just a short wrap-up

My day job consumes all my attention and energy at the moment (the usual year-end project rally) and therefore I might not be that responsive here during these days. Anyway, just to keep you informed the recent NastyDLA release was a huge success speaking in terms of downloads and attention all over the web and I’m expecting some more reviews to follow in the traditional magazines. It seems that Patrick and me hit the nerve once again. The dropbox bandwith limits where exceeded after a day or so and I promise that there will be a better solution for that with a next whatsoever major release.  As spotted by some users the 1.0 release contains a bug in the chorus section (lofi artifacts/crackle/noise, clearly audible) but only in some specific configurations so it still appears a little bit hazy. At least I was able to reproduce it in one single host configuration here which provides a basic starting point for performing some tests. But hey, some cold and long winter nights are expected to come maybe quite soon and thats a real great time for bugfixing 🙂


  1. Great news man,

    hope to see the DLA update soon, I love the plug and the crackling thing is a shame.

    Thanks for your work!

  2. Good luck with the year end project wrap ups.

    Looking forward to the update, but I for one am more than happy to wait until the time is available/right.

    Many thanks again!!!

  3. Take your time, patience is a virtue, but only if you bring on killer plugins hehe 😉 !

    By the way, may I add a vote for a fully featured clipper, modeling analog behaviour, and offering also a “converter-like” mode, as well as some saturation curves, like asymetric and so on…

    A clipper with a tweakable amount of sat would be a dream came true…

  4. dein Tape Delay ist jetzt mein Haupthall 😀

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