new support and contact page

I’ve just added a new and separate page to the right menu for dealing with all kinds of VoS plug-in related issues, general questions or contact requests – see Support & Contact. I can’t track all that questions and stuff dispersed over all those (older) articles anymore. I promise to be more responsive regarding requests and issues too if you will drop that over there. Let’s see if I can move some recent comments to that page …


  1. Now that really shows your effort and passion for those plugins. Nice one.

  2. Cool thing. Well… I think you’ll have only “Thanks, this is awesome” comments :))

  3. Great! I have a small request, can you please have a look at the NastyHF dll, for I can’t load it because of a ‘duplicate name’ error.

    I tried to find the solution myself, but can’t discover what’s wrong with it, I don’t have another VST with a simillar name so I’m basically clueless about what’s causing this…

    Thanks in advance, love your stuff!

    • The old Nasty series has become legacy already and is not under development anymore. But you will find probably everything in the VCS console strip (the HF shelve as well).


  1. […] of plug! Check NastyDLA out! They have some audio samples posted here and they have just put up a support & contact page […]

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