NastyDLA – final teaser and release info

NastyDLA – a classic chorus echo device with tape-delay simulation.

The device enables:

  • classic chorus and echo effects
  • authentic signal path coloration
  • tape-delay style feedback and saturation
Plug-in specification:
  • input stage model including signal coloration and non-linearities (switchable)
  • classic chorus/flanger effect with amount and rate control which automatically adopts to the delay line configuration
  • frequency balancing filter for dead-easy overall tone adjustments in the feedback path
  • two different feedback color modes
  • feedback circuit and control which supports resonance up to self-oscillation
  • standard DSP 12dB high-pass filter
  • custom “tape style” low-pass filtering
  • sophisticated “tape hiss” noise simulation
  • negative or positive pre-delay
  • comprehensive tape dynamics simulation taken from the core of the award winning FerricTDS
  • the dynamics offers a slight audio ducking effect (switchable)
  • two independent delay lines with up to 3sec delay time and sync to host
  • delay time modulation with two different modes
  • additional phase distortion (switchable)
  • audio level metering display
  • dry/wet controls plus “wet only” option
  • power / bypass switch
  • all parameters available through host automation

NastyDLA is a Windows x32 release for VST compatible applications and will be available as freeware early November.


  1. Pole position!

    Very nice, although a bit overwhelming at first glance.

    Cant wait!

  2. Wow, sounded great, looks great and has great specs, and less than 2 weeks we get to use it, guess X-mas is coming early this year!

  3. Sounds great, and has looks to match! Looking forward to it.

  4. Something’s telling me this is going to sound… nasty!

  5. Pure love!! is amazing!

    thanks bootsy!

  6. Looks great ! I think I need a cigarette 😉

  7. Has Bootsy joined the illuminati? 🙂
    just wondering what the insignia (G in a triangle)on the recent plugin releases stand for….

  8. Win !

  9. It’s nasty … 😉

  10. looks amazing!!!

  11. yep! this is pure teasin…cant wait to try it out!

  12. Looks like a class-A modern-vintage car! Can’t wait to take it for a spin.

  13. Guess what, i was looking for a good chorus/tape delay plugin for vocals for a while. This can be it! looking forward!

  14. yeah, looks realy vintage,

    the best chorus i ever heard is the Dimension D. Dimension D sounds that good, that i was first time inspired to use a chorus anyway. Thats why i`m looking forward to this. Would not be the first time, that Bootsy fulfills UAD expectations.

    • The Dimension D is awesome but pretty subtle and unique in its sound. I dont think this can do the same unless Bootsy tried to emulate it specifically and accurately.

  15. ..and this is for free…?

    naa, ccan’t believe it!

  16. kingocounty says:

    Wow, sweet GUI Patrick! I’m sure it’ll sound as amazing as it looks!

  17. Ah, sehr gut, daß es zwei separate Regler für Dry und Wet gibt. 🙂 Bin sehr gespannt.

  18. negative or positive pre-delay <— that is sweet!

    Also the fact that the non-lin and the phase dist are switchable.

    Great plugin and it also look awesome

    release it!D

  19. cool:spring! says:

    looks really “mechant”!
    i bet it will be relly cool
    did you find the way to oprimize the cpu already?

  20. sieht echt geil aus!
    Hoffentlich macht es meine CPU nich so platt,
    ferric macht schon ganz schön Alarm, was schade ist.
    am liebsten hätte ich es auf jedem Kanal 😀

  21. Ben Logan says:

    Looks beautiful, guys. Can’t wait to play with it. A friend and I discussed it over coffee this weekend, and it took the better part of our hour. Excited. 🙂

  22. Looking forward to this.

  23. Gorgeous GUI. I like this metallic feel. Respect for Patrick! Thank you Bootsy, cant’t damn wait…:)

  24. I haven’t check this out yet but it looks very nice, like all of your plugins.

    BTW, if you need an idea for a new project: what about a nice colourizing EQ?

  25. Hes done a nice colourizing EQ. Done a few actually
    Nice tease. Im checking daily in case its accidentally released before Nov 🙂

  26. I dont speak Polish but there are some gems in that site. Nice work

  27. Dude!!! Once again, awesome stuff! Since i have a pro studio, i use your stuff a lot so i dont have to use any warez/unstable plugs and I love all your plugs. I use some expensive plugs for more surgical work and for the rest its a lotta bootsy!

  28. Its perfect.

    thank you sssssssssoooooooooooo much
    created this in 30 minutes using your delay


  29. I’ve used freeware plug-ins for years, so I have to admit : you rule. NastyDLA sounds awesome. I’ve had lots of fun last night feeding my Fender Jaguar through it.

  30. You are great man! I love all your plugins

  31. my favourite delay-plugin! easy to use & great sounding

  32. Jeff Bishop says:

    Awesome, period

  33. Someone mentioned it on KVR. Did check it out and must say.. just awesome! Thanks!

  34. Thanks for this awesome tool, one of the best software delays out there and this for free …

    But two wishes are open: A Reverse mode and a Loop function

    Please make NastyDLA to the BEST software delays out there 😉

  35. awesome!

  36. nasty DLA 11 just the best sounding modulator (+) I’ve ever heard digital or analogue .

  37. Truly a fantastic delay and great on vocals. Thanks for your great work on these and sharing!

  38. Hello, this is nice plugin. Any chance that a 64 bit version of the mk2 will be released someday?

  39. oliveiracarlos says:

    Hi, congratulations, your applications are amazing !

    I´m creating an application to send midi messages to my keyboard, but my interface is too poor !

    Could you share some ideas with me ? Please, what lib do you use to create your applications interfaces ?

    The graphics are ok, I´m using photoshop, but I dont know how to handle the images to create customs knobs, faders…

    Thanks in advanced.

  40. great as always, what about a pan knob? =) i love delays with pan. they are rare

  41. Just a suggestion. How about making these (or future) plugins have a switchable simple GUI, such as on the Gvst stuff and ‘Sir’ reverb? This would reduce CPU loading.

  42. I love the interface, very nice metal texture. Also make a great job in my productions. Thanks for this great free plugin!

  43. I’m looking for the mkI version, can anybody provide it? I’ve lost the original one, it got corrupted and now all my old projects don’t sound the same, since I cannot remember all the settings

  44. I need a 64 bit version of this.

  45. I need a 64 bit version of this 🙂

  46. Very nice vst and god

  47. Peter Reynders says:

    Nasty DLA is mentioned in this interview


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