NastyDLA – first public audio shot

A plain riff played with a simple Kontakt sample based guitar, no additional modulations or reverb is used.

Download both naked and rendered version in wav quality here.


  1. Sounds very nice. Also nice track by the way.

  2. pretty impressive, sounds like another goto tool

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever tried one of your plugins that didn’t end up in all my mixes. Looking forward this one.
    Thank for keeping ’em free!

  4. Once again another impressive tool that surpasses most paid plugins. Amazing work Bootsy. Thanks for sharing this audio clip. Looking forward to the release of NastyDLA when its ready.

  5. yes indeed sounds great

    just to tell you that I used the Ferric on every single track of our new album.
    We use a lot of hardware like Neve pre amps and EQ’s , termionic, dangeerous audio, Sherman filterbank not so strange Herman is a member of the band but we also use a lot of plugins Waves, Brainworx, Slate Digital, Eliosis, Sound Toys… and a Ferric on every track.
    We made or 1st album in over 20 years with Poésie Noire go and have a listen on and hear if it works for us. My space isn’t sounding that good but with a real good headphone it can do.
    Maybe Bootsy an Idea to make an updated Paid version of the Ferric with extra Harmonic possibilities like the Aphex plugin in protools + Harmonic distortions like the culture vulture that would be a Harmonic dream.

  6. Cool! So is that a delayed chorused signal after the dry one on the processed no? So nice to have this routing options on a single ch/dly unit!

  7. Makes me wonder, if we going to be able, to just use chorus or delay from that unit? Sounds good so far 🙂

  8. This sound promises to get another professional freeware plugin. I hope it also has a nice GUI and will not eat much CPU and will be available in 64bit.

  9. The GUI software used to create VoS plugins isn’t 64bit so that won’t happen. I’ve offered help in the way of creating cross-platform multi-SDK plugin platform to develop these on, but that doesn’t work out for Herbert yet. And I do see where he’s coming from.

    Long story short, just enjoy what you have now. 🙂 I personally do very much.

  10. nice sound

    Can it selfoscilate ?


  11. Wow! it sound really good! I can’t wait!

  12. Bet this beautiful new plug-in is going to sound fantastic on my new Washburn acoustic guitar tracks :)…

    Sorry for drooling on your message board, Bootsy!

  13. Sounds great as usual! Keep up the amazing work, it is greatly appreciated.

    Ruby (from holland)

  14. Sounds awesome~!!! Can’t wait~!!!!!!

  15. WOW!! Love it! When? 🙂

  16. Wow! Can’t wait!

    What sample library did you use to make the guitar? is it in kontakts own factory library?


  1. […] NastyDLA – first public audio shot […]

  2. […] NastyDLA – first public audio shot […]

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