NastyDLA – released today

NastyDLA – a classic chorus echo device with tape-delay simulation, is released today.

The free download for Windows x32 and VST compatible systems is available via the download page or just click here instead and please acceppt the end-user license agreement.

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  1. AWESOME !!!

  2. Superb, one can never have enough delays!

  3. Great! I was waiting for this one, I’m sure this will be another killer plugin.
    Thank you!

  4. “Doodled” a bit now with it. Sounds amazing.
    Thanks for the wonderful plugin.

  5. amazing. very…very good work!

  6. kingocounty says:

    Got my copy! Can hardly wait to try it; thanks again, Bootsy!

  7. Great, amazing, unbelievable.

  8. Was about to go to bed when the email came in…guess I’ll stick around and play a bit.
    Thank you Bootsy. Love your work!

  9. Great news! Thank you Bootsy.

  10. Haven’t yet even tested how it sounds, but first thing I noticed is the shadow of mode knob which partially covers the mode gui label.

    Not very pleasant to read blurry black text on dark gray background.

    • I can’t say it’s bothersome to me at all (in fact I rather enjoy the touch), though I can see how it might be a bit troublesome for weaker eyes (weaker than mine, at least, as I’m mostly blind in one eye). But it’s not really a knob where precision and visibility is overly necessary either, since the effect of the different modes is usually pretty obvious. I’m sure if you like DLA’s sound, you’ll have the mode positions memorized in a day or two anyway, and if the sound doesn’t suit you, you wouldn’t use it so it wouldn’t matter either way. I can’t see it being the deal-breaker as to whether or not someone would want to use it.

      I also have to get up on my soapbox and get all serious for a minute to say that I find it odd as to why someone would be so hasty to make such a nit-picky and superficial comment in the first place, without at least spending time with the more important aspects of the software and acknowledging and appreciating the efforts and generosity of the developer for providing it. I know Bootsy and Patrick invite useful criticism, and I’m sure they’ll look into it regardless, but it seems one could makes those suggestions in a manner that comes off more diplomatic and gracious and less like a spoiled child. Hopefully you’ll concur that an air of ingratitude, even unintended, is poison to the spirit of the freeware community.

      Okay, off my soapbox now, and away to play with DLA!

      • It was just a first thing I noticed in the gui and really didn’t mean it to be nitpicky, but helpful comment. I know from experience that when working on graphics you often become blind to this kind of minor flaws.

  11. Many thanks for NastyDLA (and the other plugins).

    A great deal of technical and creative ability is evident in all of them.

    Tremendous generosity is evident in providing them free of charge!

    May the road rise up to meet you;
    May the wind be always at your back……

  12. Gosh!!! Thank you Bootsie!

  13. And btw Bootsie, where you got so much audio skills to create this peaces of art?

  14. Lunar Ladder says:

    Woohoo! 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

  15. Weihnachten schon etwas vorgezogen dieses Jahr.

    Nur mal kurz ausprobiert super Plugin, wurde ja schon von einigen geschrieben. Werde es die nächsten Tage ausgiebig testen. Aber schonmal dankeschön auch für alle anderen Plugins. Alles Gute & Grüße aus FFM Alex.

  16. thank you.

  17. It sounds great!
    But i’m getting random pops and clicks when the chorus know is turned, PT w/wrapper on windows XP pro sp3

    Is anyone getting the same problem? It sounds/looks like CPU spikes but I’m not sure about it, Pro Tools’ system usage windows may not be reactive enough to show them

  18. Love it!

  19. thanks again Bootsy. All the best..

  20. cool:spring! says:

    it’s wonderful
    the hiss is so smooth that it’s gonna be the only sound i’ll put on when i’ll be making love!
    and with the “wet only” mode the 0 ms delay makes it sound like a real (warmly coloured)tape with pre-post distortion capabilities and dynamics and phase coloration and all other stuff…and on live 8.2 it goes like a charm!
    much more than a delay
    thanks herb
    thanks patrick
    (btw i really want to know about the mystical “g” 😀 is that just the patrick’s logo? or it has another meaning?)

