the Wusik Sound Magazine interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how it came that you started develop audio effects?

I am both a computer scientist and a musician. To the time when the VST technology had emerged I’ve also started to move towards a complete ITB production. This took some years, though. During that time I’ve missed something in most existing software processors and so some own ideas arose. In 2007 I then finally started to implement the very first ones.

Looking on the blogosphere and on forums, your work has come to be much appreciated, what do you think are the reasons behind your success?

I guess that mostly comes from each plug-ins unique concept and the quality of its execution. That is much more than just the DSP and coding. Its about a focused usage concept, appealing graphical design and also things like support and documentation.

What do you do when you are not developing über-great plugins?

Well, I have a day job which keeps me spinning. I love cooking, watching movies and to hang out with friends.

What would you consider your greatest technical achievement this far when it comes to your current effects?

That is all my work about digital saturation as a whole. If I would have to pick just one single development then its going to be FerricTDS of course.

Do you have any specific hardware or software developer which inspire you in your own work?

Quite a lot. In general my attention is everywhere where true invention is. Today this is more in the boutique or niche markets.

In 2009 you won the prestigious KVR Developer Challenge, what was your reaction to the level of support you received?

That was truly overwhelming and I am still very grateful for the community to let that happen.

There is a lot of creativity amongst many freeware developers, what would you recommend someone to think off who is thinking about trying their own wings in this field?

Since there is so much stuff already out there I would recommend to not add just another ”me too” product. Set yourself a unique and sophisticated goal and try to achieve it stepwise and not in one single step. Passion and patience is what you need then.

Do you plan on eventually shifting gears into releasing commercial plugins or work with existing software publishers?

That could be possible.

Any plans for the future of the Variety of Sounds project that you would like to indulge our readers with?

Indeed I do have some exciting plans for 2011. There will be something aimed to better support the recording process and later on something for the electronic music production. As of today I can’t be more specific.

Thank you for taking the time answering our questions and best of luck in your future endeavours.

– Robert Halvarsson was conducting the interview for the Wusik Sound Magazine.


  1. Just a short one but I’ve thought some of you are interested in as well …

  2. Thanks for the read!
    What is ITB?

  3. +You really need a donate button. I think what you are doing is great and a part of my paychecks will totally be yours.

    +Please keep your (uber awesome) plugins free! It’s hard enough to get started in this business. I don’t know what I’d do without yours!

    • “+Please keep your (uber awesome) plugins free! It’s hard enough to get started in this business. I don’t know what I’d do without yours!”

      Man, if any developer deserves to be paid for his work, then he is. And if you don`t know what to do without him … what did you before knowing him ? I think, with all todays freeware stuff (bootsy, digitalfishphones, sonimus, audiocation, phoenixinflight…) we all can calm down and concentrate on making music.

      • Before VOS was stock plug-ins!

        I was very new when I discovered VOS. Digitalfishphone is also great, but different tools for different things. I haven’t tried the other ones.

        These are excellent plugins and it gives newcomers access to high-caliber plug-ins without having to spend any money. That’s why I think they should stay free. You know just as well as I do that while there are other (possibly great) freeware VSTs out there, these are some of best.

        • Yes, of course! 100% agreement ! But everybody still have them now, and nobody can take them away from you, even if bootsy would close his blog and become fully commercial. 😉 So save them on stick or on CD and everything is fine. And to work for a Sequencer (i hope he will go to Cockos ;-)) does not automatically mean, that he will delete all his free stuff. Eversmeyer did not, Knufinke did not, and Kjaerhus (R.I.P.) even made good free plugins in parallel to the payware.

  4. Thanks Bootsie! Cool interview.

    Thanks for sharing your creations with us. Nasty DLA is absolutely amazing, as are the others.

  5. nice interview, fun read, congrats bootsy et al.

    buenos aires

  6. I think if he wants to go ahead and charge eventually, he should…

    Sometimes I wonder if people have any idea how much work goes into creating software..

    Unfortunately, we are in a day and age where many people just think “me,me, me” and have no concept of how hard some work to create their works(music and software included)…I mean for heaven sakes he is not a philanthropist he is a software developer..if he wasn’t doing his day job how would he pay his rent?

    With thank yous and praise? Lets think beyond our noses ppl.

    I do think, however, that maybe to give him an edge, Audio damage’s pricing structure is a good model to follow..they make top notch plug ins at really affordable prices..
    he would be a definite waves-killer then..

    btw I am love w/your dla plug, I use your other plugs, but man I think you could do some wicked fx plugs!! Would love to see u go to work on some crazy flanger, phaser plug w/ the same warm sound of dla… gr8 stuff as always, will be following you indefinitely:)

  7. Something for electronic production? After DLA this could just end up in something completely awesome!

    Congrats again!


  1. […] In a recent interview it was already hinted that another two and brand new Variety Of Sound releases are probably going to happen in 2011: The first one will be something aimed to better support the recording process and later on something for the electronic music production might appear. While the latter one is not that clear and might be subject to change conceptual, the first one is already stable and hits the beta test during these days. The beta will be private and the beta team is already settled so please do not apply for joining the party anymore. This time, the plug-in idea originated from Patrick and the prototype feature set was developed together with a small group of friends from the net. The initial concept convinced me right from the start and just some implementation decisions and DSP coding caused me some headaches during summer and autumn last year. […]

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