Roland sound, you maybe should try the GSI tape echo plug-in, what seems to sound very good and is on sale at the moment (hope it’s ok to mention this here, Herbert).

      • cool:spring! says:

        i know, i already use it, but it has denormal issues or strange bad coding sometimes… (it’s wonderful, and for that reason i want it there! plus,it’s a mono version. but that sound is incredible on stereo miced acoustic guitars )

        • The originals were mono, too.
          If you wanted stereo you routed the direct signal to one channel and the delay to the other. When used on a send you were obviously free to pan all you like.

  11. uhhhh yeahhhh! when will it come? I am horny to it. lookin forward to hear and test it 🙂

  12. Some chorus/echo with ‘that’ nasty flavour i am in definately in favour of 🙂

  13. Kris Forward says:

    Thank you!!! your plugins rock!!

  14. Sounds fun! Any hope for a bug fix release of NastyVCS? It’s an awesome plugin, but a bit quirky.

  15. Can’t wait!!!

  16. I’m excited about this release! All the chorus effects I have available to me feel too clean and digital. Looking forward to trying it out.

  17. Hope you can do better than EchoBoy!

  18. bedroomproducers says:

    cool, can’t wait to test this one!


  20. OK
    I have to try this out !! 🙂
    can’t wait


  21. This is horrible news for me because I’m buying a Mac soon 😦

  22. Looking forward to this one!

    But in the meantime, could you please have a look at your Nasty bundle? Because I get a conflict when I try to use it in my DAW because of ‘duplicate ID’ or something. For this reason I can’t load the NastyHF.

    I know you stopped developing it, but I think it should be easy to fix. Or else, maybe someone could tell me how to fix it myself?


  23. I can’t believe you’re making this type of a plugin, and I can’t wait to get my greedy mitts on it. In short, this plugin is going to own! (FerricTDS enjoys its stay somewhere in each of my mixes since its release, and the others too for that matter.)

  24. I LOVE those oldschool delay boxes!
    I always use bbd- or tapedelay style echos for my music!
    I did some analog and tape echos for NI Reaktor and planned to build a mega beast, but I can´t find the time for it.
    But I collected much information about tape types (frequency curves), tubes, echos and stuff.
    Herbert, mail me if I can help you!!!!
    I really like your plugs and use the VEEERY often.
    I would be very happy to do my bit for this project!!!!

  25. wow! this is gonna be killer! BTW Nasty VCD stays as my main channel strip. Really useful what yuo can do just with the saturaion and LP/HP filters and the comp.

    For this kind of delay processors i always would have loved a feature where you could get the unit to hold the delay but without going too wild and distort it (like a limit on the amount of feedback i guess). Really useful on electronic build ups and these kinda things. I always find really hard to write the automation, requires a lot of edit afterwards. Just to drop an idea..

    Thanks again Bootsy! Already waiting for the cool screenshots on the GUI! 😉


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  2. […] been known to do though. This time around they have a modulation/echo/delay type of plug! Check NastyDLA out! They have some audio samples posted here and they have just put up a support & contact […]

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