  21. A world of thanks, Bootsy, I’ve had this in my toolbox for all of five minutes and I already love it, after just a couple of quick tests; can’t wait to see what this beast will bring to a full mix when, but first had to come give my appreciation for all your hard work, and Patrick’s too. Definitely an effort to be proud of!

    Thanks again!

  22. Wow.. did test it a bit and it sounds so smooth and warm!
    Off to read the manual.
    Thank You Bootsy! 🙂

  23. O, holy crap! The stars are brightly shiiiiii-ning (tonight)!

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  24. yay!!!!!
    thanks heaps mate!!!

  25. Great plugin.

    I really love multi-effect delays. I currently use three Audio Damage delays for almost everything and NastyDLA is definitely going to become a good friend with them 🙂

  26. WOW. freaky. still testing

  27. not sure yet whether I like the dial shadow. Pretty sure I dont care. Working on whether it feels like a device ( vsd, teslase ) rather than a plugin,
    Good so far
    Great work boots

  28. amazing !!! as always with your plugs !

    huge thanks for this incredible delay !

    all the best for you patrick and herbert

  29. Wicked! Another unbelievable freebie from the master team.

    Thank you dudes!

  30. great stuff, love the chorus!

  31. Thanks ! You are the best !

  32. Very good effect, after half an hour of testing.

    Bug report: In Reaper the whole screen blinks occasionally when the NastyDLA GUI is on the screen. Very annoying, don’t know why’s that happening.

    Also, faders look like someone else designed them. Being a gfx guy, they look flat and blurred compared to the knobs. Noticed the big shadow under knob immediately, should have been more transparent/lighter. No fan of small VU either, I would dump it anytime. Back to testing…

  33. Cogratulations!
    To the undisputed champ:
    You’ve done it AGAIN!!!

    Thanks, Merci, Gracias.

    ***** (and more too)


  34. Another great tool by VoS and a must have plug-in for everyone with a windows DAW! Thank you!

  35. Warmest thanks for yet another great piece of (virtual) kit. You put most commercial developers to shame… awesome and addictive!

  36. Another stellar plugin Bootsy – Thanks! I spent about 30 minutes with it last night and thought it sounded like hardware – very nice!
    I have one request for any future updates. Can you include a lower-quality/higher efficiency setting that could be switched on for tracking & rough mixing? I know that the quality of this plugin’s performance eats CPU but it would be really helpful if a low-quality setting could be implemented when necesssary (especially for folks like me using a dinosaur computer).

  37. Fantastic work you guys! Lovely analogue feel & effect. I spent about 5 very creative hours with it last night.
    Tried Ohmicide next in the chain and it just wouldn’t let go of that analogue hiss and spat out all sorts of interesting stuff.
    + 1 for a low-quality version – I’ve just got hold of a 2nd hand Tablet PC (1.8Ghz dual core) for use as a portable Reaper machine. I’ll see how it performs on that 2nite 😀

  38. Kuddos. NastyDLA sounds wonderfully retro. The plugin literally wants to sound very retro. The second thing I tried was to control the Feedback knob via a Pitch/Mod Wheel. Found out you can’t assign MIDI cc to any controls (could I be wrong), so please, please, please add this for ver 1.1. Love it, reguardless!

  39. When will we see a hardware version ?
    My amps are running amok.

    Seriously, this is THE delay, period.
    Million thanks to both of you,

  40. Wow AMAZING! I love it! The best tape style delay I have ever Heard!! I love feed back reminds me of Pink Floyd and Radiohead tinkerings!! great for ambient textures. I am blown away!! the only thing I could ask for would be a pan pot for each channel to get those spacey tones moving around the stereo field!!

  41. Simply put: I love it 🙂

  42. The NastyVCS record is already broken: yesterday was the busiest day in this Blog here so far …

  43. the best sounding emulation of analogue delay ever!

    i tried it all last night next to a hardware memoryman deluxe bbd delay and its *very* close. i am listening on a benchmark dac1 in a fully treated room.

    i have tried every vst delay i could so far, and this one is the ONLY one that sounds real. a milestone in analogue emulation, my hat is off to you!!!!

    i don’t care how much cpu it uses, i wish people would just accept if they want higher quality effects then they need a faster PC. if they want lower quality then please go and use a low quality low cpu use plugin! we should be moving forwards, not backwards… well done bootsy for choosing quality over cpu use!!!!!

    * sidenote, is 96k officially supported? it sounds a bit different at 96k. is the 44.1 oversampled, which sample rate for the best quality in your opinion?

    • 96k support should be fine. However, in the beta tests, higher SR has typically not that much test coverage since most users stick to 44.1/48kHz.
      If you observe specific things than just report it and we can dig into it.

  44. Jazzy Pidjay says:

    Very good plugin, i’m not liking the GUI as much as the other recent ones (Nasty VCS, Ferric TDS) but it still do the job.

    Thanks again for all that work, and still FREE !!!

    so good.

  45. Love it!

    It is absolutely amazing. I actually really like the GUI (Including the shadows, cause I think they make it look more like an actual, physical piece of hardware).

    Sound is amazing. Features are awesome. All-around, another great plugin from one of the best!

    Thanks a ton!

  46. Muss mal zum Thema CPU Last was loswerden, natürlich wäre es super wenn z.b das NastyDLA Plugin mit weniger Leistung auskommen würde vorallem auf älteren Rechnern. Was ich aber auf der anderen Seite sehr positiv finde ist dass man dann auch etwas eingeschränkter ist und das bringt mir persönlich dann das Lofi Setup Feeling zurück und man muss sich was einfallen lassen. Grüsse.

  47. Great sounding delay & very easy to use. Works perfectly wrapped into Pro Tools, GUI a little buggy in Wavelab 6.
    This is the delay plugin I’ve been looking for (& I’ve tried quite a few). I can’t believe it’s free. Thank you so much for your generosity & talent. Cheers!

  48. Appreciate the beautiful plugs. You guys do outstanding work, I hope success finds you if it hasn’t already.

  49. Jazzy Pidjay says:

    This DLA has some serious realtime tweaking abilities !! I love the sound very much, kind of “VoS” sound, but what i really prefer is that this plugin open up creativity and help you find out new ideas. Now for me this is more a tool for the creative phase of a song, than for the mixing phase. That’s great, because i mainly use VoS plugin for mixing duty !

    Concerning the GUI, i think that it’s the kind of glow around the small LCD’s that’s not to my taste, i find it blur a bit the interface. The rest of the GUI is great as always.

    Thanks again for this and the knowledge shared in the manual too. What’s goes on in this little blog is really a rare thing.

  50. Hi Bootsy.. problems here.. distortion like samplerate mismatch .. AMD Phenom Quad core, CubaseSX3. I can give you more info and a wav sample if i you can send me your email ID..


  51. Excellent work guys, another quality plugin, although I have to say that the labels are very hard to read for me, my eyes ain’t all that great anyway but you need to clarify the knobs and labels that will make this perfect.

  52. I didn’t know what to expect, but this is pretty great. Thanks for all the presets as well. I really dig the lofi signal path and some of the other ones that help me realize what the plugin is capable of.

  53. For this plugin I’ve been waiting forever. For me it sounds better than plug-ins for which we pay bid

  54. fantastic one. congratulations! i will use it a lot.

  55. Thank you! Played with it for few hours and I am amazed..

  56. Hey Bootsy, remixed two songs using your DLA on guitars and man what a difference. Here is the link if you care to listen.

    Thank you so much!!!

  57. Ben Logan says:

    Totally love it, guys. This is my new favorite delay. Echoboy sounds fantastic too, but this one is easier to tweak — and the sound is on par (and in some ways more characterful) to my ears. Super job! Thanks so much for the gift. 🙂

  58. Es ist so geil!

    Ich habe meinen Arp Oddyssey davorgeschaltet.
    Analogue Madness bis der Arzt kommt.

    Die selbstoszillierende Echofahne ist durchsetzt
    mit herausstechenden Klängen, die garantiert noch
    keiner vorher gehört hat. Die “aged” Funktion gefällt mir sehr. Und die Ente im Signalweg ist die
    Tierquälerei wert. Sie quakt so wunderschön,
    wenn man das Ding zum ausflippen bringt.

  59. After some days of testing and using it I really digg it and have yet to master it.

    One possible improvement would be to replace or extend retro mode by a panning option for the source and the two delay lines.

  60. Genius
    Without it its soul-less
    Thank you boots. steve

  61. first: great effect. as always, very solid quality. thx for that!
    but today i searched my current mix-project for the reason that is causing noise. as you could imagine, it was DLA 🙂
    when i set the noise to -120dB it was almost fine, but i would like to propose to have an option to switch it “off” (maybe the knob itself “snaps” to “off” if set “below -120dB”). it would be also handy of “off” would be the default setting. i have to admit, that i’m using DLA not only on guitars 😉

    • Automate the noise level
      Depending on the host you use you might be able to link the level to an audio channel or group like in reaper=when the signal stops, parameter modulation mutes dla noise for me

  62. Great! Was looking for a (free) tape delay. Will check this one out! Thanks

  63. Nice plugin.

    BUT, i get some excessive saturation when the Chorus knob is on.
    It’s not always there but if i run a session for a few hours it ends up doing it pretty much every time. I’m in reaper 3.72, windows XP home 32 bits


  64. Lovely lovely plugin. Fantastic sound, i will be using this a great deal.

    The only problem i have come across is the chorus (when on) seems to give out random pops and cracks. This is when running on Cubase Studio 4.5, Windows 7 32bit.

    A nice addition would be the option to choose if the filters go before the delay, or after it.

    Again, great stuff.

  65. First let me thank you for the amazing tools that you make available to us for free, literally use something you’ve created in EVERY session!!
    The Nasty DLY sounds fantastic but it seems to not get along with Cubase 5 (win7) as it behaves erratically, the needle on the meter disappears and it stops passing audio. Hope there’s a fix underway ’cause when it works it really is amazing!
    Thanx again
    Leo Alvarez
    SoundJunkies recording services

    • C5 32 or 64, W7 32 or 64 ?
      Works flawless in C5.5/32, XP64 SP2 here.
      Just saying …
      Completely agreed on the praise, btw. ,-)

  66. kingocounty says:

    I’m really loving this plugin but have a small issue. Running Reaper 3.72 32 bit under Win7 64, this plugin occasionally crashes Reaper when switching projects. This was common for me with all your plugins but the updates of Ferric and BootEQ made the problem disappear for those plugs. As a workaround, I just have to switch off the GUI (seems to be a common problem with synthmaker/synthedit and reaper) before I change projects to prevent the crash, so no big deal; just thought I’d mention it. Thanks again for the wicked delay!

  67. this is one of the best delay i came across. I paied for softube delay and so on, but this delay is my fav and free !! keep the good work. thx

  68. Hi,
    Tried out Nasty DLA, amazing sound, but I’m noticing weird CPU spikes, jumps from 2% up to 20% all of a sudden, anyone else experiencing this? As long as
    nasty DLA is processing audio, CPU stays at around 2-3%. If no audio is being processed, the CPU gradually rises up to about 20% and stays there until more audio is fed through the plugin, then the CPU goes back down to 2%.

    dualcore 2.8GHz, winXP sp2, reaper

  69. How in the hell did you do it Bootsy!? O_O You have successfully made a chorus plugin that not only widens my tracks exactly how I want, but one that doesn’t have obvious phasing issues when testing a track in mono!

    WHY don’t you have a donation box yet!?

  70. This one is crashing SONAR 8.5 for me. Add it to a track -> window pops up with no GUI -> “SONAR.exe has stopped working and must be closed” error -> have to use Kill Process in task manager to end the program. I’m using 32-bit SONAR 8.5 under win 7 x64. Anyone else getting this problem?

  71. success for you

  72. hi! absolutely amazing work bootsy. for mac users who want to use bootsy’s plugins check out my blog. thanks!

  73. cheers for the heads-up about this plug. Will try it out on some of our sax recordings pronto!

  74. How on earth do you use it it’s just a dll?

    I need windows to have an echo.

  75. This has to be one of the most musical plugins ever made. Just dropping by to say thank you.


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